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• 07.16.08 11:07 am

I’m never offended by these American Apparel ads.

I’m never offended by these American Apparel ads.

I’d like to think that these girls in these photos know exactly what they’re doing, and if they’re willing to get in bed with a hairy Jew pervert who’s into fair trade practices and lick his dick for a bit of fame, then that’s their choice. The only girls that find this demeaning are fat girls. Seriously.


  1. Spanky McTony says:

    I’m always offended by sexinesss

  2. PUTO! says:


  3. Samanthas says:

    I live in LA and I”m tired of having to explain to humorless non-sexy folk that these women are old enough to make their own fucking decisions, so just lay off! Plus, the ads are really hot

  4. wishes says:

    i wish my dick was famous enough that girls would lick it and get famous too.

  5. babz says:

    Yeah, I was basically a femi-nazi in college but I could give two shits about Dov C. running around in his undies in front of his employees and laying all these LA chicks. I like that he is such an unapologetic prick. I think the haters are Jelz.

  6. raymi says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    i love sexual pictures..

  8. no good summer says:

    what a disgusting pig.

  9. White Christ says:

    Oh, God, to see her nana’s face when she toodles past that billboard in her Buick…

  10. Anonymous says:

    these ads need more boners.

  11. dh says:

    is it even confirmed that that this is dov? that would like pinning every anonymous dick in Hustler to larry flynt. and besides, if you were a fashion merchandising millionaire, don’t you think that you would have opted for less of bang bros of a picture angle?

  12. Li says:

    The only reason I got into Vice was because of Gavin and his anti-immigrant and quasi-conservative articles.

    Now that he’s no longer with Vice it only makes sense that American Apparel has become some open borders, pro-amnesty group.

    Thank you American Apparel for proving White nationalists right.

  13. aesk47 says:

    His leg looks like her arm… that’s the disgusting part…

  14. marshall says:

    did you say something about demeaning fat girls? now, THAT is sexy!

  15. Showcase... says:

    yeah yeah yeah. doesn’t this shit get boring though. there is really nothing smart about these ads anymore. however, be it fair trade or not, sexy or not, the quality is still total crap. just goes to show you that little chinese hands make better clothes at a fraction of the cost.

  16. Beef says:

    It is demeaning, but not to women.

  17. fag's perspective says:

    Dick Charney?!??!

  18. Emily says:

    I work in advertising and I’m sick of explaining how conventional and run o’ the mill these ads really are.
    All we have here is this: you have a hot girl in bed and she’s licking your junk and you should be focussing on that but darn it if you can’t keep your eyes off her American Apparel (TM) underwear instead.


  19. yo yo yiggity yo says:

    i’m a fat chick and i think this is hawt.

  20. Belle Curv says:

    “I work in advertising…” blah, blah, belch.

    You work in advertising and you’ve never produced a series of ads remotely as successful as this ugly, hirsute Heeb’s ads.

  21. La Brea RIP says:

    Not true, check my shit in the Pennysaver bitch. Ka-ching!

  22. sean says:


  23. christy says:

    i thought the top part of a picture was of a young guy’s bottom half lol… I didn’t realize it was a girl simulating a bj till i saw the bottom pic.

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