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Street Carnage
• 11.26.13 09:30 am

Hey SC, i wanted to show you this clip which is doing the rounds on various content aggregation sites:

In short it shows a Jerry Springer clip in which a woman reveals to her lover that she was born a man and had ‘forgot’ to tell him during their relationship. He proceeds to hurl a cake in her face.

While I’m aware that it’s probably fabricated, I’ve seen a worrying number of comments accusing the man of transphobia, and yet i haven’t seen one calling the ‘woman’ a rapist, even though she technically is one given that he consented to sleeping with her under false pretenses.

I mean, if fucking a hooker and running without paying is rape, surely letting someone believe you were born as a member of the opposite sex and not letting them know the full story is too?

There’s a similar clip on YouTube that depicts an Irish guy waking up to realize he’s banged a tranny, much to the amusement of his roommates. This one is definitely real and again the responses are all something like ‘ha ha what a fucking idiot!’ instead of ‘poor guy, he was tricked into sex and that’s kind of a form of rape, no?’

I haven’t been personally affected by this issue, but i rue the day, and cosmetic surgery is only becoming more advanced.

What do you guys think?


Dear David:

We think you shouldn’t be sending us Jerry Springer clips that are almost two years old. Thanks for asking.

  1. David Jecks says:

    do you think the victims of tranny rape care if their attacker struck two years ago? For them the wound is still very much fresh, something you’d think transvestites would relate to. I will continue to fight for this man and those like him with or without you, Street Carnage.

  2. Na-Na says:

    THEY ARE RAPING GRANNIES? Those pig bastards! Leave us seniors be! And please, type bigger and speak louder. Gammy is very tired…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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