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Jesse Andrew
• 11.29.12 09:00 pm

Last night, I read a news story about a 43-year-old dickhole (pictured above) who was busted on film for making fun of a disabled 10-year-old girl.

The little girl has cerebral palsy and the grown man took it upon himself to make fun of how she walks. He claims it was in retaliation to the name-calling of his 9-year-old son. Someone used a cell phone to record what was happening and the attacker, William Bailey, ended up having to plead no contest to reduced misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing.

As it turns out, the two families live next door to each other. The mother of the little girl is now claiming her daughter is terrified to leave the house: “She wants the blinds closed; she doesn’t want to be outside.” The mother is also said to be “pretty happy” with the judge’s ruling. The 43-year-old bully issued a public apology, but it did little to help his cause. “I know he doesn’t mean it. I know its crap,” she continued. “This didn’t stop him. We do live next to him and it’s ongoing.” The little girl’s father also claims the apology was “hollow.”

Final ruling: 29 days in jail.

I don’t have children myself, but my friends do and I’ve heard one of them use the term “dad strength.” This is when a man becomes a father and is supposedly incapable of ever having his ass kicked again (he’s a provider now that backs down from nothing). It’s mostly bullshit, but it raises an interesting question: Why isn’t this little girl’s father beating the shit out of his neighbor? If another man makes fun of your crippled daughter, wouldn’t that be enough motivation to throw a few punches no matter how much of a sack of shit you are? You’ve got dad strength, dude! Granted, so does this other asshole, but any grown man that makes fun of a 10-year-old crippled girl until she starts crying will probably buckle at the knees with one pop in the jaw. Thank God for a bullshit justice system or this unbelievable pussy might have to stand up for his family.

Was bullying a disabled child a dickhead thing to do? Yes, but a month in jail? Was the judge ten years old, too?




  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d hit this dude in the face with a brick!


    Dude in the photo is a dead ringer for Brad Pitt That Didn’t Make It In Hollywood (Meth Edition). Also I want to know what the rest of that kid’s t shirt says, I have a feeling it is awesome

  3. esseff says:

    i wanna see waht the shirt says

  4. George Elliot says:

    A dad strength ass-kicking, followed by the cops not not pressing charges against that dad, citing “he deserved it” as the reason would have been the appropriate response to this situation. A month in jail for name-calling is absurd.

  5. Ugh says:

    See, this shit just doesn’t happen in the South.

  6. Yuuup says:

    That guy is in better shape than 98% of 43 year olds. I don’t blame the other dad for not taking a swing. It’s cool to talk about going over there and throwing a punch, but my guess is the other dad is soft and would be on the ground. The guy is the Nelson Muntz of the real world.

  7. JOey says:

    Beat him up from the inside with a nightstick. Leave emotional bruises.

  8. Zippy says:

    I don’t have time to sift through all this. The 9 year old girl was a fan of Cerebral Ballsy????

  9. Been there, done that says:

    It could be that dad cannot afford to. Spending time in jail + compensations to ‘victim’ for beating one asshole could financially destroy a family. Been there fro self defence (bit of a overkill kinda).

    So dont be so hard on dad, it could be that not fighting is the super thing in this case.

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