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• 06.19.16 03:22 pm

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Jo Cox’s murderer shouldn’t be called a terrorist for the same reason why a petty dope dealer shouldn’t be called a Narco. You get that label based on your clout and affiliation.

Everybody can sell drugs to average Joes and rough up clients who are late on their debts. But only a serious, organized criminal can rely on a traditional, well-established and structured world-wide conspiracy. A network that benefits from the massive complicity of elected officials, financial elites, ideologues and common people. They don’t rough you up, they destroy the nation you live in.

This applies to terrorism as well.

Unfortunately many of us are having a hard time admitting this. Some also have a hard time admitting that times have changed and that, well, Nazism was defeated. Our media thinks that those mostly blonde, sharply-dressed socialists are still onto us. Their fear causes confusion. Their confusion makes them using the “right-wing-extremist-racist-group” tag quite loosely.

The media’s weakest narrative occurs when Slavic jocks clash with French cops during the Eurocup. But their favored one occurs when lone white assailants go on killing sprees. These wackos show no long-term strategy, have no backup and, most importantly, receive zero public support. At best, these guys are the disenfranchised, trailer trash junkies of terrorism.

We’ll talk about the threat posed by “militant-white-supremacists-far-right organizations” when thousands of Dylan Roofs and Anders Breiviks are financed, encouraged and applauded by entire countries.

We should stop Nazi-washing foreign enemy forces just because they are too non-white and too-non-Christian for our PC society to openly loath.

Let’s drop this Progressive Man’s Guilt-complex that borders with a White Man’s Burden God-complex that implies that everything must be about us. That everything is because of us. That other cultures can’t have agency of their own. That they can’t make things happen if we don’t enable them first. That they can’t represent a threat to us.

Let’s stop being so stubbornly self-centered and finally give credit to these exotic terror powers for their far superior, successful, unique, independent, influential and destabilizing militant actions.

It’s been long overdue.


  1. cook says:



    a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.




    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

    According to these standard definitions of these words, the man was a terrorist.

  2. reply in all seriousness says:

    Thank you you so much much for articulating that for so many of us. Hat off sir.

  3. Top says:

    I enjoyed this. Kudos
    Readers with the attention span of a squrrel will have a hard time understanding this, but the LACK of an actual strategy along with NO encouregment/support/praise coming from ANY organization undermines that labeling.
    This article explains this very well.
    Roberto hit the nail in the head on Guilt/God-complex thing too.

  4. I'll have a Samuel Adams says:

    Cook is confusing a lone wolf like Omar, who was inspired as well as instructed indirectly through the decentralized cellular command structure of Isis, with this English guy who may be inspired or even part of a group that is extreme, but which as long as that group isn’t encouraging or instructing people to engage in acts of terror, then it’s not a terror organization and he therefore didn’t commit an act of terror in their name, even if thinks and claims he did.
    Omar was a registered democrat, an organization I consider to be very extreme, but I don’t connect them with what happened in Orlando. The acts of violence being committed by Bernies supporters and SJW and Soros Alinskites and Mexicans against Trump supporters, however, are organized by groups working for the democrat party. They are domestic terrorists whose level of violence is quickly ratcheting up.
    The English guy can technically be called a terrorist, who assassinated this politician, just like Lee Harvey Oswald, a member of the American Communist party, killed a politician, but it appears in both cases they acted on their own. Compare that to organized world wide terrorist movements like those representing radical Islam. Why the selective outrage whereas excuses for Islamic terror. The future though is fast coming where patriots may need to take action, but not in a cowardly way, but by direct confrontation with a despotic government.
    Are you a patriot Cook?

  5. constance says:

    This article is bookmark-worth.

  6. Asian Spike Ree says:

    Were guns blamed at all for this murder?

  7. I'll have a Samuel Adams says:

    Someday that shot that killed Jo Cox will be as famous as the shot at Concord, “heard round the World,” or was that Krakatoa that made that noise.
    Either way Jo Cox represents the traitors to the English people and White race and Western Civilization who are the enablers of radical Islam and Cultural Marxism. To me it’s the equivalent of a German citizen in Nazi Germany assassinating a member of that Government. Problem was she’s a small fish and this will backfire against Brexit. If your inclined towards conspiratorial thinking you might see this as awfully convenient timing. She just became a martyr for the EU.

  8. Guinness Stout please says:

    “Thousands of Anders Breiviks.”
    Now that’s what I call a progressive movement. Some serious damage could be inflicted against the next generation of young totalitarians.
    Those Red babys in grooming on their young pioneers island holiday were the leaders of tomorrow in Norway. Children of the femi-Nazi Marxist engineered Corn, whose parents were the ruling class. Taking them out brings to mind the movie “boys of Brazil.”
    The off-spring of Hitler’s stored sperm was feared as if Nazism was genetic. Those Norwegian Marxist children though were something to fear as there parents were alive and well, indoctrinating them for their future roles as commissars of a radical feminist Marxist society.
    Jo Cox was a waste of ammo, Breiviks was just useful propaganda for the Left. When the time comes it will take a George Washington and regulars to defeat this virus called Marxism.

  9. E. Zahn says:

    @Asian Spike Ree-12:15 pm
    The murderer’s ideology is finally the right one.
    We are allowed to openly hate this guy’s guts.

  10. BoogieWoogie says:

    It ain’t de jihadiiiiiiiiis you have to fear.
    It’s de (((jooooooos)))

  11. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, don’t fear the Jihadis–they are doing G-d’s work for Israel. Right? You sad, sad fuck.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Ha ha ha! Oh, boy. That is one hell of a video, and everyone should watch it. It’s actually offensive to Jews, who are very proud of having a huge influence in every important sphere of our culture.

    “I read the news every day… don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people aren’t really that present.”
    –Paul Joseph Watson, officially losing all credibilty and instantly becoming irrelevent

  13. Daisy Dukes says:

    I’ll trade you one PGR for one PJW. Is Alex Jones a Zionist shill? That’s what your soul mates at Daily Stormer say.
    What the hell is going on here!
    The Christian Jew-god said “A house divided will fall. Is Satan against Satan? Your rabbi god said that if Satan is casting demons out of the demon possessed then he’s undermining himself. You fuckers need to get your shit together with all this infighting.

  14. OogaBooga says:

    Shill? Ah, I don’t know. I think so many of those who seek to tell the truth about the world they live in–from Alex Jones to Jared Taylor–also have mouths to feed/businesses to run. They feel that pretending the elephant in the room (overwhelming Zionist power and influence) doesn’t exist will give them some license to point out the insanities coming out of black, gay, and feminist quarters. Someone like Taylor probably rationalizes it as a necessary alliance to stop the browning of America. Others just aren’t interested in committing total career (or literal) suicide.

  15. OogaBooga says:

    PS My soulmates at Daily Stormer? Who do you think actually buys that lame line? I enjoy reading Pat Buchanan, Jim Goad, Taki, and many other non-Nazi voices. I know, I know–Trump is literally Hitler.

  16. Daisy Dukes says:

    You don’t get it but then you do that you’re a cuck too when you disavow out of cowardice original white nationalists like daily stormer, storm front, David Duke. This site is perfect for you and the phoney in the closet White nationalists. Milo & Gav McCuck skim milk for wannabes.
    You are a closet patriot.

  17. plazzy says:

    This article can be interpreted to include all non-white, non-Christian terror forces.
    Yes, Ooga, including (((them))).
    Happy now?

  18. OogaBooga says:

    David Duke? He’s the guy who disavowed the KKK and Naziism, right? Is he a cuck?

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  20. Even not on Black Friday, its unwise to go to Franklin Mills unarmed. I once saw knives, and inevitably a gun, pulled over a fight over a dude in an Arbys. Fuckin Arbys.

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