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• 01.30.15 03:48 pm


I work [censored work title] for the St. Louis Police and I was at that shitshow at the Board of Aldermen Public Safety Committee meeting. I can assure you it absolutely was racial. Even as we queued up to enter the hearing room, they were verbally abusing us; calling us Klansmen, pigs, devils, and murderers. 

One went so far as to tell us that we reminded him of the pigs from “Farm Animals” (way better title, Mr. Orwell) who stood up on their hind legs and began to abuse the other animals.  I told him it was actually “Animal Farm” and got called a bald headed, racist motherfucker by some broad wearing an Ashante Shakur t-shirt.  Has communism ever led to anything but tyranny and genocide?  Dafuq?

One of the main ringleaders of the anti-cop bloc and the person you can hear most clearly in the video is a Palestinian named Basem Masri, who likes to liken us to the Israeli downpresser man and sing the praises of Hamas/Hezbollah when he’s not calling for the murder of cops and the extermination of the Jews.  The average American is like, “Well, fuck it.  I once got a ticket from a cop or they raided my high school kegger, so fuck ’em.”  That’s what we’re up against.

But, at the same time, it wasn’t racial.  This sustained assault on public order is most certainly not organic, and I believe more than racially based, it’s funded and directed by commie front groups.  I’m a lifelong St. Louisan and have been working for the PD for 13 years.  In my experience, most of these kids have the attention span of gnats and are incapable of formulating complex thought.  I really believe we could’ve prevented the nightmare in Ferguson if we’d given the “freedom fighters” a shit-ton of weed and the latest version of X-Box, along with the newest Grant Theft Auto game.  “Yeah man, I’m down for the struggle, but I gotta get back to the crib and medicate…”.  Someone is directing them and someone is paying them and St. Louis is the perfect place to do it, because we’re in the center of the country, the cost of living/real estate is cheap, etc.

These kids are brought up on modern-day, social welfare plantation, fed a toxic diet of resentment, jealousy and self-hatred.  They may have killed the Bosnian not because he was white, but because they landed here 15 years ago, settled an old German neighborhood on the skids and made it vibrant.  They cannot stand to see anyone succeed and it makes them crazy.  When I first got on the police department, I worked a down on the heels beat full of poverty, crime and general dysfunction.  A black guy owned a cellular phone/pager store in the commercial district and did a great business, as he was the only store of the sort down there and he was a good business person.  A couple of years later, a Palestinian dude opened up the same sort of store across the street.  Within a year, the black dude’s customer base, mostly black themselves, abandoned his store for the  Arab’s shop.  My black partner told me it was because black people cannot abide other black people’s success, crabs in a pot of boiling water…

Whatever.  You know what I like?  Theodore Dalrymple’s writing about his psychiatric work with white, dole-bound Britishers. That’s what.  His findings mirror the pathology you find in poor US black ghetto culture, without all the icky race stuff, and serve as anecdotal evidence that race may not be the most important factor in personal failure, but rather government dependency might be the strongest determinant of any particular group’s failure to thrive.  Just my two cents.

Anyhow, have a great weekend.





  1. Tim Lewis says:

    How do you explain that poor white people don’t off each other in record numbers.

  2. Wow, amazing.

    “My black partner told me it was because black people cannot abide other black people’s success…”

    In fairness, the Irish are a bit like that, too.

  3. Big Ben says:

    It makes me warm in my man-parts (ya know, the parts that fuel wood-chopping, lady-fucking, etc) knowing that we still have logical humans in positions of authority. Throw a dozen guys like this into every police precinct in the U.S. and I’d actually feel pretty good pumping some babies into the world.

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  5. The Seahorse says:

    Who knew putting an entire group of people above reproach would be a bad thing??
    Now let’s see how this goes for women – with Hillary “Pig In Heels” Clinton and Elizabeth “Pig In Flats” Warren running for POTUS.
    These groups acting in this way remind me of that bad movie about the boy in the bubble…yea he could work out in there and become “strong”, but if his protection was popped, he would die – not really strong at all….

  6. dun says:

    I wish he just wrote the last paragraph and skipped the rest

  7. Harvey, yeah! says:


  8. raymi says:

    what a gong show

  9. Zippy says:

    I never realized what a bunch of whiners that police can be since this Ferguson thing came to light. Obviously, this guy goes to work each day with an absolute sense of fairness and no preconceived notions about the people that he might deal with. He has an uncanny ability to see the Palestinian, the commie, the tranny, the lazy, the “bad” blacks…. everybody but the obnoxious guys with a racist attitude that he sees in his department every day. :)

  10. Ghetto Defendant says:

    Wait a second… Doesn’t this cop’s astute observation, in his last paragraph, blow a hole in the insinuation that genetics play a role in a group success? He correctly pointed out a group of white people, not just any, but Anglo-Saxon Protestants(The New York Yankees of white people), who are just poor, ignorant, and perpetually hooked on the government tit as poor blacks. Maybe there’s something to this perpetual culture of welfare and dependency as being a big contributor to lack of success for certain groups… I’ve been moving towards agreeing with that, the older I get.

  11. Fuck You says:

    Fuck cops! Fuck you! Bassem is awesome!

  12. ELI says:

    Tim’s right and you know that since nobody dared to answer him.
    If it all goes down to welfare (the new “race” it seems) then explain why poor white people don’t off each other in record numbers.

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