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John Pittsley
• 11.25.16 03:05 pm


This retarded idea that the customer is always right needs to end and it needs to end now. It’s an adorable way of explaining how businesses rise to greatness and crumble to shit but all it’s really done is embolden customers and force the common man into serfdom. The customer is almost always wrong and putting this crazy idea in their heads has turned too many of them into gigantic little baby pussy farts. If we’re really going to change the culture in America we need to crush this business school dropout idea and change customer service for the better.

Right now, this country is trying to kick itself in the ass and learn to not act like bunch a fucken babies. That’s pretty hard to do when business after business is bending over backwards to make its customers happy. This isn’t just with making sure their advertising campaigns aren’t offensive or baking cakes they don’t wanna make. Almost every store and its employees act like babysitters for their customers when they should be acting like bouncers. You walk into any establishment and you’ll find a “we reserve the right to refuse service” sign in clear sight. You’ll also find a customer or two acting like entitled whiny cunts to the employees or other customers. Yet service is never refused. These signs have to be put to good use and the customer needs to be put back in their place.

Being served at a business isn’t a right it’s a privilege and if a person doesn’t want that privilege taken away they need to treat others with respect. Everyone should know how to do that. Whether it have been from working a customer service job themselves or under their parents’ guidance, every human being should have learned the necessary skills to not be a lousy cock sucker. Some unfortunate souls were never given that opportunity and instead were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Those tend to be lost souls who will never change their behavior towards others simply because they get kicked out of a business from time to time or are treated like the assholes they are by people making minimum wage. They are people who instead need to be ostracized and beaten to within an inch of their lives at every given opportunity. Still, treating them like dicks and refusing them bagels or access to a salon can go a long way in changing their everyday conduct.

The people who would really benefit from an adjustment to the customer service profession are those who do understand people need to be treated with respect but for some reason forget that when they enter a place of business. It doesn’t matter how well an individual was raised or how many shit jobs they worked, there’s just something about dealing with a person in uniform that makes people forget their manners. You’ll even see this shit when people deal with police. Most understand a cop isn’t someone who should be fucked with but some dickwads see the uniform, forget about the gun they’re holding and the tickets they’re ready to pass out, and think only about the trouble the officer can get in. This may be a result of all the lawsuits but a more likely explanation is all the catering and coddling those in the customer service industry do for the paying public. The idea that the customer is always right has caused bosses to scold and fire employees for not being little angels and ruffling customers’ feathers. Everyone knows this and takes advantage of it, whether it be subconsciously or on purpose. If we could put an end to this ridiculous theory and let employees berate customers and hand out free manner lessons, this country would grow up real fast.

It isn’t just with how customers treat the employees or other customers of a business they frequent, they’ll treat the business itself like a fucking toilet. Wherever you go you’ll always find some miserable asshole acting like a shitty slob. People are dicks and will try to cut in line all the time but that leaves the possibility of dealing with a worthy human who isn’t in uniform and will actually say shit to them. Leaving garbage around is a far more enjoyable and safe activity. That could be something as small as throwing a used tissue on the ground, weird as hiding a half-eaten Arby’s sandwich on a shelf, or plain lazy as spilling a box of pasta on the ground and not scooping it back up and handing it to someone who would otherwise have to clean it up. Because we’ve all been lead to believe that the customer is always right, employees just shake their heads and clean the mess up. They should tear into the motherfucker and kick the little prick out instead.

Respect should go both ways and you shouldn’t take shit from nobody. Just remember, when you’re in a business you don’t own you’re a fucking visitor and need to play by their rules. If you don’t like the service they provide or how you’re being treated don’t bitch, just stop going in. If they cross the line you could always wait outside for the motherfucker to get off and then settle the score mano a mano.


  1. Dick Lubins Last Resort.- The World's Most Obnoxious Restaurant says:

    It’s more than there are entitled customer Assholes with shitty attitudes, it’s that the abuse is on a one-way street. If for example, the restaurant tables were turned, and the staff can proactively go on the ‘offensive’, it can actually be a winning business model as “Dicks Last Resort” and other restaurants have proven with the dominatrix business model. Business grads come out of the same cookie cutter MBA programs with the same ideas, whereas the greatest entrepreneurs in history have been unconventional, non-degreed,
    think-out-of-the-box, street smart trend setters. The losers that run these university departments usually have never run a business other than running their mouths to the dutiful lemmings in their classes. This Chicago’s “Weiner” restaurant style customer service should be copied in all industries. Think how cathartic it would be, and passenger audience pleasing, for the flight attendants to tase, hog-tie and duct tape some obnoxious malcontent who won’t stop bitching. You’ll have all the passengers standing up and giving the crew a standing ovation. I know I’d book all my flights with that airline so as to not miss the in-flight “entertainment.” Thinking out of the cockpit is how to beat outmoded, never made sense to begin with group-think. Customer service should be a combination of know-how, take no shit, and trolling in order to trigger a you-tube worthy viral hash tag that will draw a crowd of rubber neckers who love a good crash & burn. Unemployed ghetto yoots can be hired as they are naturals for this kind of service. Call it reverse flash mobbing. Speaking of rude peoples allergic reactions to uniforms, let’s not forget our abused postal workers and cops. When that rain, sun, or sleet letter carrier is attacked by your beloved poodle, the “NEW” business model will empower him to pull out his department issued 9mm and waste the annoying bark-o-matic. Our men in blue have been harassed far to long by BLM. If the coons think that there’s been genocide against young black aspiring rappers, the “NEW” “CUSTOMER-IS-FUCKED” model will help make that delusion a REALITY!!!

  2. Barry Goldwater says:

    I warned about this in 1963 and 1964. It’s called the Right to Associate and the f’ing Civil Rights Act destroyed it. Now black thugs living free in HUD Section 8 housing are forced upon law-abiding communities that pay their mortgages and coerced to accept these POS criminals. Thanks to Slick Willy, George Bush and Barack Obama it is now way out of control. Just hope Trump can put an end to this nonsense. MAGA!!!

  3. Sullivan's Nod says:

    Ironically some of the customers with the shittiest attitudes are people who work in the customer service field. It seems to me, who has worked in the lodging and dining industries, that subconsciously these fellow brothers in masochism, are transferring their abuse by lashing out against those who remind them of themselves. Rather than having what would seem to be a natural empathy for the, say, waiter serving them, instead they bite the hand that feeds them. It also reminds me of ghetto women who get impregnated for the “checks” by some low-life slap-a-ho gangsta, who spit and split, leaving her to raise the nigglet along with all the other bastards from other Yo-thugs who pumped and dumped. When the little bastard begins to grows up, and baby mama sees the little punks face start to resemble the bastard who used to beat her Ass, well the little version is going to get payback. And that’s the psychology behind these abused brothers in servitude who take it out on their own.
    PS….of course it’s stupid to antagonize people in a position to give you food poisoning which is OUR revenge.

  4. frank says:

    Where are these places with a deeply held “Customer is always right!” mentality? All I ever experience as a customer is rank incompetence and employee errors and inattentiveness. I never kick up a fuss, nor do I see anyone else doing so. My main experience of the customer service sphere is the utter morons working at these places who are baffled by concepts like making correct change.

  5. Conch Whore Monger says:

    Miami is celebrating like it’s Cuba libre, except it isn’t. One Castro down, one to go. When Raul goes to hell, the party will carry on, though it’s likely a few heads will roll in a power struggle since there is no heir to the cult of personality.
    If they want to maintain their communist party, they’ll need to adopt the hybrid Chinese model. I hope they do, and being latrino’s it’ll be the good old days when Havana was the sex tourist capital of the Western hemisphere. Casinos will be back, and Meyer Lanskys dream will be fulfilled, except the mob will be the communist party. No problem, it’ll be Sin City, and I’ll be only 90 miles away in the Conch Repubic boarding a speed boat. Partaaaay!

  6. Me!!! says:

    i must say i often wonder what the fuck is the point of this website. Do you know there hasn’t been one rabble rouser in the last year. I was talking to this black guy at the shopping mall waiting for the bus and there was this other black guy in a wheel chair who was sublty spitting with a subdued anger to his demeanor, and the guy i was talking to said “i don’t know why but people must have been in a bad mood today its like i couldn’t even move. But holy fuck could i ever right now go for downing three bottles of liquor. My heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with that kind of shit, i can definetly feel their pain, but it is almost like going in circles i have sort of discovered the only way to govern a nation is to practice abstinence with relation to alcohol, which is kind of impossible considering what a mess this country was in back in the early two thousands and once you start something its kind of hard to finish. I just wish there was another street boners book or better yet DO”s DO;S for fucks sake.

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  9. Da Gemeral says:


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  12. reoie says:

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  18. Are You Lonely Tonight? says:

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  24. gullie creeper says:

    lets get in the way of hot people your country is a fucking utter disgrace and utter abomination to the human race. and you my friend are the fucking rules guy. are you fucking kidding me i read the first two sentences of this article and remembered this entire website is old not hot and full of shit. And if you don’t believe me you made your entire career out of judging hot fashionable men and women and now look at the boners why not panda bears koalas golden retrievers and ostriches and horses hey buddy what do you know about boners,just kidding but here is what ill reason my conclusion to your article. first of all the customer is always right, right?mr old school conservative normandy dude. get your facts straight. I honestly can’t see anyone making up a lie that their food had some hair in it to get a meal if the meal was good to begin with so therefore it would naturally happen that if you had a legit complaint about your food at a restauraunt for example that would be being a man and saying to YES the fucking girl waitress for fuck’s sake,”i’m sorry my food is terrible to be quite honest what would you like me to do about it. And if she laughs in your face you are a hot american if you’re not hot your meal is being served to you again. i had to bring back two mc doubles to the mad donalds and i said that verbatim”i clearly said no onions on these and that kid put onions on them what would you like me to do about it” you know what she said she said sorry_ implying that i would have to work at picking off the onions even though. not putting onions on a couple of mad donalds is less work, so after she said sorry, i said once again “What would you like me to do about this” and she yelled to the stupid kid i need two m doubles NO ONIONS!!! so therefore gavin you are a pussy and even if gavin ddidn;t write this article he hides behind pseudonym all the time fact i kind of think this entire bullshit is all him. too lazy to read this article already knew before hand

  25. THEE Customer says:

    I go into every business restroom that I can and piss all over their commode. What a rush! Talk about taking back the narrative. It is so damn empowering to leave the place a drippping mess.

  26. Your Enema says:

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  27. The REAL Ooga Booga says:

    Your Enema… Why so angry my brother? That’s a lot of mind shit that you poured out on that post. What you need to do is fill your mouth with a fun, little song, maybe sing it all day long
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  28. Your Enema says:

    No OogaBooga, not angry at all. Just having fun. You are fun, and without you, Street Carnage comments would be a quiet, tidy, boring place to stroll. I know that you may think the rabble rousing is personal, but I think not, at least not from my perspective. Please never stop being who you are, as you are truly appreciated, and your alter egos too. By the way, that “Racism is Alive” skit was pure comedy genius, thank you very much. And don’t forget.

  29. Day's of Future Past and Back@You says:

    “In the beginning………..
    There. That ought to clear up the misconceptions. A new mission statement might be in order going forward though.

  30. The REAL Ooga Booga says:

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  31. John Wayne Gacy says:

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    Now roll over and play dead Asshole.

  32. Dick Hertz, Private Citizen says:

    Why do I read Pittsley’s articles and feel that he is sitting there thinking “Readers ain’t shit!” ?

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