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• 09.16.09 11:00 am

Either the kids in Oakland are super pissed or the police force is so used to getting bottles thrown at them that it seems commonplace.

Either the kids in Oakland are super pissed or the police force is so used to getting bottles thrown at them that it seems commonplace. The Japanther/Ninjasonik show in Oakland on Saturday was such a complete shit-storm of dancing that it quickly became the wildest party to every happen in the 510. Over 1,000 people at an illegal house show in West Oakland. People were jumping off that roof into the crowd, those two cars on the right got flattened and when a line of ten cop cars pulled up at 2:20 AM, they were bombarded by kids lined up against that GATS sign hurling 40s at them. When Japanther played, there was a huge projection of people dancing on the wall above them that we later realized was the police shining a spot light on the roof. Japanther got to play for three minutes until the coppers stopped them. This was the craziest shit I’ve ever been to.

-Billy Joe Agan

P.S. Haha, what a bitch!

  1. just a cunt hair away says:

    the crowd looks so smelly. i can smell them through my screen. it’s causing my large waves of mouth and ass vomit.

  2. horsewife says:

    “im not looking for a job, i just want to be a heart throb.”

  3. You're killing it! says:

    He’s a bitch for having his stuff stolen and wanting it back? You’re the bitch here.

  4. Maxwel says:


  5. uhh.. says:

    someone should have covered the show last week when the fruits in cerebral ballzy got seriously butt hurt and almost cried when someone made a joke that they sounded like coldplay..they are pretty fucking terrible no one who doesnt look at this site even has a clue who they are…

  6. fuck yo couch says:

    to me is sounds like -just a cunt hair away- is a little jealous! it was fucking amazing.

  7. skabbies says:

    i live in SF and i hate myself for missing this. maybe everyone is right when they say SF is for pussies and oakland is where the real parties at…fuck.

  8. white power says:

    the ‘sco, the “O”, and valley joe.

  9. You're killing it! says:

    If track bikes are locked up in front of a bar/house party/art opening, it’s going to smell like shit in both Oakland and San Francisco.

  10. I would be disappointed if I went their and the band didn’t get to play. Well I guess you get what you pay for!

  11. Sageakash says:

    thats awesome, they have a legacy cross country now. im sooooo proud of them right now.

  12. Beef says:

    Was there, like, a lot of drinking, like at this party? Were people totally, like, going, like, super crazy?

  13. El gato y el raton says:

    The bay is poppin!!! This was the best show to happen in Oakland for a while. Too bad most shows there suck but this one was exceptional.

  14. ME says:

    GHETTO FRAT PARTY 2009!!!!!!

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  16. HOMOH says:

    so rad, the new wave of punk rock is a dude with a laptop and another dude talking about being hip. if these ninjasonik people made a decent beat that would help things a little, that singer/rapper dude that just says “what nigga” through an entire song though, I guess because of his look he’s gunna do just fine. seriously, it’s sad how marginal things are lately. I’m gunna go make a fart tape and hopefully get signed to a major.

  17. Tina says:

    I was at this show and there were NOT 1000 people. Maybe a 1000 came throughout the *5* hour show, but there weren’t more than 300 at any one time. There was ONE dude who jumped off the roof and it took him about 10 minutes of riling up the crowd before he did it. And then bands, holy shit most of them sucked. I was so sad when I waited 5 hours for Japanther to play and they only got to play 2 songs. Also, there were NOT any beer bottles thrown at cops. This is Oakland, if you do one aggressive thing to a cop, they will beat the shit out of you and call in the riot cops.

  18. Oakland sux says:

    I was at this show and seven cops died. One got preggers.

  19. yay says:

    more like the lamest shit to happen in the 510. who even were all those people? did a bus drop them off or something? dont see any of those fools in west oakland any other time unless theres 1000 of them.

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