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• 11.08.12 12:32 pm

Although you’d find it unlikely, there are men and women on the ground fighting your good fight. 


Personally, I’ve been on a crusade to reduce the likelihood of college-educated co-workers saying “it’s like, imperative to this project, that we like…” in a meeting. We have a roster of A-List clients, the kind that give both the accounting and creative departments simultaneous boners. As you’ll likely understand, that’s a rarity in advertising. But with that territory come MBAs from ivy league colleges with the highest of expectations. Not to mention they are paying us a premium to be professional storytellers, and not grounded teenagers passing time.

Witnessing this behavior first hand, and recognizing that it could jeopardize our credibility, I took action. Like a boss, I brought up the “like” epidemic in a department-wide meeting last spring, reminding them that “we’re not Valley Girls, team.” Not a month later I called someone out; they had said “like” 56 times in a 30 minute meeting. The number of violations I observed was after noticing how much they were saying it, it could likely have been 75+. I doubt he liked being the scapegoat, but everyone is heightened to it now. As of writing this, I’d like to report that usage, both personally and office-wide, is down dramatically.

In closing, I’ll leave you with this quote from André Maurois “To reason with poorly chosen words is like using a pair of scales with inaccurate weights.”


The least likable guy in the office

P.S. where can I buy one of those signs?
Dear Ned,
That’s the thing. People don’t realize how often they say it. I wish someone would invent a small red light that has voice recognition software and blinks every time it hears you say “like.” It could just be pinned to someone’s shirt for a day and I bet you they’d be horrified to see how often it goes off. Gays and women are bad but everyone’s doing it, even British people. 
I had my sign made at Custom Wood Signs and it came to $175 with shipping and handling. 

  1. pantagruel says:

    you know what i hate? idiom

  2. a6r6o6n says:

    Can we call a moratorium on phrases such as “like a boss” while we’re at it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is like so stupid I’m like shitting my pants!!! Like wtf!!

  4. humph says:

    don’t u realize the best thing about America is that it is a free country, but you want to impose these fascist rules and try to control peoples speech. The best thing about freedom is that it is beyond your or anyone’s control. Slang is cool and ‘Valley Girl’ is a good movie. I don’t wanna talk like some British snob. I think colloquialisms in time or space are beautiful, make each generation unique and to your liking ephemeral.

  5. zbow says:

    spending $175 on a sign for a word you don’t “like?” welcome to the 1%

  6. Classic TV Fan says:

    I still jackoff to Jamie Gertz. Just sayin’…..

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