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• 05.20.16 09:57 am

In this interview Jesse Hughes claims some of the Muslim security must have been in on it because the shooters were in the venue long before the attack. 

The logic is hard to avoid but that didn’t stop Parisian music festival Rock en Seine from canceling the band’s appearance.


People ask why Jesse backtracks on comments when he tells the truth but this is why. It’s really expensive. Right now, his bandmates are denied livelihood because he has a very plausible theory about a horrific attack where he was present. Now people who weren’t even fucking there are punishing him.

What a bunch of disgusting cowards. Paris had more murders/casualties from mass shootings in 2015 than Obama’s entire presidency. The French attacks were all from Islamic terrorists but France’s anger is directed at… the police. What? How masochistic can you be?


  1. monsieur Ludo says:

    This reminds me of the vast difference of the reactions of the three American men had on that train from the Netherlands to Paris when that jihadi went to massacre all those people.
    A French guy pulled the alarm, the French train crew locked the jihadi in the train car with all the passengers and hid in their crew-only room.
    The Americans, instead ran at the terrorist (an older British/S. African man coming after them to help) and no doubt saved hundreds of people.

    Days later, when they were honored with some medal most of the French media were awkwardly trying not to let their innate anti-Americanism leash out. They were pissed that “les Yankees” saved the day. Again.

  2. frank says:

    The Frogs have always been a complex problem. They come up with many good useful ideas that drive us forward, but periodically they go too far and the rest of us have to invade and restore balance and order. The Albigensian Crusade and Napoleon are merely two of many examples. It seems to have come up every 80 years over the centuries.

    This illustrates why Europe works and why Europe still in many ways rules the world. It’s a big cliquish high school with gangs beating the shit out of each-other, but still rooting for the home team.

    The problem we have right now is America is still enthralled with some silly French and English ideas of a certain vintage but for two centuries we’ve been too far from the krauts and italians for them to strike back and set things on a more balanced course.

  3. Samantha says:

    And then when he is found to have been correct, there won’t be any apologies…just like you said before about the left–they’d say “my theory still can’t be wrong, ergo…it’s complicated”.
    Btw that Trump vid w the protestor that didn’t know what a “coyote” in the illegal immigration sense was, is hilarious.

  4. Jones of Arc says:

    The same crowd of Robespierres who would lead the march to reeducation camps, gulags, and guillotines.

  5. Gavin says:

    It seems inevitable to me that he is going to be exonerated and everyone else will be forced to eat crow.

    1- The terrorists were in the building early. Ever been on tour? Milling around the venue all day right up to – and past – ticket time is not possible without help.
    2- The door was propped open.
    3- 6 bouncers didn’t show up for work.
    4- No bouncers were killed.

    Now, we know the police are doing an investigation. This likely includes the FBI and Interpol (not the band). You’re not going to tell me a bunch of inbred Muslims can outsmart all these cops. The bouncers must have left digital paper trails.

    Therefore, Jesse Hughes is about to be proved right. How can he not be? Which part of the above conclusions are false?

  6. Paris Hilton says:

    I’m surprised they were even invited to perform at “Rock en Seine” to begin with. Though unreasonable, the emotional associations with that tragedy would have made any Paris venue reluctant, including their insurance companies. They may have jumped on Jesse’s words as an excuse to cancel the bands appearance.
    I wonder how this played out if there was complicity on the part of (all/some) house (or sub-contracted) security (bouncers) and/or (some) venue staff.
    6 bouncers not showing up is where the investigation starts.
    My fave French police series “Spiral” comes to mind. The show portrays the muslim community in the various ethnic enclaves as a Byzantine labyrinth to penetrate for police work. How the French allowed this parallel universe to grow in their midst is a damn shame.
    There’s going to be hell to pay if this turns out to be a conspiracy between the jihadists and some staff. The band has to figure in there somewhere with some kind of claim against the venue and security.

  7. ZOG Watch says:

    What no one is talking about are the Hasbara operatives seen celebrating on a roof top at the time of the attack. Also it’s impossible for anyone in Paris to possess those guns since that’s illegal. This clearly points to ZOG collusion with unsuspecting jihadists being used to further the chaotic aims of their Tel Aviv masters. The squid like tentacles of Darth Adelson are clearly behind this devious event.

  8. OogaBooga says:

    You sound like you are, perhaps, a parody of people with serious concerns, ZOG Watch? Is that correct? But seriously, why DOESN’T anyone want to gripe about The Dancing Israelis? Anyone? Anyone?

  9. OogaBooga says:

    Conspiracy theories are smart when the culprits are Muslims. Conspiracy theories are laughably insane when the culprits are Jews.

  10. Anyone says:

    Probably for the same reasons the vast majority of Westerners didn’t comprehend the significance of hundreds of thousands of muslims dancing in the streets throughout the World celebrating the burning towers on live T.V.
    Instead, to this day, the Western Left, and the MSM viewing sheeple say it’s a small minority of muslims who condoned 9-11. This in spite of constant polling that shows majority Muslim attitudes towards Jihad as sympathetic.
    Now compare that with this alleged eye witness event of a van load of Israelis celebrating which means what exactly? Are you a truther? This means 9-11 was a Zionist plot?
    Zionism is dangerous enough without going to cloud cuckoo land. The U.S. Government was aware an attack was imminent, but that doesn’t mean they were complicit, just incompetent.
    We had far more Americans celebrating our “chickens coming home to roost” but that doesn’t mean the democrat party was behind it or Reverend Wright.
    Our own Neo-cons, Marxists, Trojan horse immigrants, and idiotic evangelicals ATTITUDES are far more worrisome. If those Israelis were celebrating for cynical purposes so be it, but it’s a stretch to think that they represent Tel Aviv.
    This reminds me of the folks who say FDR allowed the Pearl Harbor attack to occur in order to prod a reluctant America to go to war. A cynical motive presents itself but that’s not proof in itself. I haven’t seen convincing evidence in either case to make me think otherwise.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    There is ample evidence that FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor beforehand. That you’re not convinced doesn’t change that fact. But that’s another story. Let’s stick to the subject I brought up.

    1.) Israelis WERE celebrating in New Jersey–dancing, hugging, and taking ecstatic selfies with bic lighters with the crumbling towers in the background while they filmed them going down. This, in itself, is cause for revulsion and suspicion. The cop who pulled them over said that they immediately told him: “We aren’t your problem–the Palestinians are your problem.” Large amounts of cash and explosives residue were present in the van.

    2.) This group included Mossad agents, one of which later said on Israeli TV that his job was to “document the events.” It’s not a stretch to suggest that they represented Tel Aviv.

    3.) There is strong evidence that The Mossad was shadowing the 9-11 attackers for months. There is nothing “cloud cuckoo land” about theorizing that the Mossad–or rogue elements of The Mossad (you know, like the ones who murdered Yitzak Rabin when he got too close to peace?) enabled/assisted the attackers. Insiders have stated that, at the very least, Israel knew about the plot, but chose not to let us know the specific details. Why would they do such a thing? You correctly used the word “cynical” in your post. Bibi’s first words upon learning of the attacks were that they were “very good” for Israel.” The Neocon-Zionist authors of “A Clean Break” yearned for a “Pearl Harbor style sneak attack” on America that would galvanize Americans against the arab Muslims. To this day, Israel celebrates those Israelis who participated in The Lavon Affair, wherein Jews disguised as Arabs attempted to blow up US buildings so America would become enraged and attack Egypt. This was probably the plan as well when that plucky lil democracy attacked the USS Liberty and machine gunned the survivors in an attempt to kill all witnesses.

    Dismissing all of this out of hand means you either have blinders on, or you’re full of shit. If the latter is the case, you will try to discredit what I have written here with lots and lots of quibbling. It won’t work, and I am looking forward to demonstrating that.

    But, again, here is an undeniable fact: Israelis celebrated with jubilation while Americans burned and jumped to their deaths on 9-11. That alone is cause for rage and demands for answers. But I just don’t see that for some reason. Funny, eh?

  12. Anyone says:

    I usually don’t respond to people who prepare insults prior to a reply as a threat if one dares disagree. Declaring any attempts to discredit amount to “quibbling” is not the best way to invite discussion.
    Inviting me to attempt to discredit you so you can demonstrate you’re right but not addressing anything I said other than the FDR analogy (thank you–both FDR & BUSH knew an attack was imminent but didn’t know EXACTLY when or where) is not good manners.
    You don’t really want a conversation.
    Nothing you said is worthy of ignoring, I just haven’t seen the hard evidence up to now, only persuasive reasoning which is not enough. I will keep an open mind since I’m inclined to be cynical.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    “I usually don’t respond to people who…”

    Hi-larious. Thanks for the laugh. I love seeing the change in tone from dismissing me as “going to cloud cuckoo land” to clutching your pearls and claiming “I will keep an open mind.” You’re a fucking disingenuous faggot, and no, I don’t want a conversation with you, as I have done the painstaking research and you are a propagandist. I will, however, expose you as a traitorous piece of shit as long as I’m allowed to here.

    We agree on this:

    “Nothing you said is worthy of ignoring.”

    Again, for starters, a bunch of Israelis–some of them Mossad agents–were celebrating jubilantly as they “documented” the worst terror attack on America in history. They admit it, an American cop confirms it, but you remain agnostic, confirming all suspicions that you have zero credibility.

  14. Everyone says:

    Your welcome. It’s a pleasure to give meaning to your life. This IS your Life.

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