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• 05.20.09 09:17 am

As the only people I’ve ever seen discuss fight faces, I thought you’d be shocked to learn humans are not the only people who get them.

As the only people I’ve ever seen discuss fight faces, I thought you’d be shocked to learn humans are not the only people who get them.

Did you see that? Fucking gorilla sucker punched me. I don’t give a shit though. Fucking guy. What the fuck? Came out of nowhere. You saw that right? What a bitch. Fucking bitch. I wish he was still here. I’d kick his fucking ass. Fucking sucker punch. I didn’t even see it.

  1. SHITCOCK says:

    If it looks like you’re in a position where you’re about to get in a fight and there’s no way you can escape it don’t worry about your fight face. Chances are you’ve been drinking, probably for several hours, so your bladder should be ready to go. Piss in the other dude’s face and then run for it.

  2. Loomis says:

    No dummy. A fight face is the face a guy makes AFTER a fight when he’s trying to look like he doesn’t give a shit but the adrenaline is coursing through his veins like fire. The smile is fake and forced.

  3. SHITCOCK says:

    You think I read stuff before commenting? What I say would be a lot more cogent if I did.

  4. fuckface says:

    As someone who doesn’t live anywhere we get USDA certified breakfast cereals, can anyone tell me what the fuck that cereal is made of?! And where are fucking silverbacks getting strawberries to match their serving suggestions?

  5. ew says:

    ^ it looks like knockoff kix.

  6. kure kure takora says:

    that cereal (actually all that brands cereal) is the worst cereal you can eat. It’s all natural but it’s just empty calories. at least with fruit loops they inject some vitamins and shit.

  7. Ahaaaaahaa says:

    I tried to get the precise definition of “pick-me-up” at and it just redirected me back to this page.

  8. My fight face is usually me laughing and then I snap and starting kicking people in the head. Then I start crying anger tears.

  9. Isn’t that cereal from Trader Joe’s?

  10. pubert says:

    oh god I’m jonesing for some gorilla munch

  11. An Ontarian says:

    I used to eat Gorilla Munch everyday, because my dad was a hippie and it kinda tasted like a shitty version of Kix. I had just got my wisdom teeth out, I only had smart teeth on the bottom row ’cause I’m evolving. I didn’t listen to the doctor’s warning not to eat hard food because Gorilla Munch was delicious and I had more Codeine in me than Pimp C. One day I took too much and spaced out on the couch with a tummy ache until my friends came over. I then went to the bathroom and tried to puke so my stomach would stop hurting and I couldn’t. I knelt over the porcelain for like 5 minutes not being able to puke until my bud Austin yelled, “Fucking puke already.” I then vomited two bowls of Gorilla Munch into the toilet. And that was the last time I saw Gorilla Munch.

  12. An Ontarian says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..SLEEP CARNAGE, wheres the haha?

  13. Jane Goodall says:

    I thought gorilla munch was going down on some ’70’s muff.

  14. French Ass Raper says:

    That’s the gorilla pedophile face. Sorry to disappoint you.

    As a matter of fact so is the fight face.

  15. Lovehawk (Thee Oh Gee) says:

    Ahhhhh. It makes sense. AWK did the art for this cereal box. Note his signature in the bottom left corner. Hence the Gorilla Fight Face.

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