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• 06.24.16 12:27 pm

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Also, telling me that you’re not ugly just because you’re missing a leg is downright insulting. Do you honestly think I scoff at handicapped people and think they’re gross? Fuck you. 

Western men have pretty much the lowest standards for female beauty on earth. Nobody treats them better but they get mad at us for having any standards at all. How about this for a standard? If you’re eating yourself to death, we don’t promote your choices. Dying is not hot.

Here’s another one. The seamstress tells me she’s beautiful but I have no idea what her face looks like. She’s fattened it beyond recognition. Also, yoga is not exercise so I’m not blown away that you “work out.” You’re just stretching.

  1. TWalsh2 says:

    There you are being fat and comfortable in your own skin. Here I am not giving a fuck about it one way or the other – Mangia, mangia.

  2. JR Wirth says:

    When Queen sang “Fat Bottomed Girls” were they just being ironic? Maybe they don’t make the “rockin’ world go round” after all. I always picture ugly gross drunk chicks when some dive bar is playing that.

  3. John Thomas says:

    On the upside, people missing a leg are often monsters on the wrestling mat.

  4. Long Dong Silver says:

    Do any of you resident perverts remember Jean Silver, the amputee freak porn star from the greasy Times Square 70’s? She would bang chicks with her stump and give the dudes penis envy since it was longer and thicker than theirs. That fat fuck blonde also reminds me of another sick fuck from the glorious Times Square era, Annie “Sprinkle” of golden showers fame. Dye her hair red and she’s the spitting image without the piss.
    Fat chicks will do the gross shit that their slimmer sis’s won’t do.
    Ahhhhh those were the days. Boing.

  5. Leg man says:

    Frankly, a stump just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. Foot fetish says:

    Yeah, something just seems missing.

  7. Toe Sucker says:

    I feel a little lost around a legless woman.

  8. OogaBooga says:

    The leader singer of Queen was, of course, an uber gay. Who gives a shit what he thought he was talking about.

    Also, amputee porn has been a thing for a long time. There’s someone out there for everyone.

  9. JR Wirth says:

    I remember watching the movie “Boxing Helena” when I was a teenager. I haven’t thought of that movie in years. I guess that’s how you know if you’re into amputee porn, if you catch yourself watching that movie more than once.

  10. Sniffy says:

    I wouldn’t sniff any of them even with a black mans nose.

  11. John Thomas says:

    Other benefits of being with a fat, sweaty lady: If she’s an unregulated diabetic, her sweat may have a nice, sweet taste to it. It could be like having your own private fountain pop dispenser. Also, for all you home brewers out there, the proliferative skin folds will often abound with malassezia.

  12. John Thomas says:

    A friend of mine once dated an amputee, but it seemed like they were just going in circles, so they broke it off.

  13. Director X says:

    Being fat is horrible though its an addiction, whats worse drinking or smoking yourself to death or eating yourself to death? Killing yourself from thé inside or outside? Being fat sucks though, sucks more for thé people watching fat people.

  14. Helena's box-ing career says:

    Fat pride is one of those specific isms that never really got over the ruse threshold, meaning, no one anywhere genuinely believes that anyone is cool with living bigly, least of all the fatsoes themselves. It ranges from “Eh, don’t care, I like ice cream better” to suicidal or the self-deluding manic acceptance posture. The latter having as much to do with “happiness” as Jason had with counseling summer camp teens. It’s simply not on the spectrums of real and not imaginary opinions about how it is being lardtastic

  15. Slim Jim says:

    I knew a 400# sowpotamis in the strip club cabaret biz. Her name was Fat Annie who was a John Waters “Pink Flamingos” style stand-up comic. Part of her act was to get bachelor party guys to throw the groom on stage for Annie to fuck with. She would grab the little sucker and stuff him upside down in her giant pantaloons where he would come face to face with “her” STUMP.

  16. raymi says:

    I’m all for body posi BUT I have seen what a fat person’s heart looks like. It’s encased in FAT and it doens’t look good or healthy. You need to get stints put in your heart from blockages and it affects your breathing as well as mobility. Nope.

  17. Pete O'File says:

    “My size isn’t an indicator of my worth.” Actually, it may well be – a recent study found a strong link between obesity and debt. I enjoy curvy women, even a genuine fatty from time to time, but the seamstress is way over the line. I would happily eat the mestiza’s asshole though.

  18. Matt says:

    Instead of bettering yourself, you know, just love yourself. The way you are. Even if it is unhealthy. Hey, Im ME!

  19. Matt says:

    Cause exercise and healthy eating is hard for me.

  20. Junior Simple and Lulu Rolling says:

    Let us tell y’all something about being a fatso. It might be okay in those high falutin’ northern cities with their central air and four seasons, but you come down here in the south in the summertime with a blubber belly, jello ass and more layers flopping on ya than a tray of baklava and we’ll see how you like all that sweating and chafing and skin sores. Ain’t nobody wanna fuck that, even the nigra boys shy away from digging in those inflamed folds and they get a boner just from putting their jeans on.

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