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Street Carnage
• 03.31.16 11:35 am


Walk around Bushwick or Bed Stuy for an hour and you’ll wonder where all the empowered white men gentrifying these neighborhoods are. You’ll find the expected homosexual art students, millennial wannabe punks hiding their softness with leather biker jackets, more and more hot white girls replacing “interesting looking” girls of faintly removed racial clarity, but by and large, a lot of non-confrontational, frail, liberal nerds dressed like off duty substitute teachers. Why are all the most masculine specimens either the local minorities or butch denim clad lesbians? Why do the most estrogen-laced males move to the hood, while the traditional aggressive bros go to Hoboken?

On the surface it would seem as though the bros aren’t really tough enough to walk past the projects, while the cool liberal sensibilities of the castrated allow them to see through some color-matrix holding everyone else back. If I had a dollar for all the times I overheard some guilt ridden white guy lie about smoking a blunt with his new friends in Sumner House playground, I’d have more undeserved income than that annoying black beggar with shrink wrapped Jordans hounding whites outside the deli. The reality of the situation makes a lot more sense, although it doesn’t have the feel good narrative of white jocks being scared of minorities.

What happens when you put a type-a male in a confrontational situation with a degenerate project resident with a chip on his shoulder? Either a swift beating or a shooting. Though it’s widely believed by liberals that high testosterone correlates with brutish ignorance, the truth is that a white dude unafraid of confrontation knows that after a year in the hood he will be:

(a) Shot

(b) Stabbed

(c) Made into a Buzzfeed headline for strangling a homeless black man [that laid hands on his girlfriend]

I opened and co-owned a restaurant in Bed Stuy for a year and the only thing I learned is there’s nothing black people hate more than a successful white boy walking with confidence. If they were in the city pre-Giuliani, he’s the Johnny Rebel to them. Add a well-fitting suit into the mix, and he’d be better off wearing a sandwich board with the n-word on it. Simply put, there’s a reason lions and tigers don’t share the same territories. Jocks know it isn’t worth dealing with the shittiest aspects of the city just to steal hipster chicks from beta frail boys. They aren’t scared; they just aren’t as stupid as you want them to be.

So what about those melted down vaginas shaped into men that do move into the hood? The types that live with the cognitive dissonance of complaining about gentrification, though happen to be the ones responsible for it? These kids were bullied by ambitious jocks their entire lives, then grew up and moved to the places where they could continue their passive, limp-wristed ethos under the guise of social justice. Black dudes won’t get in your face for walking with your head below your shoulders. Maybe they’ll “ask” for money or to “borrow” a phone, but these cucks will give it to them every time with no resistance. Then said cucks will proceed to tell their girl that they were not in fact scared, rather they understand how hard it is to not be white. Quite a convenient excuse for being taken advantage of. The second hand shame I’ve felt watching project kids make aggressive moves on girls holding hands with these timid faggots is as unmatched as their lack of retribution to it.

Why do they deal with this abuse? Well, they’re going to get walked on regardless of the location. At least this time, it’s on their terms. They get bullied, but only because they are so privileged that they surely deserve it. When someone of the same skin color proves themselves more a man, it’s hard to not look weak regardless of the context. When they’re black, it’s because they’re black. The victim gets to be the empowered one, while the aggressor is actually the victim. It’s just another example of the meta-racism tool that liberals live by as long as they continue this anti-machismo agenda.


  1. OogaBooga says:

    Ha ha! So all that “I hate my white privilege” shit is code for “don’t beat the shit out of me, big men of color.”

  2. dun says:

    this is the best explanation of what i’ve been trying to explain to people for years.

    Thanks, Curl.

  3. Ground Control To My Big D says:

    Cute couple in the photo. So cute that Shitavious might get confused when deciding who to rape. The sweet tender-loin boy will remind him of a prison-10 piece of ass. She speaks to that need of ancestral revenge for looking at miss daisy. What’s an Orc to do?
    Trust his Willie.

  4. Urban Achiever says:

    This was very good, Carl. Had never thought of it that way and it makes a lot of sense. I’m amazed you managed to run a neighborhood restaurant – or any service-based business – while having such a cutting, though no doubt accurate, assessment of your neighbors.

  5. Alec Leamas says:

    I’ve been saying something along these lines for years – the hipster shitlib ethos and look is basically an expression of subjugation for navigating life in Injun Country. If you’re not a weakling and not willing to show your belly for every aggro dindu career felon, it’s just a huge hassle. Note also that one’s environment and behavior can have an effect on free T levels, so constant fear and submission can actually lower one’s T over time – so there’s a reciprocal, chicken-and-egg effect. (consider also diet, where ample consumption of animal proteins and fats is necessary for adequate T production and T can be boosted by dietary changes). Consider by way of analogy the lion with a big, dark mane (signifies health and testosterone) that attracts the lady lions loses his mane when he is overthrown by a competitor – appearing himself like a female or androgynous creature and therefore showing that he is no longer a challenge to the victor. The hipster shitlib appears like a juvenile or female of the human species, no challenge to the Alpha dindus as he navigates through their territory. A well-dressed, athletic white man, however, is like a challenging lion with a big dark mane. And so the Alpha dindu will “holla at” the white man’s accompanying ladyfriend as a territorial challenge and assertion of superiority, and a battle may well ensue.

  6. Alec Leamas says:

    Also, I just noticed that the meals of braised local beets and curated microgreens dressed in imported extra-virgin acorn oil is the sort of meal that doesn’t support production of free Testosterone. It wouldn’t surprise if naughty Jewish librarian there doesn’t “visit her sorority sister” in Hoboken or “visit the parents on the Island” and leave Egghead Jr. for a weekend like clockwork during a certain part of her cycle and get railed by a meatheaded club bro or her high school football playing HS ex.

  7. Pete O'File says:

    Agree 100%. Lived in a shitty part of Chicago, had constant confrontations with black guys who felt unable to keep their opinion of me and my wife to themselves. Got beaten up twice (homies appearing out of nowhere) and was arrested once for assaulting one jobless fuck who got handsy with the missus. I’m actually from a nice part of Chicago but couldn’t find anywhere affordable there when we moved back from the west coast; I thought I’d be okay with living in a “vibrant” area. It was huge hassle. There were other whites starting to move in when we left but they were uniformly shoulderless spectacle-wearers.

  8. Ratso Rizzo says:

    Those punks are not IN the hood. They are flirting with danger by being on the outskirts of the jungle. Real Cowboys open convenience store/gas station/tumble weave store/pawn shop/dollar store/Cash Checking STORES IN the Hood. The first who went into The Heart of Darkness were the Jews. Then came the pak-men & dot heads. They were followed by the Koreans and eventually the Palestinians. Those are the Urban Cowboys. The faggot hipsters nearby are “Midnight Cowboys” who get tingly rushes up their legs from being in such close proximity to raw primitive Manhood.
    That couple of pussys in the pic above and the poofter restaurant owner are not on the cutting edge of societal devolution. As soon as the first tremors of trouble (usually in the form of plummeting property values) they’ll tuck their cocks into their cuck asses and high tail it out of WestSide Story.

  9. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I see that I’ve had my identity hijacked again. Anyway, that’s not important right now. Alec Leamas has hit the nail right on the head. Her body language toward him indicates that she feels no desire for him at all. Hell, she looks like she feels nothing but contempt for him. The pill causes this confusion in women. She likes the fact that he’ll sit on the couch like a puppy and binge-watch all her shows with her but at the same time she hates him for it too. He don’t tingle her loins. They remind me of the couple that does the Citizen Radio podcast. Cold sheets.

  10. Cheetah says:

    The utterly hopeless contrast between the missing links and the soon to be Homo-In-Vitro, is on full display at your local gentrifying-urban-living-Museum of Natural History. Homo-Yo-Man, a living prehistoric relic coming in contact with post Homo-Sapien — Homo-Whimpus — is a study of the past, meeting the androgynous future.
    Every Anthropology course should have field trips to the Hood in armored school buses to observe the fauna. The Hood periphery, long ignored, should be given attention for the interactions between humans and the living fossils. The knowledge gleaned may help us understand the history of early Man in Africa and why every race of Man ran the hell outta of the Congo Eden — away from the Negro. The “Left Behind Hypothesis” or the “Black Snake In The Grass Theory” would be the title of that course.
    Look at that plate of “food.”

  11. Alec Leamas says:

    “Her body language toward him indicates that she feels no desire for him at all. Hell, she looks like she feels nothing but contempt for him. The pill causes this confusion in women. She likes the fact that he’ll sit on the couch like a puppy and binge-watch all her shows with her but at the same time she hates him for it too.”

    Got looking out. He’s leaning in towards her. She’s boxing him out with her right arm guarding both her breasts and coiled to swipe his hand away from her cooze. I imagine that her left hand is redundantly guarding her secret garden below the table. Note also his left hand – loose and empty, closely monitored by her same right hand in its triple duty guarding her chastity. This is all probably not thought out by her or fully understood by him – it’s just what she feels she must do in the moment, and as close as he feels he can get at the same time. That she didn’t smack him, spit in his eye, and she’ll allow him to pay the bill with his Discover card is enough to keep him interested in no one but her.

  12. Intently Observant says:

    Jizzus alec, you and Ooga have me pressing my nose against the screen staring for details.
    I notice she has barely touched her salad whereas his looks almost done. Her leaves are shredded and his are broad leafed. His drink looks thirsty and hers is nowhere to be seen. The loaf of bread is not in sharing distance.
    Their eye glasses are almost identical. There are no coincidences.
    What could this all mean?
    I’m now searching for the Virgin Mary in the vegetable pattern on the plate.
    You never know.

  13. Alec Leamas says:

    “Jizzus alec, you and Ooga have me pressing my nose against the screen staring for details.”

    Contrast their body language against that of me and your mom.

  14. hey says:

    The violent inner city doesn’t understand passive aggression.

  15. Intently Observant says:

    She’s dead so I guess that makes you a necrophiliac.

  16. JR Wirth says:

    My God you can feel the boring through that picture. I wonder how many hours of horrible indie music is on that phone.

  17. Alec Leamas says:

    She’s dead so I guess that makes you a necrophiliac.

    No, to be completely honest it was our shared passion that killed her. I still shed a tear. Her dying wish was that I care for you as a son. And my wish is that you honor your mother and my lover by calling me Paw. I guess we’re all family now, Son.

  18. OogaBooga says:

    She was always pretty dead in the sack, anyway.

  19. Pete O'File says:

    @ JR: the phone says it all. Unable to put up with his pathetic mewling about feminism and abortion throughout dinner, she needs her phone there constantly as a distraction and crutch.

  20. John Thomas says:

    The lions of Tsavo are mostly maneless. Yet, they hold relatively large groups of females as compared to lions from other areas. Are these lions just fags with lots of friends who are girls as opposed to girlfriends, or are they bald on account of their high testosterone levels?

  21. frank says:

    A lot of black resentment over “gentrification” is less about race than that the white squares who move in think they’re too good to say hello and stop for a chat. It’s always stressed out office drones who shuttle from screen to screen and are incapable of smiling or conducting a normal neighborly conversation, which blacks expect as normal behavior. This has been my experience; NYC is a different and weird place in many ways.

    The main problem with living in or near black neighborhoods as a white dude is not dealing with tough guys, it’s the drug/alcohol addict thieves and the various sorts mentally ill folks. They’re the ones who’ll steal your shit or mug you. They fuck with the black people who live there just as much. Really, the main thing is there’s a stunningly high rate of mental health issues in urban black neighborhoods. You see crazy people who obviously need to be institutionalized all the time.

  22. dookie says:

    Is that not Freddie Madball in the picture?

  23. dookie says:

    he has gone undercover. spying.

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