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TV Carnage
• 10.20.08 01:27 pm

Ped Egg have sold millions of these and are soon to be in court (please let it be Joe Brown’s) screaming at an ex-reality show contestant over usage of their likeness in said ads. MMMMMMM.

  1. Loomis says:

    Apparently the couple in the add is suing them

  2. Lancelot Link says:

    Who needs Parmesan cheese when you have the ped egg.

  3. gooddaughter says:

    didnt care for the ad, its the fade out at the end that did it for me

  4. gooddaughter says:

    Would you eat that skin for a thousand dollars?

  5. manitoba says:

    tim and eric called. they want their aesthetic back

  6. bruce says:

    tim and eric are a coupla gay faggits

  7. Me says:

    i threw up a little in my mouth when she disposed the dead skin into the trash can. egh

  8. srsly says:

    derrick beckles shud hav his own tv sitcom but minus the laff track cos thats jus’ dumb

    hes a muhfucking genius

  9. BRONX says:

    Dear MAnitoba hillbilly… this Pinky nigger is over 10 yrs deep in making awesome shit… . as for T&E ask them about TV Carnage and this Pinky dude, you’ll have to flip your the names in your comment around.

  10. NEW JERSEY says:

    He’ll have to say “eric and tim called. they want their aesthetic back”? Because that’s still wrong! Even wronger!

  11. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    Derrick Beckles would have fit right in with the families from that old show “Soap.”

  12. Mr. Belvedere says:

    seriously? seriously. i mean, when you bothered to cut up things and mash them together, (like say, taking shatner from go ask alice and having him converse with billy crystal in that cop movie with gregory hines) well, those were the good days. if i wanted to snort out a sort-of laugh about the ped eggs ad, i’d just flip on my local fox19 at about 3 in the morning. i’m not trying to say you’re a dickhead or anything, but hey, let’s step our game back up a bit, huh?

    oh, and that movie is called ‘running scared.’ and yeah, it’s great.

    and you’re welcome, keep the idea.

  13. hey hey says:

    I heard that if you incubate the Ped Egg, a pedophile will hatch from it

  14. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    I just realized, at 0:41, the voice-over said “stop being embarrassed.” I don’t get it. Are they embarrassed about something totally unrelated?

  15. summit cookin' says:

    What’s that shirt say?

  16. bloodyknows says:

    i don’t care about who’s being doing the whole weird cable access aesthetic longer, i just like to see it executed well. in this clip….didn’t really do anything for me.

  17. obvious says:

    i think the “lack”of green screen excitement is part of the joke here. So…I vote for funny.
    And the wig do not hurts either.

  18. johannes says:

    Is it me or is there something Jeff Goldblumish about Beckles…

  19. johannes says:

    Holy hot zubas! Who does yer hahr?

  20. Emily H. says:

    I watched the Ped Egg ad on Youtube, & the comments there are all like “this gives me a boner” & “I’d like her to put those feet in my face.” ROFFLES.

  21. hi
    good luck

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