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• 06.23.09 09:00 am

A while ago you did a piece on “Chipmunk Punk”. I found “Pink Panther Punk”.

A while ago you did a piece on “Chipmunk Punk”. I found “Pink Panther Punk”.

Track list:
Pink Panther Theme
Rock and Roll Panther
Panther on the Prowl
It’s Punk
Call Me
It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me
Another Brick in the Wall
What a Fool Believes

I’ll attach a picture. I also found bingo dabbers called “oh shit!”

Just in case you’re strapped for content.

– Chris Beese

  1. FaceKick says:

    2 Things:
    I really hope Rock and Roll Panther = a cover of “Rock n Roll N**ger.

    I am curious as to what the cover of “What a fool believes” sounds like, cuz that song is a guilty pleasure and i have no idea what the music on this record sounds like. At least with the chipmunks record you knew what to expect. This is just a mystery.

  2. David Miller says:

    Can you post the songs on youtube?

  3. Just a Friend says:

    Anyone using the term “guilty pleasure” would be doing the human race a favor by offing themselves forthwith. This is common knowledge

  4. nigger says:

    you can say nigger on here, it’s okay.

  5. imbored says:

    yea, i have one of those usb record players so i can post the songs if people want. It requires effort on my part though…lol

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