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I noticed your readers seem more interested in my country’s problems than most “hipsters.” I find this reaction as inspiring as I find your flippant tone disturbing. Many of you seem to argue

I noticed your readers seem more interested in my country’s problems than most “hipsters.” I find this reaction as inspiring as I find your flippant tone disturbing. Many of you seem to argue about what the president should do. Personally, I would like him to show more support but I don’t think it’s that relevant. There is a fire going on over there that nobody can put out or even “change.”

For most of my life I have referred to myself as Persian but for the first time ever I have begun to proudly say Iranian. I’m not sure any of you comprehend how consequential these riots are. It’s not about one country. It’s about all of Islam. We used to be the most progressive culture in the world. Then, in 1979, a strange sect of eccentric religious people took control and hijacked the entire country. This is what happened with Islam. It was the most advanced religion in the world until it was hijacked by a strange group who pulled it back into the dark ages for reasons I am yet to mentally digest.

The revolutionaries allowed the regime to take control because they thought they were benign. Like allowing monks to guard the Parliament Buildings while you cleaned up the mess and got organized. The mess Islam has become is just as absurd as a few Hasidim taking over the entire Jewish religion and insisting every remotely Jewish woman in the world wear a wig. Imagine Hasidim in Hasidic police cars beating Jewish women in New York City for wearing short skirts? That is the bizarre situation my religion and Iran finds itself in.

We are tired of being dragged into the dark ages. We are fighting not just for progress but to get back where we were 50 years ago. We are the only culture that has gone backwards in time and it is simply not natural.
It is tragic what happened to the Lioness Neda but her name means “Voice” or “The Calling” and as soon as that video was released we knew everyone would understand our plight. This is about free speech as much as anything and what defines humanity more than free speech? The reason humans have advanced past other creatures is we can communicate with each other and warn each other about danger. I believe it’s called memes. Other animals, even chimps, have to rely on instincts. To deny us our right to communicate is to deny us our humanity.
I hope all your readers join us in our fight to be human again.

  1. yawn says:

    thank you for posting this

  2. Ben Gazzara says:

    How do these

    correlate with the promotion of Irshad Manji? If SBTVC actually wants experts, there are plenty of critics of Islam who actually have the qualifications to criticize it. Manji knows as much about Islamic theology as the typical lesbian Christian knows about Christian theology, i.e., not very much.

    If some Unitarian Universalist lesbian with a “degree in the history of ideas” started talking your ear off about the problems with Christianity, would you listen? I didn’t think so.

  3. Peterpaul says:

    Platinum…and I hope we all find it inspiring in our own battles against the powers that be…

  4. Vane$$a says:

    Did she actually imply that Islam was the most progressive culture in the world prior to 1979? After almost a year of reading this site, I’ve finally read something that made me laugh out loud.

  5. wack-boy says:

    “We are fighting not just for progress but to get back where we were 50 years ago.”

    ——No , you are fighting to go back to 1989 when Mir-Hossein Mousavi was last Prime-Minister, but I’m guessing your not old enough to remember all the people he killed. In 1979 it wasn’t “a strange sect of eccentric religious people”, but a popular up-rising. Once you realize it’s not a fight over Islam but a fight to free yourself from the ignorance that is Islam we might take you seriously.——Until than, please show us your tits if you want us to click.

    —–The pic of whitey with the Trophy friend is priceless, thanks.

  6. The truf says:

    Unfortunately, you are going to loose this revolution. I hate to say it but the protests are dieing down daily. Unless, a real leader steps up the little spark of hope you had will be extinguished by the stone age clerics and Iran will probably end up developing nuclear weapons and starting some serious shit and the whole world will hate it all over again.

  7. The truf says:

    On the plus side this is a great band named after your country:

  8. zippy says:

    I don’t know that this is the forum to reach out for world change. HAHAHA
    Good luck with your whole revolution thingy, but I just want to see hot chicks.

  9. Edwin says:

    Wack-boy, fair points but they fizzle out because you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. In the future, I recommened getting YOUR shit together before you shit on opressed minorities.

  10. lol@u says:

    I really hope they can change. The Iranians I know can’t ever go back to their country. It’s a really sad situation. They recommended seeing the move Persepolis to get a somewhat realistic understanding.

  11. Dork says:

    Um, I have a friend who worked as a geophysicist all over the mid-east in the late sixties through the late seventies, and he would beg to differ about how progressive your culture was. He has nightmare stories about public sanitation in Iran and Afghanistan, etc. One common practice was for the shit-covered restrooms to be male until a large enough group of women gathered, and then it would be a women’s restroom until they were done. I find it hilarious that most of his stories are shit-related.

  12. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    Iranians need more crust-punk.

  13. chikin bone nowison says:

    You people need to read the history of iran before you go referring to them as islamic. Persia (iran) is the oldest continuing civilization on the planet and was taken over by islam in the last few decades.

    Look it up morons. Read a fuckin book.

  14. Just a Friend says:

    “We used to be the most progressive culture in the world…..until 1979”

    You’re right, if progressive = puppet state devoid of any sense of former cultural identity. Why do you think the revolution was successful? Because the country was on such an amazing fast track everyone couldn’t wait to jump off? It’s nice to see stupidity transcend ethnic/geographic lines

  15. vegan jules says:

    if they all went vegan there’d be nothing to fight about.

  16. ew kids on the block says:

    ^ didn’t a bunch of vegans fight like 4 posts ago about how ur a vegan for disgusting narcissistic reasons? hippies r the biggest ass holes i know. for further proof of this, watch true life: i live off the grid. but anyway: i like how all the lumpy white commenters sitting in america eating various types of processed corn think they know more about Iran and Islam than a fucking Iranian because last week they wikied it.

  17. Hansu says:

    Im curious to see what Kim Jong Il will have to say about all this. Also i have not read a book. A vegan once yelled at me. Crust punks agenda limits it creatively. I have never listened to any crust punk. I love Iskra BrB.

  18. ew kids on the block says:

    ^ im gonna open a pizza place one day and name it crust punk.

  19. Jews for jesus says:

    The person who wrote this letter, if it was a real letter, does not know ANYTHiNG the fuck she is talking about. I’m inclined to believe that this is a white person writing a letter based on what they WISH an Iranian would say.

    Like any Iranians read street boners.

    “Lioness”- LOL, get the fuck outta here.

  20. Street Boning says:

    Before 1979 your country was being raped for its oil by Britain, USSR and the US. The Shah was a peacock monarch who spent all of the country’s oil royalties on creating a decadent illusion of a modern Iran. All the while, he brutally suppressed any and all opposition from the mass majority of poor Iranians who wanted a fair share.

    The Ayatollah came in to overthrow the monarchy only to have the new regime be controlled by a group of charlatan demagogues who only promised the poor masses a fair democracy. Ultimately, the weakness of the monarchy is why you are now forced to wear burkas.

    It’s sort of like when Robin got all mad at Batman and tried to go on his own only to find himself facing sudden death at the hands of Poison Ivy.

  21. Ernest Hemingway says:

    One time I got sand in my asshole. It was INSIDE the asshole and not just in the crack. You have to start digging for one grain of sand in there, which is actually challenging to find and unpleasant. But the best part is after wards you can wipe your finger on your napping friends upper lip.

  22. ras michael says:

    Dear Sharahazad –

    It’s obvious to the outside world that you and (presumably) the majority of Iranians long for freedom like the ayatollah longs to give a high-five. We didn’t need Neda to know that. Also, though it’s not P.C. most of the world knows that strict islam is one shitty religion and certainly no basis for 21st century living (just like judaism and christianity). It truly fucking sucks you’re now forced to live under such a regime but your parent’s generation helped bring it to power. We know it takes a huge amount of bravery to risk your life in order to change things there but really you guys are the only ones who can do it. Much blood will have to be shed. half a million people died in the American civil war…are you prepared to shed your blood like Neda for the better of future generations? There is really only one right answer. If the Iranian people are really ready to bring down your shitty regime then I’m sure you can reach out to some government somewhere with a desire to sell weapons and start firing back at those fuckers in go-cart helmets.

    I wish you with all sincerity, Good Luck. We’d love to see your president swinging from a lampost and to see you living in secular freedom.

  23. Fancypants says:

    Saying Islam is (or was) “the most advanced religion in the world” is like saying the guy whose penis just rotted off is the healthiest leper in the colony. Christian snake handlers are clearly more advanced, because they’ve found a way to kill themselves without bothering anyone else. Religion’s arch-enemy is progress. Groveling three times a day to an imaginary desert god? Fuck you.

  24. Fancypants says:

    The only difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi is how they would choose to murder a Jew. Fuck Iran. Let all dem niggas burn.

  25. big earls says:

    When you say “WE” are fighting, you mean “THEY” are fighting. Everyone who is a human being wants justice in the world, but that does not mean that “WE” are fighting. If you never actually fought in WWII, could you say, “WE fought the Nazis”?

    It takes an inspiring amount of courage to fight in the streets of Iran, much less to write a letter to a magazine at a time when you’ve got this revolutionary zeitgeist spreading throughout the media. You don’t have to have Iranian blood to feel inspired by the courage of these rioters.

    Were you writing letters like this a month ago? No. You told people that you were “Persian” because you wanted nothing to do with Iran. Now you see these amazingly ballsy kids fighting and suddenly you’re one of them. You gotta take a nightstick to the head a few times to earn that badge.

  26. johnny says:

    the hassidim never “took over” because most jews realize that a woman wearing a wig is absurd. Jewish women aren’t forced to wear wigs by law because 90% of Jews are logical people.

  27. Bill says:

    Gavin Mcinnes wrote this. Iranians are more nationalistic than Serbs. Revolution? No thanks.

  28. tinyfrogs says:

    “The reason humans have advanced past other creatures is we can communicate with each other and warn each other about danger. I believe it’s called memes. Other animals, even chimps, have to rely on instincts.” I really wish people on this site would shut the hell up about anything to do with science. Good luck battling the oligarchy in Iran. If you succeed, maybe you can get some late-20th C. biology textbooks in Iranian universities.

  29. omg soo randum says:

    If this is legit, thank you for posting it, and thank you Sharahazad for writing it.. (if this is gavin getting his shits n giggles, meh)

    as for the most progressive culture comment, I dont think shes referring to 1978 Iran. Vanessa, you sound like the most arrogant condescending nerdy fuck ever when you say that finally this site amuses you. why do you keep coming back if you dont find it funny? to grace us peons with your snide remarks? fuck off and die already.

    anyways what I think Sharahazad was referring to was during the middle ages when persia was flourishing with science, math and philosophy, while europe was in the shitter due to the church and feudalism, and took 400 years to catch up – if this was the case, shes indeed right, at that time islamic culture did result in the most ‘progress’.. and the vast majority of muslims want a return to this, but unfortinatly poverty brings both those willing to hijack the plight of those less fortunate (ie the muslim brotherhood, hamas, etc) by supplying them with basic necessities in exchange for allegiance. the reason most mulsims now appear to be nutters is this hijacking which Sharahazad refers to, but finally the youth of Iran is fed up, uniting, and resisting. 70% of the Iranian population is under the age of 30, so unlike in this country, what university aged people think actually matters politically. hopefully the iranians will keep protesting until ‘change’ occurs (not obama change, actual change).

  30. Vane$$a says:

    Yeah, I’m aware of past middle eastern tech glories and all that other jazz. I did get an A in World Civ 101. I’m also aware that when the west came around prospecting for oil, they were still shitting in holes in the sand.

    Question: What does “unfortinatly” mean?

  31. omg soo randum says:

    it means you focus more on spelling than trying to find actual flaws in peoples arguments

  32. Shit, everyone’s calling everyone else out for not knowing enough about Iran’s history, but there’s no mention of Mossadegh?

    PS this comment deletion nonsense is gettin’ crazy. If ew wants to hate on a religious group for shits and gigs, he certainly wouldn’t be the first person to do so on this site.

  33. the right honourable poodge mastrami says:

    i’m fighting a revolution in my pants.

  34. FCK says:

    Progression isn’t a straight line. Just because they were “shitting in holes in the sand” doesn’t mean fuck all in this argument. The western way isn’t necessarily the best way, its just the way you have been brought up with and think is right. Stop nit-picking and argue about the actual issues.

  35. Garbage Train says:

    Meercats (sp?) can warn each other of danger.

  36. ahgfhjsdf says:

    Herodotus may have the (apparently) probable answer here.

  37. Large Marge says:

    Whenever other countries criticize America’s gun-happy culture, remember ain’t no Daughter of the Revolution wearin no burka.
    We just have to put up with the occasional school shooting.

  38. ew kids on the block says:


  39. stuffnthings says:

    ^ o wait gross theres on azn on azn sex scene!!!!!!!

  40. Blogwigger says:

    I think Scientology is the most progressive religion/culture. Two words: Battlefield Earth. Shit is tech, brah.

  41. DrunkenBoy says:

    Take your country back from the conservative assholes that control it. Fuck their nationalist crap. Who are they fooling?

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