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• 04.28.08 07:10 pm


What ever happened to men dying like men? When a monster comes at you, smirk and and start singing the national anthem (the toughest song I can think of) and when your car starts to flip over, pull out a picture of a topless lady and say “Nice boobies”. Then when you catch on fire in your truck, don’t run around, screaming like a fairy or something! Sit in your truck, pull out a steak from the glove box over there and start cooking it on your flaming lap. You could even say something like: “I’ll flip you over when you’re done if you flip me when I’m done.” Then chuckle, and quietly admit to yourself ” ahhh shit… in over my head, in over my head”

  1. Gayboners says:

    Isn’t that how every SciFi Channel Original Movie ends?

  2. telly says:

    oh maan that is good TV CARNAGE

  3. Haze says:

    the guy in the car went out like a bitch. Blackbeard’s ghost must be a badass

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