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• 03.31.11 11:05 am

You guys are the “disgusting human beings.” Fuck you bastards for putting up those private emails. You don’t know what happened. Only the people in the room know what happened.

You guys are the “disgusting human beings.” Fuck you bastards for putting up those private emails. You don’t know what happened. Only the people in the room know what happened. Dov Charney is a disgusting pig who fucks little girls and you want to defend him? What you did sets women back 100 years and puts all other victims deeper into the closet. Fuck you for putting those pictures up. Just because a woman sends sexual pictures of herself does not mean she should be raped.


First of all, fuck you too, you blind cunt. Secondly, you’re right. As their lawyer said, being slutty “in no way means they deserved to be harassed and assaulted.” Thanks for that. Here’s the thing though, genius, in a quarter billion dollar lawsuit and on national television, she says she was FORCED to send those. Now they’re relevant because to look at them is to see what a huge pile of horseshit that is.

Oh and here’s another minor detail: Every picture and text we ran was from AFTER THE ALLEGED ASSAULT in April of 2008. WHEN SHE WAS NO LONGER EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY. She quit in December of 2008.

Here’s just a small sample of the endless barrage of emails this “victim” sent the man who “assaulted” her:

June 26, 2008: Morales emails pictures of her ass and suggest she and Charney have some “Good clean fun.”

December 24, 2008: Morales sends email calling Charney “an amazing person.”

December 28, 2008: Morales sends text, “I miss you incredibly,” and, “I really miss working beside you.”

June 29, 2009: Morales sends text that says, “I bought a fat dildo….”

July 9, 2009: Morales sends a wishlist of clothes and promises “delicious blowjobs” and to lick his asshole “clean.”

July 6, 2009: Morales sends wire information asking for money.

July 31, 2009: Morales asks for a Mac laptop.

August 17, 2009: Morales asks to work in the store again.

September 11, 2009: Morales sends more dirty photos.

September 17, 2009: Morales texts Charney, “Every night. I’m so horny.”

September 19, 2009: Morales emails more dirty photos. Asks for money.

September 29, 2009: Morales says, “Every night I’m so horny.”

November 12, 2009: Morales asks for a plane ticket to LA. Asks for money and clothes again.

December 12, 2009: Morales sends MORE DIRTY PHOTOS.

January 13, 2010: Morales sends MORE DIRTY PHOTOS.

May 13, 2010: Morales asks for work and says, “I miss you.”

May 19, 2010: Morales asks for work.

June 15th, 2010: Morales asks for money.

July 4, 2010: Morales asks why he won’t let her work at the stores anymore. Begs to be with him. Asks for plane ticket to LA.

July 9, 2010: Morales begs to be re-employed by AA. Dov relents and gets her a job delivering flyers.

July 25, 2010: Female supervisor fires Morales after several no-shows. Morales receives a severance.

August 9, 2010: Morales expresses anger over his lack of interest. Threatens Dov with retaliation.

December 2010: Files suit against AA for $250 million.

You don’t think that’s fucked up? That doesn’t make you mad? A woman is claiming to be sexually assaulted and then sends her assailant dozens of horny messages? So-called feminists not getting mad about this reminds me of the way they clam up when Islam’s treatment of women is exposed.

That cord is from the Hitachi Magic Wand – not exactly known for its raping powers.

The story with Kimbra is slightly different. There are PHOTOS of her encounter with Charney. She doesn’t deny these photos exist but claims they were taken without her permission. Did she not think anybody would see them? (She admits they were only together once so this must be that time.) She claims he attacked her, she was held captive and she was “terrified.” Now they’re relevant because to look at them is to see what a huge pile of horseshit that is. If you think these photos are of someone being assaulted, you are three years old.

And of course, like Morales, Kimbra Lo contacted Charney AFTER the alleged assault on December 9th, 2010.

Dec 31, 2010: Lo apologizes.

Jan 3, 2011: Lo texts Dov wanting to talk.

Jan 3, 2011: Lo has hour-and-a-half conversation with Charney.

Jan 3, 2011: Lo has online meeting with Charney.

Jan 14, 2011: Lo joins Morales’ suit.


Get it? This isn’t about Dov Charney. Who cares about him? I don’t like it when old dudes fuck young girls either but if it’s consensual, it’s none of my beeswax. I don’t think you should fuck people at work but American Apparel has no company policy against it so it’s not illegal. They do have confidentiality agreements and arbitration contracts but they’re the same ones almost every major corporation in America has. If you’re sexually harassed at ANY of these corporations go to arbitration and press charges. If it’s more serious than harassment, press criminal charges. Nobody can make you sign a contract that’s above the law. There are no “bizarre gag orders” or “contracts allowing sexual harassment.”

This is about two women taking advantage of the fact that we all hate rapists. This is about everyone being a wimp about the evidence because they don’t want to look like they’re defending a pervert. These women are cashing in on sexual abuse and their fraud makes us doubt all the real cases. Shit, I’m at the point where I’m starting to wonder if Michael Jackson was innocent. Thanks ladies, you made me doubt a child’s plea for help.

People keep calling this guy a “known sex offender” but he’s never faced criminal charges — only lawsuits and bad publicity meant to scare him into paying. This is why so many innocent people quietly settle out of court — to fight each case to the end is to become “known.” Well, fuck that. Settling may be a fraction of the cost of letting these cases go public and fighting them to the end, but that’s the only way to stop frivolous suits. You don’t have to like Dov Charney to think this case is bullshit.

Exposing this case and discouraging people from bullshitting about sexual assault is the only way real cases are ever going to regain credibility.


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  1. peterpaul says:

    She is right, only two people know what went on in that room. But I bet there are three or four opinions of it depending on the mood.

    BTW, that chronology is damning.



  3. Kernal says:

    Was there a mix up with the order of messages? Cause it says June 29 2009 and June 29 2010 the same messages were sent. Was that just a typing/copy paste editing mix up or did she just send the same message a year later? I’m not trying to discredit anything it’s just a little confusing to follow the time line.

  4. nico says:

    Well this is my third language so bare with me if i dont sound like some eloquent hipster. But i think this girl simply thought that if she fucked that old dude she’d have some sort of compensation! (eg a job with a raise or what the fuck do i know… a career as a model) But men can be pricks and he prolly thought she simply liked getting fucked! She got pissed and sued the crap out of him!

    End of story…

  5. J says:

    Mr. McInnes,

    I have to say, your original argument was sharp, and your rebuttal to these blind opinions is well-founded. Serious McInnes is quite a force, hopefully he never turns against myself. Good work fellow former Ottawan (What a hole eh).


  6. Douche chills says:

    Nothing gets Gavin’s dander up like hazy accusations that an aging, reptilian lech of a hipster is a sexual predator. Extra points if said predator is a principal sponsor of! Seriously, three posts on this bullshit?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m not cool/rich/smart enough to get chicks to send me nudes.

  8. FaceHeadAss says:

    It’s reasonable to have your own opinions about what happened, but participating in the smear campaign to discredit these girls in public forum is gross. I know they went on tv and smeared Dov, but there is already a whole website that AA created to smear these girls. Why is SC involved, besides to protect its advertising revenue?

  9. Kennedy says:


    $250 million is not bullshit. People throwing the word “rape” around like a frisbee is not bullshit.

  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:


  11. D minor says:

    I don’t think its wrong to expose these girls. The judicial system fails, media fails… Gavin to the rescue. I saw a similar thing go down on Coyote Shivers’ myspace page a couple of years back. He was making videos to prove his innocence after his crazy, actress girlfriend (NCIS?) was trying to slam him against the wall. So, I side with a pervert over a couple of creeps.

  12. the unclear obvious says:

    AA is in financial trouble and Charney’s legal issues aren’t making that better. AA is also one of the most important advertisers on this website. Regardless of the merits of the arguments in this case, Gavin is looking out for his own interests, because if AA goes down, so does this website.

  13. Lon Chaney says:

    Am I alone in thinking those girls are mediocre at best? Dov needs to be tied up in false suits with fuckin super models, not ugly ducklings. C’mon Dov!

  14. D minor says:

    People should look after their own interests, especially when two little whores are pulling some stunt like this. Time to stand up for ourselves, right? Isn’t that the new thing…

  15. Gavin is like totes my hero says:

    Gavin doesn’t care about Dov Charney. If he did there would be American Apparel ads on this site all the time.

  16. SBTVC says:

    Fixed. It was June of 09

  17. Gavin says:

    Ask anyone who gets American Apparel Internet ads. They pay pennies a month. If American Apparel stopped advertising with us, I would be out exactly one Snickers bar. Just focus on the evidence, please.

  18. blue waffle says:

    i dont know get how everyone is not outraged by this. has the celia farber article not been read? it was really long… fucking tards. these litigious fucks are the same type of shitheads that are using to the judicial system to do shit like tear down basketball hoops in delaware. the US is fucked by you people. how embarrassing. thank god at least gavin is pissed.

  19. Juan says:

    Hey Gavin!
    you are right

  20. Dave Park says:

    AA ads do not pay well at all.

  21. no says:

    All very interesting and loving the story (quarter of a billion is fucking obscene! Shit is hilar… Where the fuck is Judge Judy?!) but don’t go near the burqua / Islam a talk to make a point about feminism. Or do, but its silly.

  22. tinyfrogs says:

    Everyone is out for their own interests: the lying sluts, the creepy CEO, the lawyers, the website guy, you, me, the tree, the rock, everyone. Even Yoda.

  23. i only fuck lesbians says:

    longest streetboner ever

  24. Santa Claus says:

    I KNOW what happened, little girl. Santa’s knows EVERYTHING. HO HO HO!

  25. Aales says:

    What a bitch…

  26. hmm says:

    “there is already a whole website that AA created to smear these girls”


  27. WhoreDervz says:

    BUUUUUUUUSSSSTTTTTED BIOTCH!!! When you lose the case you should have to pay the defendants legal fees, kunt!

  28. Scammers have been exposed!

  29. Gavin says:

    From our ad guys…
    “Most of their ads these days are performance based and not CPM based. Meaning the sites only get paid if someone goes and buys something in the store. These ads are meant to be more of a filler when higher paid CPM based campaigns aren’t running.”

  30. Art Charney says:

    Canadians are ruining this country.

  31. FaceHeadAss says:

    Meh. If the ad revenue is so low, then obvs Gavin’s just standing up for what he believes in. The evidence looks awfully damning, and I don’t put it past any woman (or man) to act shitty when she feels vulnerable. It’s a bummer that all this had to be aired in public. A necessary piece of the torts procedure I guess.

  32. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    These knee-jerkers need to get off of it… Your circle the wagons defense blew up in your face. It’s becoming clear that they offered sexual favors for employment and perks, although to a perv sexfiend, who gladly and inappropriately accepted, but they offered. The real issue here, is that at the center of this is an unlikeable man who fits the villain role. Hypocrites go crusade against “Suicide Girls” then as well, where a Woman is basically underpaying “liberated” girls under the guise of sexual freedom for work that she herself made hundreds of thousands of dollars for as a career.

  33. green tshirt says:

    gavin is right. look at the evidence. these bitches are just trying to cash in on someone elses success. what they are doing is beyond evil and they are the ones insulting sexual abuse victims.

    once i read somewhere that in america the ratio of lawyers to engineers is 3:1, in japan the opposite. dont know how true it is, but it says a lot about our current mentality on how to make money

  34. EdFister says:

    Augusta Burrows? Really? Play on Augusten if I’ve ever seen one. Get your own name or at least the balls to use your own one when you send in your fucking drivel next.

  35. Joey F says:

    I mean it’s not rape if the broad is ugly, right?

  36. dick cheese says:

    Keep ’em coming Gavin! I feed off the tears of bleeding heart liberal douchebags and opportunistic art school sluts.

  37. raymeh says:

    tell me how it ends

  38. blaahus poopus says:

    ^yeah, because it’s so true that all liberals would want to defend these two, and that’s what this whole case is about; liberals and how they all fervently desire that opportunists win specious law suits.

  39. tttttt says:

    never trust a hipster cunt,
    you’ll be buried in a sand.

  40. Damien says:

    General Motors is really givin’er with the sexy talk this week.

  41. AB is a troll says:

    Gavin, don’t worry my old dude. Augustus is just trolling. Don’t feed the trolls.

  42. Ernest Queefingway says:

    Ooooooo Gavin, Jezebel is going to be maaaaaaad at youuuuuuuuu!

  43. ...... says:

    When the reporter asked morales why she stayed at AA and she basically responded with ‘b/c the pay was too good…’, she really meant to say ‘b/c I felt cool/hip as shit’. Seriously…watch the interview again lol

  44. Dedalus says:

    Has no one any shame? “You’re a disgusting human being!”

    “You’re a blind cunt!”

    Why do I even read this site? Everyone who writes on it sounds drunk and obnoxious in a bad way.

    Also, I think American Apparel and Dov Charney are our generation’s equivalent of Ken Kesey and the School Bus. It’s a man’s movement and girls who try to play the game are going to get hurt. In some cases, they’ll realize they were manipulated by these would-be gurus who allow themselves “sexual freedom”–the right to disregard the feelings of women–and try to stand a claim, like in the cases of Ms. Morales and Ms. Lo, but they’ll realize that the movement they’re buying into is this integral system they can’t really tap into, no matter how hot or “hard” they consider themselves.

  45. Christi Bradox says:

    Wait. So you just use American Apparel ads for filler? Just to have “American Apparel” on the site? Seems weird.

  46. oil slick rick says:

    This is like two teenagers on a bus talking loudly because they think everyone wants to hear their conversation. They don’t. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK, just continue to make subpar clothing for white kids with money.

  47. French Ass Raper says:

    Why would anyone rape someone that mediocre?

  48. Nip Nong Nip Ning Nong says:

    I’m no fan of Dov Charney and I think American Apparel clothing is lame and played out. The biased part of me wanted to believe that these chicks are telling the truth and that Charney is the exploitative, power-hungry kike that I hope he is… But when you really do look at the situation from an arbitrary perspective, you realize that these solid sixes basically offer the guy their cunts on toast and then when he actually takes advantage of it they pull back and go “wait… I didn’t think I would actually have to fuck him even though I offered to about a dozen times in exchange for a job.” You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Dedalus gets it right – these girls wanted to play at this perceived level of hipsterdom (don’t kid yourself, they just wanted to be the coolest kids on the block) and they exploited their femininity to get themselves there instead of actually earning it. They offered to let a guy take advantage of them in return for a job opportunity and now they’re trying to sue him when he took them up on the offer.

    Worst part about it for those girls is that this stuff will live in Google forever… And it’s the only reason they will ever be significant. They think this stings now in their early twenties… Wait until they’re 40.

  49. littleliza says:

    Yes the texts, emails, and photos show the women are probably lying about sexual assault. However, the only people who need to view this evidence are the people in the courtroom. What you’re doing is the digital equivalent to a middle school bathroom stall, aka really immature and unnecessarily hurtful.

  50. What a dink says:

    People get super heated about some dink named Dov and two sluts, yet there’s a whole hell of a lot more important shit going on in this world. Like, a whole lot.

  51. bla says:

    What anti-Charney commenters HAVE posted:
    – he’s a creep/perv/gross old man/etc.
    – we should have sympathy for victims of sex crimes
    – there is misogyny in the workplace

    What anti-Charney commenters HAVE NOT posted:
    – a plausible explanation for why Morales continued to send explicit photos to Charney, continually, for 2 years after the alleged attack
    – how those photos, taken from within her own home, without him present, and accompanied by requests for gifts and money, were somehow motivated against her will, under unlawful duress
    – any evidence, beyond simple allegations, that tends to show that Lo was raped, held against her will, and terrified, not having consensual sex with Charney in the photos of their encounter

    THANK GOD judges and juries are presented with evidence, not undergraduate sociology papers.

  52. homeless says:

    ” I think American Apparel and Dov Charney are our generation’s equivalent of Ken Kesey and the School Bus. ”

    you are an idiot

  53. Ayn random says:

    THis reeks of the dead issue paradox… he will be forever know as the CEO who had to go to court for some sex thing. You can fight a live issue but a dead one will forever haunt Dov.

  54. damn says:

    man, the other two models are lucky their names and pictures aren’t all over the fucking internet because they are WAY WORSE than these two. especially this one

  55. butterballs says:

    The evidence speaks for itself.

  56. swamp thing says:

    Gavin is right, these bitches are leeches. They’re grown up, greedy, manipulative slut bags. However, Dov does need to stop fucking his employees. Idiot.

  57. ceeebeeee says:

    i am 100% sure that he has taken advantage of his position to prey on young weak women. my old lady is one of them…. its not rape but its unsavory and gross.i dont believe in karma but it would be cool if it existed…. no one on this site has said what is obvious to me .TYPICAL JEWISH BEHAVIOR .It makes my fucking skin craw, but yeah in the case of these 2 gals its bullshit.muds muds and more muds.

  58. popfop says:

    I love how people are blaming Gavin for putting up these pictures when all he did was repost from a blogspot site.

    The internet is really hard, folks.

  59. maxxed out says:

    I don’t want to have to think this much about Dov Charney. It’s making me grow backhair and jerkoff with tweezers. Stop.

  60. Soo' Chest says:

    um, actually, posting amateur pictures of hottish ethnic chicks is a great of generating site hits, which in theory translates into ad hits, which sustains the site.

    that’s the reason to post these. since Gavin’s argument doesn’t seem to being pushing his libertarian agenda, i doubt he has much else invested in this case.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I for one thought Kimbra looked hauntingly severe and quite beautiful when she was on the Today Show.

  62. Hyperbole says:

    Anti Semitic anecdotal evidence. This thread now officially has everything!

  63. Needy says:

    One time Dov almost raped me too. And another time he actually did rape me. It was terrifying.

  64. homeless says:

    blondes will be the new brunettes

  65. ??? says:

    These girls need to start aiming a little higher. Who the hell puts out for a minimum wage job at a clothing store?? That’s just plain sad.

  66. NewBrunswick says:

    Fucking right. What a cockslap of words to that dumb bitch’s ugly face. “Boom, boom,” is what I heard while reading. Did you know that in Dov Charney’s Montreal apartment–this penthouse around McGill Metro–he has a bottle of lube in every room of the house? That includes hallways and vestibules. Ask him Gavin, c’est vrai.

  67. He Cant Duet says:

    So Charney likes to masturbate in hallways and vestibules, what’s wrong with that? There’s an old guy in Co-op City who’s been doing it for so long, they just ignore him anymore. He stinks like rotten piss, you can smell when he’s in a building. When I was a kid we used to sneak up on him and throw soapy water balloons at him. Then he would cry. Tell me how Dov’s any different? To each his own I say.

  68. roxy says:

    so what you’re trying to say is that you’re a misogynist who needs to see a therapist.

  69. Don't Quit Your Day Job says:

    Based on the actions of the first girl, you’re absolutely right.

    The second one though, she’s a pushover and Dov totally used her. You seriously think a girl calling the guy later to APOLOGIZE and “wanting to talk” is the attitude of a manipulative gold digger? Come on. She sounds like a confused girl, like an archetypal victim.

  70. Don't Quit Your Day Job says:

    Also, this is being tried in court, right? Who has anything to win from having these pictures posted here? Gavin for attracting traffic, Dov for having these girls reputation dragged through the mud.

    Is the judge ruling the case a woman? Is that the problem, Gavin?

  71. wtf says:


  72. giant shlong says:

    stick to do’s and dont’s, Gavin

  73. lb says:

    if every young person who made a big mistake filed a $250 million dollar law suit only to get publicly slammed and shamed for all internet eternity, i think young people would act up less

  74. idk says:

    my only concern is the kind of dudes that sympathize with Ben Weasel are seeing this case and it’s cementing their attitude that all girls have bad taste in music, leech for cash, and are willing to be pushed over by lawyers

  75. Gavin says:

    @Don’t Quit Your Day Job
    It’s not going to court as of yet. The girls have filed a suit and have made true on their promise to deliver an “avalanche” of bad publicity if AA didn’t pay up but they are yet to file criminal charges. AA has all but begged them to and would love to get this before a judge but it will never make it there because there obviously is no case.

  76. (not published or required) says:

    ^^ FUCK they should be sued for that shit

  77. (not published or required) says:

    also wheres all the people who were saying “these articles are only up because of American Apparel ad money on the site” etc……???????

    …then dude tells you how much you get for ad revenue and what, the accusers spin on their heels and walk away whistling a lil tune…

    if i accused someone of some shit like that and they straightened me out i would probably apologise…

    or i would make my bed and go see whats on tv
    one or the other

  78. melanie rose says:

    Morales is hands down a top notch scum bag. She fucked around with her boss, how that happened we may not know, but if she was so violated the last thing she would want is to send pictures flashing EVERYTHING, let alone send texts about her new dildo.
    Furthermore I can not begin to wrap my head around her not showing up for work, wishlists, and begging for her job back.
    This woman, oh I mean child, is taking advantage of all woman who have been harassed, date raped, and violently raped.
    People like her discredit woman who have actually been abused.
    Shame on her.

  79. Morales had me fapping, dgaf.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t anyone outraged that these skanks are wasting our taxes on by filing BS lawsuits in public court.

    People, our tax dollars pay all the people involved in the court to even consider this case. And you know how the government loves to take their time with this stuff.

    Thank you Kimbra Lo and Irene Morales. I’m so glad my freaking tax dollars are going up you Ahole.

  81. Mulch says:

    Yeah, the pay was good. At $9/hr??

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