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Street Carnage
• 04.28.16 02:21 pm


What the hell was that idiot talking about the other day? If there’s anyone you losers should want to see get hit by a dump truck or fall out of a window it’s Megan Fox or Zooey Deschanel.

I thought nerds and dweebs were smart. Don’t they realize those two pandering bitches are only acting like nerds and pretending to like video games and other nerd activities to further their careers? Nerds shouldn’t fawn over these maniacal and unattainable women, doing that only raises expectations and sets a man-boy up for a lifetime of virginity. If nerds were as smart as they thought they were, they’d understand it’s in their best interest to stop jerking it to these dishonest pinups and go after us “fat and ugly” ones.

Picking on girls who already don’t feel that great about themselves must help an insecure boy’s confidence but it isn’t going to help him get his “dick wet.” Women of Fox’s and Deschanel’s caliber want nothing to do with embarrassing fanboys, all they care about are their eyes and money. Young nerds should be able to understand this and recognize these women for what they really are, bullies. These women have duped losers all across the country into having serious relationships with their hands, while perfectly attainable women go to waste. It’s pretty clear all of these dweebs are upset over it but instead of taking it out on us, they should leave their masturbation dungeons and try talking to us. They may even get laid.

What’s the problem here, are they lazy or scared of being shot down? We’re not wringing our hands at the chance to go out with these keyboard gladiators but pickens are slim. If a guy is able to act like a gentleman or halfway decent character and not like a lunatic, chances are we’ll say yes. We don’t even care if he loves gripping about the SJWs and feminists. As long as he keeps it to the comment sections and doesn’t bring it up to us, until we’re in an official relationship. It’s not all that difficult.

I’m sure we’re not all too appetizing compared to those women who wouldn’t give you the time of day, but you guys aren’t all that great to look at either. Making a mess in your socks for your mother to clean up is clearly not working out for a lot of you guys. Try cleaning yourselves up and talking to us, instead. You might get a chance to make a real mess in the bedroom.


  1. Tubby Chaser says:

    Fat chicks also have extra orifices to play around in. I enjoy skull fucking the wet greasy flappy folds on the back of a Sowpotimus neck. The lower belly is a nice patch for plowing and I’m not just talking about the deep belly button. Cottage cheese ass on a 400# Sow can create an effect on your cock that’s like skiing a mogul field.
    All in all pigs aim to please and it’s no hole barred action.
    Every Holes A-Go-Go.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Good, aside from your sense of address:

    “you losers”

    Who? People who hate Fred Armisen?

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    My cousin Joey was and is a good looking guy but he always picked fatties with really pretty faces for girlfriends and wives. It must suck to have a sexual preference that isn’t gay or pedophiliac but still gets people talking behind your back about how weird and disgusting it is and wondering where your parents went wrong.

    I like the porn-classified “chubby” chicks – you know the ones with smooth skin and that little bit of baby fat that aren’t really chubby but which need some official designation to distinguish them from the waifs with bolt-on tits.

  4. Foxy Trannie says:

    I’d pay to see Megan Kelly plastered in a bukkake goo that would make her indistinguishable from a pile of vomit, that’s how much I like her.
    Go Trump!

  5. STINKY says:

    AL: My previous two LTRs were with what you would consider conventionally attractive girls, each of which deteriorated for long, boring reasons which I won’t get into here. My current LTR is going to be my wife and the mother of my children someday and she is considerably fatter than me. Maybe your cousin Joey isn’t a thin-skinned little bitch who comports himself based on what other people think.

  6. Slim Pickens Loser says:

    Amanda you self-described pig, is that your snout in the picture? Are you looking for a date with a SC “Gentleman”? There’s some real winners who frequent this site and aside from being unemployed mama’s beta-boy wankster basement trolls, they could be the boy next door.
    Why don’t you play the dating game and ask some questions.
    For example you could say: “I’m a Passion of Christ anti-semite looking for a Man who makes the John Birchers look like Neo-Cons. Bachelor #1 what would you say to convince me that you’re that man?”
    SC Bachelor #1–“Dear Amanda the Pig, I can prove my authenticity by numerous quotes and links that are recorded on this very blog. Just enter in the search — Street Carnage free Pollard — and I swear the evidence will be overwhelming.”
    Amanda — “Thank you Bachelor #1 I’ll accept your challenge.”
    Pretty easy, and in no time at all you’ll meet the man of your dreams.
    Are you up for the challenge!

  7. Sniffy says:

    I never hesitate to stick my face in a hot chicks pussy or butt however, my “hmmmmm” alarm always goes off (not often) when I’ve got a girl a little round around the edges.

  8. G says:

    It’s been my experience that fat chicks give the best blowjobs.

  9. TP says:

    G, the absolute best.

  10. Fats from Dominoe's says:

    @G and @TP…. it’s because fat girls are always hungry. They look at that cock like it’s a corn dog and the cum load is a protein shake. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Speedy Alka Seltzer says:

    Has anyone else experienced the fat fuck cum fart effect? It’s uncanny as it happens every time I go bareback on one of these sweat hogs. As soon as I dump a load, a gurgling sound starts to rumble deep down and like a steam train a giant bubble of gas and chum comes roaring out while I jump out of the way. I’m not superstitious but it’s as if a ghost of an abortion comes flying out!
    The pigs tell me it’s just me as nobody else they bang produces that effect. Could it be my jizz has carbonated fizz???

  12. John Thomas says:

    If you’re going to watch TV with your wife, you could do a lot worse than “New Girl.”

  13. Survivor Bill says:

    If you’re a prepper it behooves you to have a fat fuck girlfriend(s), as many as possible. Consider them non-refrigerated meat that moves from one bunker to the next in the Mad Max future. Like the movie “A boy and his dog” these pigs could get you through lean times and your dog will appreciate the bones. Be sure to stock up on the above threads Dinty Moore beef stew too.

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