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• 12.23.09 10:41 am

Gavin said Gawker’s “Hipster of the Decade” thing was “gay” until Carles began creaming him in votes. This morning “gay” became, “That’s irritating. Carles isn’t even an actual guy. He’s just an insecure pube being sarcastic all the time. It’s pretentious and a waste of time. You have to sit there trying to guess if he’s kidding or not — whoever ‘he’ is.”

Gavin said Gawker’s “Hipster of the Decade” thing was “gay” until Carles began creaming him in votes. This morning “gay” became, “That’s irritating. Carles isn’t even an actual guy. He’s just an insecure pube being sarcastic all the time. It’s pretentious and a waste of time. You have to sit there trying to guess if he’s kidding or not — whoever ‘he’ is.” I told him he’d have to provide an incentive for people to vote and he said, “I don’t know. I’ll piss in a bowl of Corn Flakes and eat it.” I reduced this flippant sentence into a serious contract that says he will fill a bowl of Corn Flakes full of piss and eat it. This is irrevocable and comes fully guaranteed. Please vote for him so I can watch him eat a bowl of piss flakes. We will film it and post it here. Guaranteed.



  1. LB says:

    i don’t even know how you guys get laid

  2. att says:

    what the fuck are you talking about punk

  3. how can Dov Charney not win? He made bazillions of dollars of being one and converting every lonely poser into one. Plus he fucks mad bitches, the only good reason besides money and drugs to join any scene.


    When did Gavin become Steve-O?

  5. tommy gun says:

    Carles and Gavin are both hilarious.

  6. ralph malph says:

    and if Gavin loses does Shane promise to get married?

  7. no.thanks. says:

    nigga, arv. nigga.
    imma about this close to getting a ticket to nyc (from sf you pussy ass nigga)
    just so I can tell the guy who’s dick is in your mouth that he might be going a little too hard and might maybe want to maybe let you suck the dick on your own a little bit instead of just face raping you. The over all effect is leading to a lot of faggotry on your end and he might maybe want to take your gay knob down a bit.

    Jesus christ Arv, if you dont stop with the whole “Arv-i-ness” or “Arv-like” shit I’m going to contact your desi niggas back in what-ever-the-fuck-country-your-brown-ass-is-from and bring the shame. It’s going to be raining shame droplets on your head you funny looking chocolate man.

    That said………Carles is a flaming faggot bag. If you say “hipster” one more time I am going to skull fuck the entire company. I will come to nyc, and for seriously tell you guys how much I think you guys should kiss my asshole.

  8. Arv says:

    @no.thanks.: Fuck, only “this close”? What’ll push you over? Well, if you ever make it: 9509 34th Ave Jackson Heights, Queens.

  9. comic book guy... says:

    Ha ha ha!

    That “no.thanks.” comment is like a latent homosexuality word puzzle.

    Can you spot the part where the homophobe actually admits to thinking dudes should kiss his asshole?

  10. no.thanks. says:

    arv, stop posting retarded shit.
    and you are a retard for posting your address.

    comic book guy…….no homo(phobe) you asshole.
    Guess you missed the part about living in SF.

  11. s.c. johnson: a family company says:

    Just when you think he can’t become more of a d-list fame whore who secretly longs to be on Gawker, Gavin more or less literally becomes a whore to attain more d-list fame… on Gawker.

  12. franklybeans says:

    vote for the category that is for “the blacks”. uggghhhhhhh

  13. amber says:

    you fuckin rule, no.thanks.!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i went to tulane with carles, there were maybe 4 hipsters in new orleans at the time, he’s just making up for lost opportunities

  15. Pee Pee Merman says:

    But I already watched Gavin eat a bowl of piss flakes on the hilarious and terrifying Gavin McInnes Is A Fucking Asshole available now on dvd.

  16. sho nuff says:

    the fuck is happening to this site?

  17. flynn says:

    this sounds like a bad career move. I hope, for Gavin’s sake, that Carles homo wins

  18. funn stuff says:

    whoa! am i missing something here? or did the dude who does not vote for pres. elections want people to vote for him on some creepy website? i call kungfu monkey on this

  19. Adam says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking PEE PEE MERMAN!

  20. a4awesome says:

    WAIT A SECOND!?!?!

    I thought that Carles was a girl. Well, I thought it was that girl all over that website wearing that T-shirt. Does Santa not real either?!

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    has gavin grown an anime forum where his dick fell off? fucking hell

  22. Taeil says:

    …. and that is how you win votes!

  23. man says:

    Gavin is way, way too old to be a hipster. He has a wife and kids and shit. Last time I checked, hipster means a young person who has alot of meaningless sex with a range of women from 4-10 and does alot of drugs. Gavin has a so-small-it’s-zero-mathematically small amount of sex with his wife and maybe smokes a joint when his kid is in the other room. This isn’t “shitty father and internet shill of the decade” contest.

  24. sarah says:

    gavin you are too old, let the kids win. also hook me up w/ that director chadd.

  25. The Once Great Gavin says:

    Now begging for votes to win a Gawker hipster contest? This is the end then. 2010 no more SC. So sad.

  26. i'm outee says:

    I don’t know what is sadder. Gavin begging for votes or the fact that he is losing so badly and he so clearly wants to win. I outee here, so long hipster losers.

  27. Sir Bummed says:

    this is pathetic. what a clown.

  28. Bitch Made says:

    I blame Arv, plain and simple

  29. ARseholly says:

    no.thanks.: come out already. You’ll get to skullfuck men and have them kiss your anus, instead of talking about it on messageboards. It’s a win/win situash for you and us.

  30. Justin says:

    What the fuck is wrong with people. DASH SHOW, HANDS DOWN.

  31. Heed Father Time says:

    Gavin is an old man. He is a father of two, I know because he uses them as props in his low rent videos – because they are the only ones that people will actually watch, – that still lives in Williamsburg. Hipster? Is that another term for loser who won’t grow up?

  32. Maxipad says:


  33. Clayton. says:

    no.thanks does not speak on behalf of SF. We like you Brooklyn, albeit reluctantly as fuck.

  34. white power says:

    gavin invented this decade and everyone knows it. that’s the crux of it all. this decade has an avatar that is as raw in his “success” as he was in the underground. the nineties started with Nirvana and ended with Pearl Jam. these days began with Vice (Gavin being the best contributer) and ended with Street Carnage (which basically put Vice to bed). now say “good night”. oh, and uh…fuck gawker all together. lame ass bitch shit.

  35. Anonymous says:

    dude, i had forgotten about vice…….

  36. Dissapointed says:

    Wait, Perez Hilton isn’t in the vote?

  37. Dick says:

    Gavins tied with Kari Ferrell.


    If Kerri Ferrell beats Gavin, I think Gavin should have to drink a bowl of Corn Flakes out of her vagina.

  38. stoops says:

    i have absolutely no idea what any of you are talking about.

  39. paul says:

    i’d vote for him if he’d and others would watch my music video:

    and if they would review it, that would be nice

  40. […] an incentive for our readers to vote. He casually throws out eating a bowl of piss as a joke. I make him put said “joke” in writing. 3- Gavin loses the competition. 4- I trick him into thinking he won. 5- He eats a bowl of […]

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