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• 08.23.17 07:09 am

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Thank Christ people still haven’t gotten it through their heads that no one else wants to hear about their political beliefs. No matter if it’s a group of losers trying to tear down a statue or one guy who wants to dismantle the government and technology by sending bombs to random suckers in the mail. People always have this idea that they’re going to change everyone’s minds and go down as one of the next great thinkers. It’s probably one of the most pathetic things ever and it’s funny as fuck.

It can obviously get annoying but that’s only if you actually give a shit what they have to say and aren’t able to tune them out. For those who aren’t so easily upset, it should be a hoot listening to a group of losers ramble on about a topic they haven’t a clue about. It is kind of disappointing how many more people it appears have joined the big, fat, whiny, pussy party but it can’t be all that surprising. Especially when you consider how many retards and jackasses you probably deal with on your daily commute. The fact remains, seeing people with painted faces, in ridiculous outfits, beating drums out of rhythm, and holding misspelled signs should be a great form of entertainment for everyone.

There are plenty of people who still get their panties in a bunch when they see some idiots out in public voicing their political opinions, though. Some of this has to do with politics being an inherently sensitive subject but most of the blame can be put squarely on the dirty hippies of the 60’s.

By now, almost everyone can agree the Vietnam War was a bad move. There’s probably still some people who think protesting the war was disrespectful to the troops but most can agree the draft wasn’t all that great of an idea. Anyone without Down’s syndrome should be able to tell you hippies suck, though. Whether it’s their shitty taste in music, gay clothes, or ridiculous belief in “free love” there’s an almost infinite number of things to hate about them. However, it’s the fact their image is so closely affiliated with protesting a major war that makes it almost impossible for people not to get pissed, when they see others demonstrating in the streets for something they don’t agree with.

I mean, do you really think people would be fighting at demonstrations so much if it weren’t for the fucking hippies? I know they preached “peace and love” but that’s what makes it so fucking infuriating to most people.

When someone sees a group of assholes marching in support of something they hate, their brain subconsciously makes the connection between the group of assholes and hippies. Then they automatically start thinking, “these little pussies need the beating they never got” instead of just enjoying the show. That’s how protests should be enjoyed. Not by counter protesting but by sitting back and laughing at all the freaks, kooks, and weirdos that do show up.

It can be difficult not to go out and have your voice be heard but demonstrators inevitably make asses of themselves on their own. There’s no need to give them a hand and if you do, chances are you’ll end up making an ass of yourself too. No matter how large or well organized the event is, it’s bound to be filled with idiots who haven’t a clue what they’re talking about. It’s going to attract lunatics who couldn’t care less about the particular cause but try to use it to further their own agendas, too. Showing up in force to provide a counterpoint won’t help convince them they’re wrong, either. If anything, it will end up making them more unwavering in their beliefs. You’re better off picking up a six-pack, watching from afar, and making fun of them while the chaos ensues. Or, show up and pretend to be genuinely interested, ask questions, and take joy in their idiotic responses.

Beating the ever living shit out of demonstrators you don’t agree with can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Fuck, beating the snot out of any type of protester can feel good as hell. It doesn’t even matter what they’re marching for. There’s just a natural sense of satisfaction that comes with physically assaulting people, who are peacefully protesting or rioting. Only in that moment, though. Once you’ve cracked their skull open and they start playing the victim card, you start getting pissed again and want to layout another. It’s like smoking, you only end up thinking about the next one and it’s really not even worth it.

The only way to “win” when people protest or demonstrate is to not let it bother you and actually take joy in their stupidity. It can get difficult at times but the more you stay out of it and point out what they have wrong, the harder it will be for others to get sucked in.


  1. raymi says:

    it never ends well

  2. Glenman says:

    Vapid. Man where the writers gone? Wheres Blognigger whoever he was, or Maximizer, or all those funny guys, good luck on your new show though either go all Gavin, or the writers on the side, pick wisely.

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