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• 12.18.08 03:00 pm

Now there are dolls for women who first realized they were “different” because they were never all that into dolls.
Now there are dolls for women who first realized they were “different” because they were never all that into dolls.

Naturally, these BOBBIE Dolls are referred to as “lesbian action figures.” What’s weird is that, when posed together, they’re Village People-esque. Each doll comes with a chain wallet and an unattractive neck girth.

There’s the Joey Buttafuoco Dyke:

The Mid-’90s Braless Dyke:

And the Alt Country Dyke:

On the sidebar of the site that sells them, there’s an “Add Ons” category. I assumed this mean strap-ons, but it actually meant lesbian lingerie.

There’s also a series of “Baby Dykes,” miniature dolls. This one features Kelly, Christine, and their adopted child Soo Jin.

Something tells me that the idea of getting a lesbian to shell out $50 for toys that go on the shelf instead of inside their nightstand drawer might be as pointless as the idea of dental dams.

  1. Lost Slut says:

    hilarious. nice job!

  2. They have this already. It’s the Xena Warrior Princess doll:

  3. anonymous says:

    that rosie o’donnell doll isn’t nearly fatty enough

  4. whaaa??? says:

    Can dolls go to hell?

  5. Felicia says:

    I have tattoos on my arms, but I’m not a dyke


  6. Teddy Ruxpin says:

    Felicia, it’s OK if you’re not a dyke.


  7. Dave Meltzer says:

    Felicia, I’m concerned about your workrate.


    Funny thing is, lesbians actually use dental dams!!! Not only that but they preach about them and put out myspace bulletins and such. I won’t even put a condom on, pretty much ever.

  9. Red Ninger says:

    thing is, it’s a shame there isn’t a thing called Co-Ed Lesson Prison where you go if you haven’t necessarily raped or dick bombed anybody that serious but you have broken the law via drug offences with children, in Lesson Prison though you’d had to share a cell with some dyke doll who treefingers the shit out your wood while you get your G.E.D. and reconnect with G.O.D.D.Y. ya feel me. that would be alright I think.. some good structure and three squares a day. no fisting though that shit is Too Much. and then in their custodial sentences bad girls would get what they really want deep down

  10. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts – keep on blogging!

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