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As I sit on the toilet flipping through Facebook posts, trying to keep my mind off of the Red Bull/Adderall terd storm happening below me. I find all my old high school friends sharing blog post links and info graphics, only to proclaim their disappointment in the outcome of North Carolina House Bill 2. As I clicked on these links I fell down a rabbit hole and this is how I came across Rose Hoban’s article but ill get to that soon enough.

First things first, what is NC house bill 2? As the bill reads it’s an act to provide for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom… blah, blah, blah. All you really need to know is that it will prevent by law, a man from using the women’s restroom or locker room and the same goes for the broads trying to get in the men’s room. Aside from killing my fantasy of getting a plumpkin in a McDonalds bathroom, why the hell would I care? It seems pretty basic; it seems like a non-issue. But for some reason my old pot-smoking buddies are ashamed of NC and see this as some kind of injustice. Oh wait this is about “The Gays” or Transgender weirdo’s. If you’re left of center or consider yourself a progressive thinker you must kowtow to the LGBT… ABCDEFG community. I think that’s how you say that. But really they have no dog in this fight; they just want to jump on the social justice warrior wagon.

It feels good to fight for a cause even if you have to make one up. Before I go on a rant about how being Transgender is a mental disorder and how they are NOT oppressed in America (especially the hot ones) I’ll stop myself and save that for another article titled “a dick in a dress is still a dick”. For most of us if you Quack like a duck and fly like a duck chances are you’re not a lizard but if the lizard can fool us all who really cares? If your transgender and you are disguising yourself well enough, no one will know and more importantly no one will give a shit. So where are all the oppressed chicks with dicks pissing themselves because they can’t get into the ladies restroom? Where are these poor oppressed dudes with boobs crying themselves to sleep because they couldn’t sit down on the piss covered toilet seats and pee in a blissful symphony of sharts in the men’s room? I’m not sure they exist. If they do it’s a minuscule number; certainly not a justification for a new law that will only muddy up the already complicated process of choosing what bathroom to shit in. In all actuality what this law would do is give some pedophile an alibi as to why they were in the wrong bathroom. It doesn’t take a genius to see this is a nonissue, which brings me to Rose Hoban.

Hoban graduated from Berkeley with degrees in journalism and public health policy in 2005 she was a full-time health reporter at North Carolina Public Radio WUNC Chapel Hill. Her works have been aired on NPR’s Morning Edition, News and Notes, All Things Considered and Day to Day. She’s also had work on BBC’s The World. So it’s a safe bet to say she’s not stupid and she’s most likely a liberal. Hoban knows this bathroom bill is a non-issue. Again, its not rocket science. It’s actually the furthest thing from science. Basic human biology tells us in the first grade that there are only 2 genders male and…. Damn I always forget the second one oh wait I got it male and female. Please bare with me I dropped out in the 9th grade I’m no Berkley grad.

Hoban is a liberal so she had to find something wrong with this bill so she quickly gets on her laptop and writes an article that will surely tug on the heartstrings. Hoban apparently works as a journalist for NC Health Their slogan is “News, Trends, Policy What You Need To Know” which is precisely where I read her dog shit article. If you’re on Facebook you will see NC health News articles floating around just like Buzzfeed. Liberals love posting these as if to say “look I read” or “I’m smarter than the average bear. I keep informed on the real issues”. In this article that’s titled “Disability Advocates Worry About Transgender Bathroom Bill” she goes on about how this bill will negatively affect people with disabilities because it will not allow for caretakers of the opposite sex of the handicapped to accompany them to the restroom. She gives examples of how individuals with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy that do not share the same sex with their husband, caregiver, mother or father will be directly affected. Hoban really lays it on thick making it out to be an attack on the disabled. She knows as well as I do that the only reason this bill was brought up is to make the republicans look homophobic or transphobic.

Gavin McInnes argued a very valid point saying most people are transphobic and he was fired. His article made perfect sense to me. If I were 12 or 13 and my dad came home in a dress proclaiming he was now a woman I would be pretty fucking scared to say the least. Hoban knows exactly what she’s doing but she didn’t tell the facts or post an updated article when she got the facts. It clearly says in the bill that this would not affect caregivers, legal guardians or for medical reasons. But we don’t need things like facts they fuck up the narrative and besides no one looks shit up anymore so who cares?

Well Rose I care and I’m calling you out on your bullshit journalism.

Maybe she had no idea dumb liberals on Facebook would post her article to push their agenda but they did so I’m taking it out on you, Rose Hoban. When you are a journalist you must have integrity and be unbiased. Your job should be to give the people the news and let the people digest it. We can’t allow journalist to continue to give us half the story or leave key facts out to push a certain narrative. We need to hold them accountable for what they feed the public. Rose Hoban you are part of the problem. You are part of the divide and you are part of the dumb down of Americans. Trust but verify. We should trust the media but don’t forget to verify. What makes this even more ridiculous is the votes on this bill where 32 to 0.Thirtytwo to zip, zilch, ZERO! Why you ask? It’s because the democrats walked out. They held a press conference while the republicans were still voting on it. The democrats said they weren’t given enough time to read the bill. What happened to “we have to pass it to know what’s in it”? I read it and it’s only five pages the first page pretty much just states the name of the bill. Hey, Rose! The part about people with disabilities is not even halfway into the second page. Isn’t it funny that the democrats that were elected by idiots to represent the idiots are precisely the reason the idiots didn’t get what they wanted?

It just goes to show that the democrats didn’t want it to go their way. They wanted the republicans to win this one so they would look intolerant to the LGBT community. It furthermore gives the democrats great fodder for their propaganda. It is surely election time. It’s pretty good when we have so little to worry about that the left needs to plunge themselves into the depths of sexual deviancy to find oppression. I hope whoever reads this gets a good laugh except for you Rose Hoban!


  1. Regular Guy says:

    Truly the World has gone mad and gets madder by the day. Next time the JW’s knock on my door, I’m not going to slam it in their face, but for the first time, listen. Why not, nothing else is making sense.

  2. bifo berardi says:

    The reality is that identifying “as” and the “act of being” are two different things.
    Using a logical extreme, I can identify as a giraffe, act like a giraffe, eat what a giraffe eats, and even live among giraffes, yet i can’t and shouldn’t be afforded the same rights as a captive giraffe.
    My whole life provided food, shelter (accommodating my size), subsidies to fund it all, and so on are not things that are my “rights” because I feel as though I am that being. The issue is the same here.
    You may identify as female, and truly believe you’re female, but if you’re born male you are supposed to be receiving hormones and signals from your body that only emphasize masculinity. Not to mention the social experiences of growing up male.
    In other words, you’re hard-wired to be male. If you don’t identify that way, or vice versa then you have a problem. Your problem should not come into conflict with the rights of other people. When that happens, the individual who is suffering from the issue has to address it within themselves; in other words they need help.
    You cannot force others to accommodate your fantasy. There are boundaries that need to be respected.

  3. Mr. Handyman says:

    3 types of bathrooms.
    1. Male
    2. Female
    3. Freaks
    There problem solved.
    Now fuck off freakazoids!!!

  4. Urban Achiever says:

    Is it paradoxical to question an article’s merit because the author misspells “turd”?

  5. Peter Menasian says:

    Terd, unlike Turd, is actually a very small piece of fecal matter. It is generally about the size of a raisin (little bigger) and is a rarity among fecal matter. Even more rare than the watery shit know as diarrhea or “fountain shit” as its known in my house. Terds are usually discovered days after coming into existence and are usually hardened by then and can be handled by hand used for practical jokes.
    Dad, which dish is for grandma?

    The one with the terd in it.

  6. Peter Menasian says:

    I just read this on the urban dictionary site, it made me laugh.

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