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• 01.05.13 10:05 am

This makes me laugh but it also makes me scratch my head. Did software do this? It can’t, right? A human being must have set up the earrings with that link. Was it maybe outsourced labor and they don’t get our sensibilities?


Jay T

Dearest Jay,

This was done by someone so numb from working in celebrity news for twenty years, they didn’t even notice. I’ve actually seen this before. During a recent trip to Glasgow, I learned about a reality TV star named Jade Goody who became famous for saying Paki.  Then she got really famous for having cancer and dying. Her widower then grabbed the attention torch and in this feature they tell you how to get his look as he talks about the night she died.  

And look at this photo.

Why is it legal for paparazzi to terrorize children? Celebrity culture is so dark, it’s basically Goth. 



  1. PJ says:

    Katie has her publicist call photographers when she wants to be seen somewhere or wearing something. She makes just as much money off of this as they do.

  2. Gavin says:

    Yeah, she needs money so bad, she has them harass her daughter during a divorce.

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