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• 08.30.17 10:09 pm

Now that we’ve finally started outing all of these modern day holocaust deniers and letting people know who is and isn’t a Nazi, I think it’s about time we started looking into some people who haven’t been in the spotlight for a while. It may sound a little trivial to ruin the lives of people who “don’t matter anymore” but there are four bigots who’ve not only gotten a free pass on not loving everyone, they’ve seemingly Scary Perry’d an entire segment of our society into celebrating them despite creating horrible stereotypes and essentially ruining lives. I’m speaking of course, about Ace of Base.

I know it sounds crazy but this fascist group spread their hate in such a cheery and upbeat manner, it was virtually impossible for anyone to catch on at the time. All one really needs to do however, is pay close attention to their music videos and it becomes painfully clear the four hate-mongers were lampooning homosexual men and probably responsible for the ridiculous stereotypes they have to deal with and/or embrace today.

I understand homosexual men have been dealing with awful stereotypes since before Ace of Base’s inception but if you take a look at any magazine or movie from the 70’s and 80’s, it’s going to be pretty damn gay no matter what. It wasn’t until the 90’s that a clear line really began to be drawn between hetero-normative and gay as fuck behavior, though. You think it’s a coincidence that’s the same time Ace of Base began taking off? No way, Jose.

Just look at the music video for “Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry”. That thing is so over the top, even by European-homosexuals-on-ecstasy standards. It may seem fun and care free but that’s what these Swedish Nazis were doing with all their music. They were sucking gay men in with catchy, happy-go-lucky tunes and then convincing them to act more abnormal than they already were. They don’t hide their intentions all too well in this particular video, though.

I mean the two ‘gay guys’ in the group act weird as shit throughout the entire thing and people are pointing and laughing the whole time, like there’s something wrong with being gay. They’re smashing windows in it, too. Ever heard of Kristallnacht? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The lyrics to the song make it pretty obvious, too.

They do a good job of making the song sound like an unapologetically gay ballad by using the “never gonna say I’m sorry” and “essence of my soul” lyrics but that’s all bullshit. The real message lies behind the “I’m a clown for everyone” and “I’m a loser, that is a fact for sure” lines. If those lyrics don’t prove Ace of Base aren’t really queer allies who deserve the Nazi label as punishment then I don’t know what does.

Some people will try to say it wasn’t until the 90’s that non-hetero-normative behavior began to be accepted and that’s why a clearer line was drawn between what was gay and straight. Before then, a lot of gay men were forced to live in the closet and had to keep their lifestyle a secret. That’s simply not true. Gays don’t naturally want to act differently. Ace of Base just convinced a bunch of them that they should.


  1. Bengt says:

    It was even more obvius when Ace of Base performed songs in Swedish, songs like “Rör inte vårt land (Don’t touch our land), Vit makt, svartskalleslakt! (White Power, black head slaughter) and a cover of Skrewdriver’s “Smash the IRA”, with the lyrics changed to refer to the VPK.”

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