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• 04.29.15 02:56 pm

So, I guess I’m getting this guy fired? 

I broke character when he said it because I was so stunned. We went in there assuming we would be thrown out immediately but it’s your beliefs and there’s clearly a camera there so, here ya go. For the record, firing this guy is immoral.

  1. creamygarlicdip says:

    good god thats funny

  2. cdestroy says:

    You can’t fire him. He has no white privilege.

  3. brendan donnelly says:

    myles needs to be on more!

  4. tank says:

    way to put a brotha on blast, gav

  5. Kellen says:

    Pringles for 1.99 is a really good deal. Usually they’re more than that.

  6. Kellen says:

    Miles is the worst character ever

  7. He’s file a civil rights suit, so CVS won’t bother even trying.

  8. angry al says:

    He’ll be replaced by a self check out. Also why aren’t the girls at my local cvs as cute as the girl there? Reason enough for me to burn down my local cvs.

  9. Tim Lewis says:

    Salt and vinegar chips,,that’s how I know your from Canada.i only lived there 5 years back in the 80s but are now my favorite.used to be impossible to find but starting to catch on here in the USA .ketchup flavored Pringles next.

  10. Manifesto Jones says:

    I disagree with this.
    Even though its satire and the character is lampooning the most absurd asshats on earth, haranguing normal people working normal jobs is kinda pathetic, even if its done in the name of ‘comedy’, since their real world consequences can be huge while your objective is just generating some shit content that will be forgotten 10 minutes from now.

    How is this any better than that max-level SJW who went after the girl in the Chick-Fil-A drive through? He’s currently on food stamps and can’t even find work in Portland, Oregon (for some perspective on how next-level fucked the guy is).

    I’m pretty close to a comedy anarchist, but I don’t like ‘life as art’ type comedy that provokes regular people just trying to get by, into doing or saying something in the heat of the moment that might possibly hurt them. Not everyone has “I Sold Vice” money to assuage the consequences of the dumb shit they say.

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