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• 08.27.15 11:18 am


A while back, the Opie and Anthony show (when it was still known as that) came up with the Apology Clock, to see how many days we could go without a famous name having to apologize for something they had said or done.

I haven’t been keeping a strict record of the amount of days that have gone by since the last apology was made, but I know there were a few made earlier this year.

Now it’s Curt Schilling’s turn to drop to his knees pathetically. He was removed from ESPN’s Little League World Series after a supposedly outrageous tweet he put up. The tweet, that he very promptly deleted, can be seen below.


Now whether the statistic in the meme is correct or not is another argument. The bottom line is, Schilling thought it was accurate and was shocked by what he saw. If the percentages are correct then there’s nothing unusual about the comment he made about it. Perhaps he should have checked first to see if the meme was correct before he put it up, but hey what do you expect? He’s a jock!

What happened afterwards was to be expected. Countless online attacks from the mass media and public, as well as ESPN getting rid of him in what is now commonly known as ‘panicky damage limitation.’ The word “Islamophobe” and “bigot” was thrown around with ease and the phony outrage was in full throttle.

Schilling’s last tweet on his account has been apologetic, maybe in the hope that he will be reinstated at ESPN sooner rather than later (he has only been suspended, not fired).

He obviously hasn’t taken a page out of Anthony Cumia’s book – stick to your guns and never apologize if you don’t truly believe you’ve done something wrong.

Reset the clock and let the countdown begin again. It shouldn’t be too long.


  1. Tim Lewis says:

    ESPN is politically in line with msnbc .they constantly have whiney minority’s claiming racism or just pushing left wing causes like faggotry.its has become a humorless carp fest , like msnbc.

  2. Tim Lewis says:

    ^ sry crapfest

  3. From a to N in 10 seconds or less says:

    The only thing remotely interesting about this is how Curt Schilling got from the Little League Word Series to Islamic terrorism. Did the kiddoes go on a booger break and this guy had some time to kill? What prompted this global insight, too many hours watching some bed wetter snapping off a curveball?

  4. raymi says:

    you should probably shy away from nazi comparisons at large when a public persona “just saying” you probably shouldn’t say anything at all.

  5. Ghetto Defendant says:

    What the fuck were you expected ESPN to do Adam? They’re an all ages sports and entertainment entity, owned by Disney. The only person associated with The Mouse, who gets to make controversial statements, is Walt’s frozen head when it talks about the jews.

  6. Ghetto Defendant says:

    *were you expecting

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