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Whenever liberals are defending diversity, they inevitably point to how many different types of restaurants there are. Some of that food might be good, every once in a while. But when you compare it to a hamburger, it all sucks ass. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. raymi says:

    Burgers = world peace

  2. EhllEhWehNeBeh says:

    All I wanna be is El Chapo

    All I wanna be is El Chapo

  3. Bee Baa says:

    First Gavin, the West first meant Europe (, and Italy and half of Russia is in Europe.

    In fact Russia was founded by Swedes and most of the famous Russians before the communist thing were of Swedish decendant. I mean Dostojevsky was Swedish but also part jewish and part Russian. The guy who invented one of the first electronic instruments was part Swedish, Russian, French hugenott, Jewish and German. It comes from Rurik and the north of Stockholm, Roslagen, Russia is named after Roslagen. There were heirs of 6’000 men from the Nordic region in the 1200’s working for the Russian Tsars (Varangian Guard).

    Second, Pizza and Entrecote is very nice. So is meatballs and pancakes. And have you tried deepfried bananas with icecream at chinese restaurants, it’s great. And Indian food is fresh. Souvlaki is great. And you know like the peppar you have on hamburgers, it originlly probably came from India. Then there is falafel, which is super nice and it’s by the arabs, who, most of them are muslims, so…

    The term “the west” and western culture has it’s roots in Europe: Hey, democracy was invented in Europe by Greek people.

    And saying like a region is the best is bullshit. Some of the best musiceans are in Africa and India. On a global level. So the west is not the best in some fields, it is a lie. And everyone is an individual and not everything is about competition between different regions. Thats childish and stupid. There are great people in all regions and idiots in all regions.

    That being said, I certainly like my region and I have a heritage, which is certainly ‘western’.

    But that does not mean that I am scared of cultures from other regions. Quite on the contrary, different cultures are cool and one can learn alot from different cultures.

    We have one, pretty small planet, so getting along seems like a great idea. Collaboration, the way of the future.

  4. Boom says:

    Gavin, isn’t Israel part of the west, according to you. Christianity comes from Israel. ANd you’re saying that Italy is not a part of the west. What are you on?

    I mean the most popular forms of music there is like trance music and guns n roses and dubstep or something. So it seems like a western country, with democracy and things. And I’m sure they have hamburgers and inventions and other cool stuff there.

    Also, you go on bout jews and things at times in a choice of words and context, which may give an impression of a fixation with a culture that you are not part of and have little knowledge aboot.

    For jews there is a thing, where people who are part jewish and also part gypsy and greek are very successful and have lots of money. Hence they influence politics in Israel to some extent.

    The leader of mossad is part gypsy, almost all large state owned companies have CEO’s who are part gypsy. The prime minister whatever his name is probably part gypsy. These guys and women are of course a small minority, and a hidden minority, since they hide their background in Israel and the jewish communities. Some of these part gypsies seem to stick together (like in other parts of the world.)

    Many of them are part Greek because if a Greek king who went to India (Alexander the great), who mixed with East Indians. Then he sent some part Greek guards with the gypsies when they were expelled or something, who partially mixed with them or something. And Greek people are probably very smart. Most of the rich people in the world are part greek. So these part gypsy part jews are sometimes also part Greek that way. And it seems that it can also be an advantage being part east Indian given the amount of super rich people that are part East Indian. I don’t know.

    The problem within jewish culture has been occupation of Israel combined with a feeling of alienation. This was first with jews who had kids with their housekeepers and similar, and then they were arab, so the kids were half arab. Then they mixed most likely often with jews who were part neanderthal (there are apparently people who are part neanderthal in all countries) and with indred people (also there are people who are inbred in all countries). And during the occupation by the roman empire these alienated part arabs were obsessed with hiding their arab background (scarred of not being part of the jewish thing) and they largely took control of the jewish religion.

    And of course Jesus was God’s son. But these idiots made a decision on behalf of all jews, that he should not be accepted as such in the jewish religion. So basically the jewish religion was hijacked by idiots who did not really feel part of the jewish thing. Another thing was that probably many jews were obsessed to some part with keeping their heritage and some in the leadership of the religion probably felt that the more universal Christianity may effect that. It dosn’t have to, it can just be like a different direction within Christianity for jews. They are still God’s chosen people. Jesusu never said that they were not, so no changes there.

    Then in eastern Europe some of these mixed with gypsies also. And many of them are very successfull today.

    So since they didn’t accept Jesus, which they probably knew was God’s son, they had to make up new stuff, since the Christians had the second testament and all that.

    So then the talmud or whatever it’s called was written, This was also during ocupattion and caos, and maybe after the jews had to move from Israel. Anyway I’m sure a lot of what was written in these books was nice and genuinly a reflection of jewish religious culture. But there was also arts written by satanists, such as the thing about child abuse being ok under a certain age, which is of course bullshit and the snake thing.

    The documents of the elders of zion may have been a fraud it may also have been written by satanist part gypsy part arab part jews.

    Of course most jews are not affected by this. There is probably less pedophiles among jews than in other cultural “groups”.

    And I’m, certainly a great supporter of Israel and hope more jews will move to the USA and Europe and Russia.

    This may be the reason to why many jews become Christian, such as when Bob Dylan made a Christmas record.

    There is a formulation in the bible that the religion should be guarded by guards. This was probably not possible during an occupation.

    Alienation and fear of not being part of a group is probably a large part of the cause of this.

  5. White_Hispanic says:

    Cheese burgers? No wonder you are all such fat fucks. Correct about dumb mexican food though. Very impractical to eat. Peruvian food is the best in the world.

  6. Thanks for your post! Through your pen I found the problem up interesting!

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Diversity? See Robert Putnam before he was “corrected” by his fellow “academics”.

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