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Giovanni Marks
• 12.05.11 11:00 am

When Danny Brown Tweeted “I am no longer the ‘weirdest’ nigga in Detroit” the other day, I had to investigate.

When Danny Brown Tweeted “I am no longer the ‘weirdest’ nigga in Detroit” the other day, I had to investigate. And while what you are witnessing is nothing new, it is definitely about to be what is NEXT. Meet Michael Duane Gholston, AKA Duane The Teenage Weirdo. He’s 19, from Detroit and has already been reverse-earmarked for success, due to getting shut down on X-Factor by Simon Cowell and his fellow haters. After popping up on the live scene a little over a year ago, he’s already gathered a following. With dudes like Danny Brown and Jack White giving thumbs-ups and inadvertent high fives by way of Twitter, it’s easy to get the feeling that the dude is “next to go” H.A.A.M. in the streets. ESPECIALLY the streets of Detroit, Michigan.

It’s no surprise or shock to the heart that the dude gets called the love child of Grace Jones and David Bowie. Dipped in black nail polish and then set ablaze by way of electrical fire. His theme song sounds like it was recorded in 1982 in the back of a hat shop in Sheffield. Reading what few interviews are available, he seems like a young art-school kid in flux who is out to find his own voice by absorbing and regurgitating everything cold and androgynously perverted about the early 80s.


  1. pogi says:

    such a weirdo

  2. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:

    Weirdo is good entertaining man.

  3. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    His Backup singer/mama is extremely patient. You expect her at any minute to just blast out “NIGGA! My shows is on. Wrap this shit up, boy!”

  4. karenwasmyfavorite says:

    Was that a harvest moon song as an intro?

  5. Tool says:

    Not bad, not bad.

    Good to see something “edgy” out there still going on. This guy kinda says “I don’t give a fuck” which is a good thing for those crazy teenagers.

  6. Double says:

    @karen It’s pokemon, but from what city?

  7. Double says:

    oops, it’s a building, not a city. That might up the difficulty some…

  8. jax the skull rider says:

    Bad Blowie

  9. mr.meat says:

    born entertainer. a bit rough and gay around the edges, but maybe he’ll grow more into it and blossom full and bright and brilliant like the fab star his dreamy fog machined and gelled lighted mind heart envisions.. you know, like lady gaga…but better butter. claiming her stallion battalion of the coming apocalypse. or something. i don’t really know or give two shits but give this guy a tour Steamtboners & Toob Gore. shouldn’t y’all be trying to pull together more than yourselves and cerebral palsy? how bout sending pinky out in the company mini van, off for detroit and make a musak videeo fortune- i mean for duane.
    otherwise i’ll have him deported to canada

  10. mr.meat says:

    oops, my fo pah. Steamboners not steampt

  11. Rick Samson says:

    Finally! A black Jobriath.

  12. 17 says:

    So boring. so shitty.

  13. googoogaga says:

    the music is from the pokemon centers in pokemon red and blue

  14. NIKITA T22 says:

    This is actually an older performance, his show is even more intense now 😀

  15. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    So Tom Cruise’s elf companion that was up his ass in Legend is black?!!

  16. tommi leigh says:

    i have seen him perform a few times the kid has mad skills and i think his backup singer is freaking awesome she has a strong voice for such a young girl and i would love to hear some solo stuff from ms. velvet as for the haters screw them .

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