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Street Carnage
• 07.29.14 10:50 am


I thought you’d get a kick out of this. Townhall recently published an article called Conservatism is the New Punk Rock. It reminds me of that talk Dana Loesch did called “Constitution: Punk Rock Anthem?” I think they’re right in that it’s now the most rebellious thing a young person can be. Liberals toe the company line and barely make it past, “Mean people suck.” 

If you go to a pro-immigration rally, there’ll be the requisite Free Mumia booth, a giant picture of Malcolm X, and a huge pile of vegan pamphlets. This becomes especially amusing when they collide and a pro-Trayvon woman grabs the mic from an LGBT kid and yells, “This ain’t about no gay shit.” They don’t seem to really care about what they care about.

However, the right still has a bunch of garbage up their asses. They still think pop culture pollutes the minds of the young. They still think the Drug War is a great idea. And they still think fags are going to hell. The only conservatives who don’t have these hang ups are the socially liberal ones and outside of immigration, aren’t they just libertarians? If the right wants to survive 2016, it had better get with the program. And if the libertarians want to be taken seriously by the rest of the country, they had better get over this open borders crap. Once libertarians and conservatives find some common ground, the liberal left will come crashing down.

Unfortunately, they’re both too stubborn and the stupid vote is too powerful. So yeah, we’re doomed.



  1. Punk my junk! says:

    Conservatism is the new punk rock? Really? Seems more like a way for younger people to say “Get off my lawn!” and not come across as their granddads. Well, at least not YET…… :)

  2. Seep Diesel says:

    What about the 3 TRILLION dollar ten year war in the Middle East brought to you by the “conservatives”? While conservative voters fell lock step in line with their horrendous unwavering support for the war and the men who sold them the war? Huh? Answer me. Was that money well spent? Political “liberals” may be terrible, but “conservatism” is not the answer. Not at all. And Libertarians have no idea about anything beyond not wanting to pay taxes. What’s your new idea conservatives? More tax breaks for the wealthy?

  3. RED says:

    Sorry, reality is a tiny bit more nuanced than that. It’s NEOCONS waging war across the Middle East. Traditional conservatives AKA PALEOCONS hate them and their interventionist policies (see Pat Buchanan for one). It’s generally understood neocons are just jaded liberals who took their World Peace philosophy, dipped it in Israel and decided to change the world.

    You need to look up the difference between Republican, neocon, paleocon, libertarian, and liberal. Their views on the war are all over the place. And it’s your boy Obama who has been ramping up the fight since he got into office. Not George W Bush.

  4. Rod says:

    No, when libertarians and conservatives find some common ground, Rich Fucks will still own your ass.

  5. Ben says:

    Anyway fuck all parties. Every single one of them. Fuck them all.

  6. AFink says:

    Why is everyone anti rich.. I wish I had a shit ton of money.. You guys sound like your a hair tigger away from ending it all; You can ask yourself why am I picked last, I’ll tell you why because instead of play with a bat and ball you play with your sisters undies grow a pair and work hard… Fuck you and keep the rich, turd.

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