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Benjamin Leo
• 11.07.12 12:01 pm

As Bill Murray once said: “To anyone that wants to be rich and famous: try being really really rich first and see if that doesn’t cover most of it.”

Maybe if we had a billion dollars though, we’d all understand that having infinite money renders life boring and just makes human beings hunger for power and attention.

Look at Donald Trump’s meltdown:

What a maniac. Revolution?! He’s like Angry Bilbo.

And Linda McMahon? I’ll tell ya what Mean Gene: The lady spent one HUNDRED MILLION dollars trying to buy a seat in congress as if it was the most miraculous and elusive facelift the world has ever known.

She could have ended hunger in her state with that money. She could have ended homelessness. She could have sent 1000 kids to Harvard.

Instead, she smoked the whole wad, like a deadbeat crack addict selling the TV to chase the glass-dicked dragon.

What a cunt.

-Ben Leo @TheBenWord

  1. aesk47 says:

    He looks even more retarded today, now that we see that Obama won the popular vote handily. Can’t believe that dude really wrote “Revolution”, what is he, Rage Against The Machine’s new lead vocal guy?

  2. Yup says:

    Linda McMahon is even worse. What a dried up old fucking sociopath. WAHHHH DADDY buy me power!

    And now she’s going home to Vince. Boy is he FUCKED!!!! Imagine having to deal with that wrinkled grey elephant psycho festoon

  3. Dang Mang says:

    Of course he won the popular vote, he’s so cool!

  4. cmb says:

    You can’t “end hunger” or “end homelessness” you dumb cunt. There will always be new mouths to feed and new fuck-ups to shelter. These issues are insoluble. But there are resolutions to fuck-head pricks such as you: jump off a building.

  5. lester says:

    Every day for the last month on CNBC some rich supply sider douche was there reciting talking points about tax cuts and Iran and how excited they were for Romney. Stay out of politics rich tan octagenerian guys

  6. newlibertarian says:

    At least she spent her own money.

  7. 16 year old Shannon says:

    Ewwww! That old guy is clogging up Twitter with all this politics stuff. And his hair is so freaky. I bet he sits in front of our high school and then goes home to jerk off like that wierd man from the gas station. How gross!

  8. Lunchin' says:

    “…well past the last exit to relevancy…”

  9. fuck_me_no_fuck_texas says:

    Comments are closed to the article below this, so I’ll respond here. I don’t know when SBTC got so rightwing but it’s really disheartening. Now instead of cheerfully hoping for an update or new story, I dread what you post. You make me hate what I once loved. Gavin turned out to be a self centered, self-pleasing tool. I think Pinky has pretty much left. This place is a husk. instagrammed self-aware blowhard… fuck all you

  10. Zlur says:

    Shut it!

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