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The Twitter account @EverydaySexism is fascinating.

If you’re a woman and you feel you’ve been treated wrongly by a man, Tweet about it to them, and they’ll re-Tweet it. Admittedly, some of the stuff they post is pretty horrible. There’s the occasional rape story, and then there’s tons about disgusting drunk guys behaving like disgusting drunk guys. But then there are the Tweets that makes you wonder if the term “sexism” hasn’t been stretched a tad too far.

Here are some Tweets from the last few days that made me giggle:


getting called a ‘dog’ every day from the age of 12 until I left town.

I can see why being called a dog every day can be hurtful, but I’m not sure how it can be perceived as sexist. Isn’t “dog” slang for a promiscuous male? Was it a vague way of calling you a bitch? English isn’t my first language, so I’d actually appreciate if anyone would help me with this one.


Valentines: walking down street w/ bf and heart balloon. Guy comes and grabs the balloon from me, forces it upon other woman.

Aww! As any six-year-old knows, it’s not fun to lose a balloon.


Another time while biking a truck kept circling the block. It was terrifying.

It can also be quite terrifying to circle around a block looking for the right address. Especially if some mad woman is running around in the shadows with a frantic look on her face.


In bar in hometown; making way through crowded pub, man grabs me by the neck & forces my head down so mate can fart in my face.

My brother did this to me once when we were kids. If I’d known then that it was the suffocating stench of patriarchy I smelled, I’d be a lot angrier. And believe me, I was angry that day, my friends.


Saying goodbye to friends after dinner. Boy comes out of the nearby KFC, drops his trousers, bends over & slaps his arse.

The Oppressive Arse strikes again!


When I was in sixth form, I was walking back and a group of younger boys tried to beat me with sticks.

Oh, I get it. The sticks are phallic, right? It’s horrible to be beaten up. I’ve been beaten up myself several times. So have most of my male friends. To be fair, though, my male friends are utter bastards.


A man whistled, not like a wolf-whistle, but like when people whistle for a dog. he had no dog-he meant me.

Again with the strange dog thing. If a guy whistles like he would’ve whistled to his dog, I don’t think he’s looking for sex. He might be looking for his lost dog, though.


MT @occupythisworld stuck in a crowd at a concert and a man was rubbing against me from behind. Could not move an inch I was 15.

I bet he couldn’t move an inch, either. Large, tight crowds can be like that.


I’m frustrated that I can’t walk my dog without worrying about being followed or ogled or yelled at (@VenusManTrap22)

That’s one of the downsides to being a “VenusManTrap.”


Reading through everydaysexism timeline and just wanting to cry. Can this still be the world women have to live in?

You don’t have to.


20, man shouted at me from a van: you must have a very big cunt! My friend ( female) found it really funny.

I dream of women shouting “You must have a very big dick!” out of passing cars.


#ShoutingBack because men and women live in totally different worlds. It’s hard to explain what it’s like being afraid all of the time.

Yeah, men are from Mars, women are from Uranus or something like that. Seriously, afraid all the time? Have you considered the possibility that you might be a bit mentally unstable?


Friend had beer thrown in her face tonight by group of drunk men outside a pub as she cycled past.

I have so many male friends who’ve experienced getting a glass of beer thrown at them by women, I’m actually considering starting a website where men can talk about it.


Sexual remarks made to me when obviously pregnant made me feel like my unborn daughter was being molested.

Oh, go fuck yourself.


I’m sorry if any of the people featured here are hurt by my mocking.

Actually, no I’m not.

I think you’re awful people with an unhealthy appetite for victimhood. These experiences are either laughably petty or have nothing to do with your gender. While being beaten up with sticks or forced to smell a drunkard’s fart is horrible, it doesn’t help to look at these experiences through a radical feminist prism. Face it: you’re born into a world of assholes, and you’re assholes, too. There is no patriarchy. There is no “rape culture.” You’ve all been fooled into thinking you’re frail tuna fish in a vast ocean full of hungry male sharks who hate you and have no regard for your feelings.

You might be a tuna in some places, though. India actually seems to have a proper rape culture. You know, where they actually rape a lot.

Rape happens in the West, too, of course, but the term “rape” here is kinda vague today, seeing as it apparently also applies to clear-cutting forests for profit. Because, as Jacob Devaney says in Huffington Post:

It is fair to say that Mother Nature should be considered an expression of The Sacred Feminine.

No, you should be considered an expression of The Sacred Feminine, Jacob, you useless fucking eunuch.

The terms “rape” and “sexism” are now officially devoid of any meaning.

Is sexism only about men harassing women? Because listing everything wrong men do and claiming a pattern there, well, that smells a bit like misandry to me.

Being shouted at and looked at like a slice of sexy meat while at a club, pub, or on the street can be bothersome, but that even happens to me occasionally, and I look like a deranged werewolf with AIDS.




  1. Anonymous says:

    Dog also refers to an ugly girl.

  2. Robbie Dillon says:

    I really enjoyed reading this to start my day! You have a great eye for irony and hypocrisy and besides, you’re just really hilarious. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Ring Kodney says:

    This shit is shit!

  4. raymi says:

    I will have to make sexism (ego-boosting!) notes from here on out.

  5. alice crimmons says:

    One time a man looked at me on the elevator and for the rest of the ride I felt terrified for my body which I knew he wanted to rape, torture and take from me. Men are pigs! All of them want to hurt women.

  6. Jackie O says:

    I think there is more of a victim culture than a rape culture here in the states.

  7. CP says:

    Good piece.

  8. - says:

    I agree with you that many women inflate their own victimhood and make mountains out of molehills when it comes to being oppressed and whatnot, but as a woman who has experienced firsthand the worst the opposite sex has to offer (rape, domestic violence, etc.) my perspective on male-female relations and on the world/society/whatever has shifted slightly. To see someone – who is NOT a woman – belittle the everyday struggle all females go through to varying degrees… it makes me sick. I pray that none of the women you care about ever has to know how bad it can be. I’m not hyper sensitive. I appreciate a good rape joke and my struggles are not what define me. I now have a normal life, but my past is always there. Reading this article is upsetting. You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman and you never will. Yes, some women need a reality check, but you also need to realize that people generally see the world through a lens of experience. It’s pathetic that your reaction to reading these things is to think the women are full of it, rather than to be saddened that the world is such a shitty place that so many women feel this way. I agree that some are over the top – the pregnant lady for instance – but I would never belittle her feelings of anger and violated-ness the way you have. It’s irresponsible to encourage a dismissive attitude towards these issues while they’re still so prevalent. These women tweeting about their experiences aren’t hurting anyone, and their inflated indignation likely stems from being hurt themselves.

  9. Drr6 says:

    Fucking hilarious. The “I’m a victim” mentality is ripe for ridicule.
    +10 for the reply above also.

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