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• 06.30.09 12:48 pm

Nigel Norris was one of the funniest people to ever do comedy so how come nobody’s ever heard of him? This outtake from an upcoming doc about “The Buster Keaton of the UK”

Nigel Norris was easily the funniest person ever to even think about comedy, so how come nobody’s ever heard of him? This outtake from an upcoming doc about the man behind “Right in the Queen’s Onions” shows David Cross giving Nigel some long overdue respect.

  1. Ur doing it rong says:

    Wow, this makes the comedy guy in question and the film documentary about him seem so boring.

  2. julia says:

    onions are sweet

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s the chicken pot pie guy!

  4. anti-lamez says:

    jesus i was hoping that DAVID CROSS clip would be FUNNY

  5. anti-lamez says:

    but NOOOO it was just there to attract fags like myself desperately searching for a worthy giggle


  6. Wack-boy says:

    god ^you all^ are morons…

  7. Chadd says:

    i have a feeling nigel morris looks just like gavin.

  8. John Watson says:

    What kind of dirt must Gavin have on David Cross?

  9. Choppy Choppy Rude Boy says:

    Tennis anyone?

  10. marcy says:

    i know you guys are supposed to be cool with david cross on this site, but each time you feature him, you devalue him by showing shit like this. i don’t want to see david cross, the guy who’s buddies with gavin mcinnes, i wanna see that funny motherfucker from mr. show and arrested development

  11. vegan jules says:

    yo David, I’m the dude who snuck on to booze cruise in ’04 (I think).

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    Sorry, WHAT?! I can’t hear/see anything over the thundering pomp of that man’s (suffocating) ball bag. Give those things some air, man.

  13. robo says:

    Fuck David Cross. He got Fat Jew kicked of of twitter for posting his number. FAG

  14. Kaitlyn says:

    Also, if you’re going to attempt a hoax the very least you could do is have a Wikipedia page.

  15. Pussy Tastemaker says:

    Shot who?

  16. JENNIFER says:

    Is this website having a nervous breakdown?

  17. JENNIFER says:

    ^^^ What a seething snake pit of idiots.

    OMGWTF is he talking about, could he be talking serious tuff about some guy? Who is this guy? I want to know more! I will wait and see! I’ve never heard of teaser campaigns and on top of everything, LASERGUNPEWPEW!

  18. @robo says:

    The Fat Jew sucks hairy balls. White rapper novelty group who are wild and wacky dudes in their 30s. COOOOOL!

  19. Fat Who? says:

    Yeah it’s bizarre that David Cross is on Gavin’s dick who’s respectively like, “Look who’s on my Dick!” when this site is on Fat Jew’s dick because Arfin’s on his buddy’s dick when Cross is like, “Fuck those dicks!” just because Facelift is like, “Fuck that guy’s dick”. Anyway when’s the last time Team Facelift did anything outside of exist, like six years ago? I personally think all those guys are pretty great…

    when they do funny things.

  20. vegan jules says:

    David Cross could sit on here counting to 2500, and you better respect it.

  21. Pussy Tastemaker says:

    Any time D Cross acts serious, you know a straight-faced gag is coming. Remember those brown sugar drinks with straws for assholes?

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