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• 05.05.09 11:23 am

Apparently I cannot beat the living shit out of anyone in the world. In fact, if the guy is much bigger than me and knows what he’s doing, I’d be very lucky to get one punch in before the whole world turned black.

We usually do Double Play in YouTube so the videos are easy to load but I wanted to use “Boom” for this so it has to stay here. You know what that means? Let these fuckers load before hitting play. You will have to fuck with the volume to hear both. I know it’s a stupid thing but it’s better than just one video, right?

HEY! I told you to let them load a bunch first. Come on Horny Jones. Hit play then pause then go look in the mirror for a second and see if there’s new blemishes. OK, you’re back? Now click play on both videos at the same time.



Apparently I cannot beat the living shit out of anyone in the world. In fact, if the guy is much bigger than me and knows what he’s doing, I’d be very lucky to get one punch in before the whole world turns to black.

SPECIAL THANKS to Mark Rinehart, Julian Robinson and Tom Green for all the fast, cheap and easy video work.

  1. maurice del taco says:

    hahahaha that was about as technical as any celebrity boxing match. Gavin, you need to learn footwork, and you have NO head movement. Lol I guess you were kidding about working out at boxing gyms brah

  2. Street Boning says:


  3. Street Boning says:


  4. maurice del taco says:

    fourth post fgtz

  5. Street Boning says:

    Anyway. I’m sure that felt good the next day.

  6. Krazy Malazy says:

    Gav, I salut you sir. That guy was built like a shit-brickhouse and clearly had the advantage yet you still went ahead with the fight and gave it your best. well done.

  7. JuCIFER says:

    I’m proud of Gayvin… That’ll put some hair on his chest.

  8. tommy gun says:

    you showed balls man – for real – just work on the defense. ask your trainer to show you the shoulder roll, its old school as hell but floyd mayweather jr. still uses it and he’s as a good a defensive fighter as there is. you got hit with some avoidable punches.

    but props to you for sure.

  9. dude says:

    kenny hotz sucks

  10. tommy gun says:

    btw…i know “your trainer” is probby a 6 pack and your mirror in your house – but still, shoulder roll dude.

  11. Arv says:

    Wow. Props.

  12. niggard says:


  13. niggard says:

    oops. TWELFTH…and thirteenth?

  14. Sonny says:

    Kenny gonna have Meathead coming for his ass next.

  15. niggard says:

    haha, i like the look on your face at 2:47

  16. glendon rusch says:

    Fucking fight Ben Weasel next time.

  17. John Graine says:

    props to gav for always coming forward

  18. DR SPOCK VS BONES says:

    do0d that was bro0tal!!!

  19. BLADE OF ECSTACY says:

    I can hardly hear the second video, is it only me?

  20. BLADE OF ECSTACY says:

    If you guys insist on hosting your own videos, make sure your server can handle it because right now this shit isn’t loading at all.

  21. marshall says:

    that ruled! you’re brave as fuck. seriously, i would have seen that guy and run like hell. good job. i’m not kidding.

  22. marshall says:

    spenny is funny

  23. Not bad, you didn’t get Peter McNeeley’d. It sucks that a Chinese guy beat you but he was much bigger than you.

  24. Kennedy says:

    You could’ve fought me. Super-featherweight(BJJ) gold medalist at the NOLA Cup.

  25. latered says:

    “that was a black oot”…nice.

  26. lol@u says:

    aww man. not exactly a fair fight was it? balls to get in the ring with that guy.

  27. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    I like how the guy has zero tattoos.

  28. lick it says:

    you should make a thing regarding fighting asians i’ll fight you next, i think im a lot thinner though.

  29. gangstalegs says:

    I liked the part where he punched you in the face.

  30. Damn Gavin that last knock out sent you to Never Never Land and you didn’t even need Tinkerbell’s pixie dust.

    Are you two even in the same weight class? Anyway, if you want to fight more asians you should consider me. Ok so what if i have a vajayjay i come from the land of Manny Pacquiao & boxing is true to my blood. Didja see that BAMF KILL HATTON? Also, i am the type of girl who will unknowingly wander into a Cerebral Ballzy mosh pit & come out alive even if my glasses are missing…

    Think about it.

  31. blobbing says:

    you got some some balls, way to giv’er

  32. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:


    I’m not sure if boxing is true to your blood, but portability certainly is. Although, I’m sure you’d lay down the law with your feet and a sturdy reed.

  33. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    I’m not talking about a foot job.

  34. vegan jules says:

    This video is loading, but I just wanna say that you should’ve fought me. We’re more apples to apples. You like rulers being stuck up your ass and I like dressing up as a girl. You are a singer of punk, I am a singer of punk (better). You write, I write (worse). You know about graphic design, I am a graphic designer. You direct little comedy videos, I direct little comedy videos(worse). You were a vegetarian for 15 years, I was one for 3.

    Moreover, I’m your replacement, so it would have been a very symbolic victory.

  35. vegan jules says:

    ps. do you fags compress these videos at all?

  36. SHITCOCK says:

    It just occurred to me watching that video that Gavin looks exactly like Von Kaiser from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out:

    There’s a reason Von Kaiser was only the second guy you fought. Because he’s awful at boxing.

  37. Ny Tyrant says:

    Should have chose Atticus. Would have saved you the airfare, gotten your ass handed to you right here at home.

  38. marlboro reds says:

    this was by far one of the best things i have ever seen in my life

  39. Arv says:

    Oh, I get it. You had to throw the commentary on top of there so people wouldn’t have to listen to P.O.D.

    No but seriously, what gives with the shitty music?

  40. Anonymous says:

    dam homes, you got fucked up, but props for not being a pussy.

  41. Fedor says:

    You both looked like girls flailing your arms around at each other … where did this happen I want to fight that asian juice monkey …. show him what a real fight is all about.

  42. ralphy says:

    when i was 8 i played a nintendo game like this

    i think it was called

    Gavin McInnes’ Paunch Out

  43. dapwell says:

    i thought the music was great, all things considered (copyright symbol)

  44. BEEJ says:

    that was mildly entertaining

  45. Vane$$a says:

    You don’t want to experience too many of those. Before long you’ll be selling pencils on a street corner and counting change with an abacus. More balls than brains on this one.

  46. idk says:

    blood or it didnt happen

  47. rjb says:

    BOOM! HERE’S COMES THE oh he’s down already.

    Boxing looks like fun. Thanks for the laughs Gavin.

  48. Jim Goad says:

    @ “No but seriously, what gives with the shitty music?”

    I know! It sounds like it was made by scary white people from Albany.

  49. Uncle Ho says:

    Dam Gavin, that beefy guy sucked and you still got ktfo. Good job though, I’m kinda digging the new westcoast gangster/punk look btw.

  50. Bimbo Weiss says:

    Looks like a fight broke out at a gay Nazi convention.

  51. George Carlin's Ghost says:

    Why are you wearing that crust punk jacket, Gavin?
    You realize you have become the “I used to be cool, look at how wacky I am” dad, right? Only a matter of time, I guess, that you would become one of your own jokes.

  52. tommy gun says:

    sorry– it’s just too hard to look at your body.

  53. Velcro Crotched Panties says:

    How old is this Hotz guy? His wiki page says 36?

  54. Daniel says:

    Could have done better than “Boom”.

    Like “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)” by the Crystals, or Kid Rock’s “Bawitaba” or some Danzig or “Here I am” by the Scorpions or the Karate Kid theme song or the Matrix theme or etc. etc. etc.

    “Boom” and slo-mo just seems intentional serious bad taste. Not funny enough to read “funny”.

    Of course, you sticking your gut out during the announcer’s intro makes up for it.

  55. bang says:

    the fucking fight link hasnt worked for three fucking days! fix it! fix the fight video!

  56. hurbert says:

    fix the link please!

  57. Taeil says:

    I have a feeling Gavin actually likes that shitty P.O.D. song.

  58. tommy gun says:

    you nxt time jus do this:

  59. Silencio says:

    haha this is the dude from the who is cooler episode, your hillare man! called spenny a greek rapist. if a person from rual russia looked up cool on the internet.. haha at least you got in there and threw down better than most people would do

  60. cunt puncher says:


  61. Maurice Greene…

    We usually do Double Play in YouTube so the videos are easy to load but I wanted to use “Boom& […]…

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