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Drew Grant
• 06.18.10 10:28 am

I’m 17 years old, living in Southern Ontario. My big life plan
is to graduate, escape my boring industrial town, and get out there to start livin’ my life in a big city like Toronto or Montreal.

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I’m 17 years old, living in Southern Ontario. My big life plan is to graduate, escape my boring industrial town, and get out there to start livin’ my life in a big city like Toronto or Montreal. The problem is that I’m smaller than Beth Ditto, but definitely bigger than your average gal. I don’t think I have a weight problem to speak of, because I eat right and work out three times a week, but according to Hollywood standards I’m “plus-sized.”

This is going to sound weird, but being porky has never been a problem for me, because the town that I live in seems to have an abnormally high tolerance for fat girls. Imagine that! Guys who don’t care about size! Fat girls are just as popular and well-liked as skinny girls, we get invited to dances and asked out on dates just as much as skinny girls, and we never hear stuff like “Lose some weight, bitch!” or “What a lard ass!” You always hear on TV and stuff how disgusting fat chicks are, but I’ve dated lots of cute skinny boys and have never once heard the dreaded, “Baby, do you think you could lose a few pounds for me? It’s kinda gross.” (Although that could have something to do with the fact that if anyone said that to me, I’d kick their ass.) I don’t think it has anything to do with the rumor that fatties are better fucks than skinnies, I think people are just generally more accepting here. What the fuck is up with that?

Aside from a possible breast reduction, I have absolutely no desire to lose weight. Is this going to bite my in the ass when I move to an exciting big city? Is everybody going to hate me and think I’m disgusting? Do people really hate fat chicks as much as TV says they do? Should I stay in my chunk-lovin’ hometown?


Haven’t you ever heard the old adage, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” Jaaay kaaaay. Take it from someone who has been on both semi-extremes of the weight spectrum: Being skinnier won’t make you any happier. Bitchier, maybe. More likely to have one-night stands with guys who think you’re hot and then never talk to you again because you’re “that type of girl?” Definitely. But not happier.

Moving to a big town won’t decrease the number of guys who love your double-Ds (or whatever they are); if anything, there will be even more dudes lined up to worship your BBW ass. That’s not to say you’re going to have it easy, since it’s not the dudes in big cities that judge you on your looks (except for the Street Boners people, and honestly, have you seen what these guys look like?) — it’s the chicks. Bitches be hating, and when they aren’t busy wrapped up in their own eating problems, they make themselves feel better by giving you back-handed little “tips” like telling you about this great gym they’ve found or talking about how the cleanse worked wonders for a friend of theirs.

You sound pretty cool, and not all chicks are insecure back-stabbers, so (no homo) stay confident about your awesomeness and people will flock to you like a fat girl at a Sizzler buffet.



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  1. syrup says:

    I live in tulsa and my dream is to move to a big city like nashville

  2. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Black guys.

  3. grumpy old man says:

    I’ll shag you. Let me know when you get here

  4. Eric J says:

    at first i thought she might have been from hamilton, but then she said that guys like fat girls, which isnt true! maybe in the industrial sector, cuz all those guys see all day is big fat steal coils, but in the rich burbs, and and areas like hess village, if u fat, u aint gettin non dis

  5. magic iphone porn magic says:

    I think that chubby girls with really good fashion sense are sort of cooler than skinny girls.

    so, just be “really awesome” and you’ll be fine

  6. Huff says:

    She’s gotta be from Oshawa.

  7. Dork says:

    As always, if you are asking the question, you already know the answer.

  8. Mick says:

    She’s totally from good ol’ Sarnia ON!!

  9. imyar says:

    regardless of what shes told now or feels about it, she’ll lose weight when she hits the city and reality sinks in.

  10. NO FAT CHICKS? says:


  11. Sewer Rats says:

    Yeah, I’m with Mick. Gotta be from Sarnia. Oshawa is in tatters and has made the people too cruel to accept fats and Eric J ruled out Hamilton.

    Pretty funny question, entertaining answer. But what’s the difference between Dear Drew and Ask Barf now? Will Drew relate better to a younger cohort of SBTVC readers?

  12. Joe Blow says:

    “myspace angle”

  13. moufbreatha says:

    Good for you! Being a big girl is akin to having a shaved head. You can make it work if you overcompensate in other areas. Beth Ditto is no ordinary girl, large or skinny. Her hair STAYS did, she never leaves the house without her face on, and isn’t lazy about the heels. That’s what you gotta do. Conversely, a conventionally pretty girl can basically look like a slob and still get play. Unfortunately, as a girl you have to put in work in SOME area, whether it be your body or your style. Chose one and don’t take yourself too seriously.

  14. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    Based on that picture, don’t bother.

    Eat the pizza and move on.

  15. Hangin' With Mr. Cooper says:

    mick and sewer rat nailed it, this chick has to be from sarnhole.

  16. health says:

    so the question is; should i put a bit of effort into making myself more attractive, or should i continue being a fat lazy piece of shit?
    yeah why bother? just keep being a fat lazy piece of shit.

  17. Salad says:

    What needs to happen is you need to post some tastful nude pictures of yourself on this site and let us give you some advice on how you could improve your look.

    I think it would be a useful experience for you.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Barf has a moustache and she still gets guys.

  19. OK says:

    I wish i had this girl’s life. I’m 17 and fat and it SUCKS

  20. American Death Rider says:

    tulsa is a hidden jem. fun as fuck american city. laid down a sac and fox/choctaw lil’ chubby there one christmas eve as i was passing through on my way to deliver a load of backline to chicago. i stumbled on to this club called “mixed tape” or “mix tape” and it ruled. christmas eve in tulsa was friggin’ jumpin’.

    chubby girls are sexier than skinny girls anyway. plus the girl in the article seems too cool to care. stay chubby, my friend.

  21. Brian says:

    Oshawa? Sarn-hole? Fuck that she’s gotta be from Shatroy (Strathroy)! Fat bitches get mad play there!

  22. junior says:

    Here in St.catharines we got ascertained that we were the fattest city in Canada…im just curious if shes from st kitts

  23. the realist says:

    I’m thinking either Sarnia too. Either that or Burlington.

  24. Crack King says:

    start spewing because fat girls in the city survive one winter before the fat drips off in buckets and polish immigrants make it into Kelbasa

  25. jay says:

    definitely a hamilton girl

  26. kat says:

    Yeah, my guess is also Sarnia.
    Also! If she’s 17 and living with her parents, food is easy/cheap to get and so you end up bigger than you might be. My body totally changed after moving out on my own and eating the shit I wanted to (lotta veg and grains on pay weeks, less veg and grains on not pay weeks) so it all evens out in the end.

  27. Chris says:

    The whole issue is where the fat is. She’s probably looking at her stomach, but she still has a nice jaw line, her thighs aren’t huge, and she has hips and a normal shaped ass, it appears. That’s not fat, that’s just bang with a little more jiggle. What you really want to avoid is losing the hip-ass contours. Once those get obscured too much, you can say goodbye to the mens.

  28. daniel says:

    if you dont care about your weight then down do anything about it, BUT DO NOT get breast reduction because then you will be disproportional and notthing worse than a flat-chested chick witha belly

  29. ÿþT says:

    What should I do to get rid of the blockage of video on youtube due to copyright content?

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