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• 07.31.14 11:12 am

I got into an Internet k-hole after your last post about punk being conservative. It brought me to Regis Philpin interviewing Jimmy Gestapo and the dude from Warzone. I was pretty surprised to hear what they had to say when asked where they stand politically. 

You’re not Republicans. “I am.” and then “Jimmy Gestapo is a registered Republican.” Reminds me of the lyrics to “Public Assistance” by Agnostic Front.



You spend your life on welfare lines
Or looking for handouts
Why don’t you go find a job
You birth more kids to up your checks
So you can buy more drugs
Cash in food stamps and get drunk

Uncle Sam takes half my pay
So you can live for free
I got a family and bills to pay
No one hands money to me
You can go to school for nothing
Got that government grant
Get money in advance
When you’re sick from shooting up
Medicaid pays full portion
When little Maria gets knocked up
She gets a free abortion


How come it’s minorities who cry
Things are too tough
On TV with their gold chains
Claim they don’t have enough
I say make them clean the sewers
Don’t take no resistance
If they don’t like it go to hell
And cut their public assistance



  1. Simon says:

    Those lyrics were written by the late great Peter Steele of Type O Negative fame. A man who undoubtedly would have his own column in Taki’s Magazine if he still were alive today.

  2. PC says:

    Man, everyone was skinny…

  3. Vinnie says:

    “The is not a racist song, this is the goddamned motherfucking truth.”

  4. angry al says:

    pretty sure that’s raybees and todd youth not jimmy. haven’t watched it in a while though.

  5. Jcf says:

    Is that girl wearing a Murphy’s Law shirt? Saw them back in 1987. Art arf arf!

  6. Jcf says:

    Never mind just read it is Jimmy Gestapo. Answers my t-shirt question.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “are you a punker?”
    “i’m just me.”
    regis is disappointed.

  8. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Ten kids in a cadillac
    waiting for the welfare check
    let’s all enjoy the steak
    gee, the money’s really great

    We get by, doing whatever we can
    but we all gotta duck, when the shit hits the fan

    Soup lines!
    Five pound blocks of cheese
    bags of groceries!
    Social security
    has run out on you and me

    Or something like that

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