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• 07.31.15 03:06 pm

GENERALLY women do not kick ass on that show. UNIVERSALLY of course, there are some women who do well but OVERALL it’s traditional gender roles over and over again. 

Nothing sums up the Dead Ovary Feminists of Jezebel more than the episode with Honora.

  1. raymi says:

    Okay I need to see this shit.

  2. ??? says:

    On the episodes I’ve seen, the man ended up getting into trouble because he would bypass good judgment in order to prove how manly he is, I.e. Drinking water without treating it first and coming down with a horrible parasitic illness. The men also have a tendency to over do it off the bat, demonstrating how amazing they are and get sun burn, sun stroke and heat stroke, leaving the woman to care for them. While I agree that the feminist ideology is always shattered on this show, the uber macho mans man also never makes it far. It takes more than just balls to thrive. Good show though.

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    The best women on the show are competent at technical crafts like weaving and making line and rope. They stay calm and don’t try to establish false riot girl dominance, working away at their crafts. In other words, they make useful stuff, which becomes the component elements of shelter, game traps, etc. Because they’re not immediately pulling the feminist bullshit, the man can settle down and get to business making red snapper in coconut sauce for dinner.

  4. Abe says:

    One more show I’m going to have watch. Alone is a good show, they wear clothes…

  5. Magnus says:

    Thanks Abe. Alone is a great show. Holy shit!

  6. Jiggaboo says:

    I too love this show, and the gender differences are obvious. i´m always dissapointed when the guy brings home a large quantity of goodies and doesnt get a blowj or something similar as a thanks. That´s obviously what happened in caveman days. This Honora was in an episode down here in Brazil, where someone told her putting a magnifying glass to water purifies it. Which in theory might be true, but in real life it isn´t practical or realistic. So she would sit for hours in the Brazilian desert sun “purifying” water.I live here, and this sun is UNFORGIVING for the darkest of skins. She was obviously Germanic, one of those whites with blonde eyebrows, and she literally sat in the sun until she passed out and stayed comatose for a few days. The sheer, unbelievably stupid high self esteem, and belief that they (modern western women) are invincible is unreal. It is dangerous too, she would probably walk right thru the ghetto, or a crack house, or isis territory thinking that she is street smart and hardy enough to make it through, but in reality she would just end up raped and dead. Oh, and she was also a cunt to the co-contestant the whole time and refused to speak to him for days on end, when it wuold be clearly advantageaous to work as a team.
    The fact that you are some kind of counterrevelutionary for stating what is so obvious, and until about 10 years ago(maybe mnore) widely known, shows a dead and suicidal society.

  7. Ailes says:

    Marx wasn’t wrong when he said, paraphrasing: “Ideology is shaped by the Ecology.”

    Meaning that, (a) “feminism” (that is, of the postmodern white/western annoying variety) doesn’t work in a pre-modern setting – just like (b) the caveman-way of doing things might not necessarily be the most appropriate way of doing things in the modern age.

    Now, (a) doesn’t have to mean “hurr durr women weak, just shut up and let me the man handle things”. It’s just that in such a survival situation we need to adapt to our individual aptitudes and cut out the useless drama bullshit – from either gender, btw, as there are also enough “tough guy”-fails who are just as annoying, in the opposite direction. The best people are those that don’t care to play “kick ass” but are resourceful and do what’s needed. I know I appreciate a girl that weaves baskets and collects fruits/insects more than some idiot who thinks he’s big hunter man and runs off in a circle.

    It’s even not so much a man/woman thing, as it is a modern(western) /native(tribal) thing. A jungle-indigenous female would still thrive in these situations (as they’re her everyday life) and be better at it than ANY western tourist man. Hell, the man should probably shut up and take lessons from her. She’d also have no time for any ego/ideology bullshit, it wouldn’t even occur to her, as she’s too busy doing what’s needed to survive.

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