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Adam Zalewski
• 04.30.16 11:56 am

Has something you’ve seen on your TV screen ever made you feel like smashing the shit out of it? It’s rare and most of the time, the urge passes. You stop, take a breath and relax – a shot of some alcoholic drink doesn’t do any harm in this situation either.

The other night, I came pretty close. Despite knowing the country I live and expecting to hear dumb shit all the time, I still can’t get used to it. The latest installment was this fat red haired behemoth deciding to open her yap without thinking anything over and spewing what could only be described as complete drivel.

Of course you’re always statistically likely to get a few nuts here and there. What makes this harder to take is the amount of support she had from other audience members when she spoke.

An article in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago, outlining the guilt of a Danish politician for the immigrant who raped him, because now he’d be deported, showed just how insane some people are.

Left wing politician Karsten Nordal Houken said, “I had a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia.

You fucking what? No folks he actually said that. He also said he saw his rapist mostly as a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair. Yep, he blamed the situation – the system – anything but the guy who committed the crime.

That kind of irrational thinking should be illegal, because it’s dangerous. If you believe you’re at fault for the punishment of your perpetrator because if only you hadn’t have let them attack you, they wouldn’t be in trouble, there literally is something very wrong with you. I’m all for taking responsibility, but are you kidding me?

And the grievous audio harm committed by the extremely out of shape woman during the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ show is just a little taster of a much wider disease that’s rotting the minds of what could otherwise be, fairly intelligent, rational thinking Europeans.

That portly female actually believes that these Syrians, Africans and whatever else they’ve got coming in to Europe, really are nothing but innocent families, poor little children, weeping mothers. Hey you know what? Some of them are innocent people just trying to get away from a war ridden hell hole, but the amount of theft, violent attacks and brutal rapes that have taken place in these refugee camps alone, show that there are quite a few bad apples trying to smash their way in to Europe too.

I always used to assume that the one way to convince these liberal hippies that this mass immigration is a bad idea, would be if they or a member of their family was brutally attacked or raped. Judging by this mentally unstable politician from Denmark though, even that might not be enough. I don’t know about you, but that scares the shit out of me.


  1. You tell 'em!!! says:

    Goddamn immigrants. Fucking Muslims and desert monkeys.

    If I’m going to get robbed, beaten and have my ass torn up by a rapist,I want it to be by someone who looks like me!


  2. Mohammeds hemorrhoids says:

    Check out this vid.

    Private citizens in Eastern Europe where there are still some real men enforcing the respect for borders and sovereignty. They were even praised by their Government for good citizenship. The Eastern Europeans still have some true leaders putting the citizens first. The men are not yet cucked.
    “No Bulgaria for you. Go back Turkey.”
    What do you think he meant? You are Turkey or go to Turkey or both?

    That fucking red headed mad cow in Adams vid would look good in a burqa.
    Western Europe sadly looks like a basket case of Stockholm syndrome. It’s hopeless without a whole lot of blood being spilled. Entire generations are brainwashed.
    I wonder what the fictitious character Terry Thomas has to say about that. Let me guess – bollocks!

  3. Barnsley Noble says:

    British family massacred while vacationing in Thailand:

  4. cook says:

    @barnsley noble that a gruesome video but no one died

  5. Beelzebubba says:

    All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty humpty together again. How futile to watch the debaters of this system of things try to solve mankind’s existential problems. Through out time every form of government has been tried and the verdict is mankind is not fit to guide one foot in front of the other foot. The root problem isn’t the form of government but the humans to govern and be governed. It’s the software stupid! Garbage in garbage out. You weren’t designed to be fully autonomous. At this stage of replication your blueprint is seriously defective. Many errors have crept in. The trial period is almost over. Wake up and listen to the voice in the wilderness.

  6. raymi says:

    cant even

  7. Terry Thomas says:


  8. Rapey Richard Astro Glide says:

    The Montreal Gal is brilliant!
    I finally see through the deliberately, seemingly inane comments and realize I’ve been punked all along. Like Peter Sellers character in “Being There” or Ram Dass’s Lao Tzu inspired classic “Be Here Now” or a Zen Buddhist Escher-like mind bender–“what is the sound of one hand clapping”, Eureka!!!…the scales have fallen off my eyes and I am in awe of her profundity.
    Ponder for a moment the essence of that statement { CAN’T EVEN } ¿?
    Grok upon it…….then it dawns on you that you are in the presence of a nirvanic empty mind that’s at peace and one with the trivial pursuit of life.

  9. Darcy Banker says:

    Europe’s screwed.
    Oops I mean…Eurape.

  10. Alibababooboo says:

    Eurabia my little dhimmitudes!

  11. definitelymaybe says:

    She’s not a true red head.

  12. A. Ryan Mann says:

    Raping leftists shouldn’t be against the law.

  13. Alexander Hambilltin says:

    She reminds me of the Biblical passage about an red heifer…

    Of all the migrants you can get, serious ly, aren’t Muzzers the worst, the most ill-behaved? America’s lucky to just have Mexican rapists. Even against the poor quality of MENA generally & Arabs specifically, the desert Koranosaurs have got to “take the cake.” I dunno– Do Roma blow themselves up in pizza parlors? Do Tasmanians get self-righteous about Israel while secretly keeping a household slave (like that U.A.E. couple down in San Diego)? Nigerians may have some disgusting folkways but do their women insist on wearing a tent in their drivers license photos? Allah put Mooselimbs on the earth seemingly to diffuse sand up everybody’s crotch

  14. Terry Thomas says:

    ^ Yeah, I hate all Muslim’s to, apart from the ones I have met and they seemed quite nice.

    Ps. The Terry Thomas above is an imposter!



  15. Terry Thomas says:


  16. Director X says:

    take or easy bro

  17. bifo berardi says:

    The majority of Christians, Jews and Muslims don’t actually understand the ideology of their faith or live by it. The Muslims most liberals know are a part of this group.
    When it comes to discussing the actual ideological beliefs of these religions, progressives just shut down and start talking about how nice their friends are. All they can offer is meaningless anecdotes about their personal experiences with a handful of people they know. They contribute nothing but sentimental proselytizing.
I know this is hard for them to accept, but their Muslim friends have no control over the mass scale movement of the Islamic spiritual Nation. If they don’t believe in the Quran then they aren’t actually Muslims. If they pick and choose which parts they like, their entire identity as a Muslim is a lie.
    They simply have a very naive worldview and can’t understand anything outside of your immediate field of secular experiences.
    Once we start talking about ideology and not how “cool” their Muslims friends are, they have nothing to contribute to the discussion.
    All they have to offer is wide eyed innocence.
    Until they can speak about the global ideological beliefs of these faiths, they have nothing to say. Nothing at all.

  18. Match says:

    The problem is not with Muslim immigrants per se, it’s with those Muslims who get upset and buy into the “everybody hates me because I’m Muslim” point of view. They use their religion as a protective shield from individual criticism.
    The real issue we have is, no matter how nice we are to people, many will always feel neglected, rejected, discriminated against and unliked because of their immaturity in dealing with life.
    It’s a downward spiral, accelerated by malevolent cultural marxists and miscellaneous islamic radicals who incite grievance and violence.

  19. Western Suicide Prevention Network says:

    Even if there was no terrorism; the reverse colonization of the Western World is madness. Multiculturalism diversity means non-assimilation and these new cooking ingredients of 3rd Worlders don’t mix into the melting pot even if it was national policy, certainly not in these overwhelming numbers. Wake up, the elites are doing this with purpose, can’t you see. No pride in your kind and civilization? The rest of the World is laughing at our white guilt and taking advantage of it. They are allowed to be natural racists but you can not self identify?

  20. Terry Thomas says:

    Double Bollocks to my doppelganger^

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