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Mr. Injustice
• 09.16.13 10:00 am

A white Miss America, emblem of a sick, dying, and corrupt breed, crowns a new brown Miss America.

Fuck you, all you American RACIST ASSHOLES: Your new Miss America is a woman of Indian descent, and there ain’t a fucking thing you can do about it!!!!!


Newly crowned 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri is an American, make no mistake about it. But according to this news story, she is also an Indian. The news story doesn’t specify, but judging from her cheekbones, I’m guessing she’s a Cherokee. You remember the Indians, don’t you? They lived in harmony with nature for over ten million years practicing their gentle Hindu religion and doing yoga exercises before the WHITE MAN came over here for the sole purpose of KILLING them.

The Indian is sometimes referred to collectively by ill-advised and low-information RACIST BIGOTS as “The Red Man,” but he is more properly a Brown Man, as is every man who lives in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and places like that.

Nina, I hope you have ten brown babies. I hope you inspire American Indian women like yourself to squirt out 10 million babies, preferably over the next year. Never forget how they treated your kind—if your memory starts to slip, watch this scene from Billy Jack a couple times.


  1. Anonymous says:

    a chick from brampton made it to miss america?

  2. You mean “Bramladesh”? :-)

  3. […] Thanks to “Mr Injustice” for reminding me of that. […]

  4. Raymi says:

    Now suck on that!

  5. Apu says:

    Tell you what! I jerked off into the Slurpee machine at the Quickie-Mart when they announced here as the winner. We have arrived, America!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cheapskate Uncle Morty says:

    Did you see that menu board???? Fried chicken 65 cents! Fries 20 cents! You can call me any kike slur you want, deals like that only are found in Paradise!!!! Oy vey!

  7. Tom Walsh 2 says:

    She’s hot, probably kicks ass at spelling bees too.

  8. Harold Hunter (Ghost) says:

    Everywhere…across America…the lights at your local Dairy Queen shine a little brighter..just for one. beautiful. second.

  9. Lunchin' says:

    The Mindy Project is annoying.

  10. Guest says:

    According to the CNN article “…she’s the first Indian-American to wear the national crown…”


    “Born Norma Des Cygne Smallwood, she was a full blood Cherokee Indian from Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

    Someone needs to go to jail over this!

  11. Trolldor says:

    This would be more effective satire if the right-wing wasn’t equally retarded.

  12. Alec Leamas says:

    This would be more effective satire if the right-wing wasn’t equally retarded.


    As a registered Republican, I have to admit that I am ashamed of the comments of Senator Timmy Enchiladas (R-TX) and National GOP Chairman Sweddy Pittz.

  13. Ecgtheow says:

    From that link, I wonder how many are leftists posing as racists.

  14. Sniffy says:

    Billy Jack’s a badass.

  15. Gavin says:

    I’ve never seen anyone react like that from a punch in the stomach. I think he has appendicitis.

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