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HJ Fountain
• 03.28.16 11:09 am


In the wake of the latest non-Islamic Islamic ISIS and ISIS-inspired attacks, the media has been in a frenzy to assure us that none of it has anything to do with Islam—that Great Religion of Peace—and mostly to do with… um, climate change, economic insecurity, something…

The root cause of Islamic terrorism is, of course, our “Islamophobic” reaction to Islamic terrorism. Go figure? Genius black guy host of Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show Larry Wilmore responded to the GOP’s rabid Islamophobia with this: “Go fuck yourselves, seriously.”

Indeed, Larry Wilmore is a fine voice of reason. It seems as though the dreaded plague of Islamophobia is everywhere where Muslims invade the West. It’s in Rotherham. It’s in Germany. It’s in Sweeden.

Only by our acceptance of Multiculturalism will we be able to embrace our own rape and conquest. It makes perfect sense. Thank God, I mean, Allah, that the Larry Wilmores of the world are willing to stand up to the bigoted forces pushing the notion that maybe Islam is kind of a bad idea. Have they given this year’s Nobel Peace Prize yet?

Yes, Islamophobia is a terrible thing. Never mind child sex slavery, female genital mutilation, killing gays, stoning women for being raped, bombing everywhere and all the other joys of Islam. Fear those who are against those things. They are bigots, they are Islamophobic. They don’t understand “Cultural Relativism.”


  1. Farook Jabooti says:

    We are being too ethnocentric. They have their way of doing things – and West has their way. Who is to say who is right? Let’s wait a few years and vote on this and we’ll see what happens, OK?

  2. Baba Booboo says:

    Naaaaaa according to the resident bridge tender its ALL because of the matzah ball lovers. No Israel, know peace. Allah snackbars to all.
    Piss be upon you.

  3. frank says:

    Neo-con alert, my Jewdar is making sophistry contacts. Keep them out of our house and stay out of theirs and let Israel loose and there will be no problems. We are responsible for the extremism and terrorism. 9-11 was the chickens coming home to roost. Islam is good for them. It works and keeps them in line. The women and children are collateral damage, but that’s the price of inbreeding. Their punishments are harsh but necessary. Don’t dis the prophet and they won’t kill you. TWMNBN are behind all of this. End of discussion.

  4. dun says:

    Can Larry faggot Wilmore take a goddamn picture without that motherfucking I’m just a goofy asshole smug dick-licking fucking fuck faggot cocksucking asslicking fuck.

  5. Bay says:

    It must be our fault.
    Middle easterns are not capable of long-term planning and strategy. They are not even half as smart as they act. Not by a long shot. Can’t really compete with the white man’s innate, mean, canny imperialism.
    They’re toddlers, really. We gave them scissors and told them to go have fun. Those poor things…

  6. STINKY says:

    My gf is a liberal. If she beats me to t.v. on workday mornings, it’s always a DVR’d rerun of “The Nightly Show” instead of “SportsCenter”. I can’t think of a less pleasant, more repellant libfag talking head than Wilmore. At least Jon Stewart could legit bust balls on occasion.

  7. dun says:

    STINKY, why you support that shitstain of a network ESPN anyway?.
    Sike, it’s your life.
    Sike, fuck Disney and all it’s subsidiaries.

  8. dun says:

    seriously, he’s gay.

  9. STINKY says:

    Sike, I like sports and fuck you.

  10. Dan of the Mole People says:

    I’ve always said, stick Syrian refugees in the Castro District and Northampton, MA and see how that petri dish of humanity goes.

  11. raymi says:

    I’m hungry.

  12. OogaBooga says:

    I know this really great place with the best MREs

  13. your dad says:

    If the Euromen think walking around in panties and high heels will save them, they’re getting what’s coming to them…

  14. Jew-Tron says:

    “Larry Wilmore” sounds like a recurring neighbor character on a crappy 80s sitcom (“This week on ‘Who”s The Boss’: Angela gets sexually assaulted by Larry the retarded eccentric neighbor.”) Btw ever notice how there aren’t any Islamic sitcoms

  15. Kram says:

    I propose we appoint the ubiquitously insufferable professional homosexual George Mr Zulu Takei as director of Muslim refugees coming to the USA.

    He is all over TV comparing the newcomers to his alleged plight as a Japanese American internee from WW II and complaining about the American bigotry. His poorly received Broadway show about his victim status closed a month earlier than scheduled.

    As an earlier poster says, open the Muslim refugee office in Castro or Northampton, put George in a locked room with 10 or so newcomers and see who survives

  16. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Black rape of white women is epidemic while white rape of black women is rare. I don’t think this man is understanding reality.

  17. Sniffy says:

    Muslim women have smelly butts and vaginas.

  18. PC -phobia says:

    The phobia narrative is always accepted unquestionably by those smeared by the brush. Think about it, I don’t have a rational concern about a World wide phenomenon of Islamic extremism and all the blood that’s been spilled, no I’m afraid of Muslims in the way a hypochondriac is afraid of germs, the way the uptight are claustrophobic, the way a schizophrenic sees and hears what’s not there. And yet one can sex-gender-LGBTabcxyz-identify as whatever they claim they are and if you don’t agree then that’s transphobic and increasingly actionable. So the Left has it both ways, they can look in the mirror and see a woman while we see a bearded man and that makes us phobic while they get to also call us phobic of a clear and present danger of “refugees” who can not possibly be vetted to determine whose who while Isis states they are hiding operatives among those refugees. The real motives behind the Cultural Marxist madness are more complex than what meets the eye. But rather than explain myself, I just say I’m an Islamophobe, pedophiliaphobe, pervertphobe, Naziphobe, Marxistphobe, Feminaziphobe, Assholephobe, racist, sexist, and so what and fuck off.

  19. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah! Destroy Iraq, which was the most secular country out there, in part so our excellent friends and allies in the House of Saud can carry on with all this shit you’re bitching about here.

  20. Muslim Lives Matter says:

    Thank you brother OogaBooga. We appreciate your solidarity. Keep up the good fight against our mutual enemy. The truth keeps bombing on — Allahu Akbar!!!

  21. OogaBooga says:

    America first, boychick.

  22. Transracially bi-sex Dilma Rouseff da Lula says:

    He’s not black. He’s alien-gray colored.
    I found his “people”:

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