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  1. Tacobelle Johnson says:

    Gavin should use his art world connections and get some sculptors to create a Joe Biden statue, then have some P-boys placing it right behind her as if naughty Joe is admiring what he’s about to consume.

  2. That little voice inside says:

    ^ now THAT would be some truly controversial art piece.
    Does anyone even remember that art used to make the intellectual bourgeois run away in shock?
    I don’t because I was born after cultural marxists took over both the upper and the lower crusts of society in every single major cultural urban center.

  3. If anyone in my tree house club had suggested “Proud Boys” as a group name, he’d have been pronounced “faggy” and sentenced to a week-long ban by the tribunal.

  4. Dear Proud Boys, I am on a mission as ambassador from Uranus. Here is the message I wish to share.

    We are gay aliens
    We come in peace

    We traveled inconspicuously
    to your world through intergalactic
    pods or wombs

    Our host who nurtured us
    had the wisdom to know
    that we were not like
    other humans

    Our hosts protected us
    in our infancy
    and from the men
    who thought
    they fathered us

    These same men were
    the first of many
    to hate and hurt us

    They called us names
    like faggot and sissy

    We the gay aliens
    Who come in peace

    Were confused
    and hurt by their
    but we still love them

    We were falsely
    accused of beguiling
    drinking the blood
    and mutilating animals and children
    to propagate our race

    But that is not our mission
    We come in peace

    Some of us did
    not complete our
    mission because
    we prematurely
    killed ourselves

    Some of us did
    not complete our
    mission because
    we internalize
    the hate of the
    world for us

    We were drunken
    from firewater
    ingested too many small white pellets
    screwed with no avail

    We forgot
    Who we were
    And why we are here

    We are the gay aliens
    We are legions
    Hidden among you

    We are a gift to humanity
    And we come in peace

  5. The REAL OOGABOOGA says:

    The alien jews work by a method of turning one’s own power against one’s self. This is done from self guilt, self deception, and the robbing of sense and insight. That is based strictly upon spiritual ignorance. So long spiritual ignorance exists, all problems of humanity will persist and worsen everyday.

    All of the ignorance is based upon the Rabbi Jesus, who is nothing less than what the Torah itself indicates any jewish infiltrator should be. Unclear past, an inbred (eventhough the bible openly states he was 100% jewish in all ways, people are still doing “historical gymnastics” over it), someone copying the culture of the host nation/race they want to infiltrate – someone that causes confusion to a high degree and is acting “Goyish” enough to be accepted. Rabbi Jesus is not the first incident either. The jews have done this for centuries to Gentiles through any and all ways.

    According to the Torah, Egypt was destroyed by a jew. The jews, knowing the wife of the Pharaoh would never kill a child, had a child in which they pushed onto the river in a basket. This was to be known as “Moses”. So little Moses was fetched by the Pharaohs’ wife and suddenly made it into the Pharaoh’s family. Little Moses learned the arts of the Egyptians and acted completely Egyptian. One day, the jews came and when they met the Jew, the Jewish genes in him did sort of like flourish and awaken. Suddenly little Jew turned into a morbid beast that destroyed the whole of Egypt and the whole race from where it parasitized from. Little Moses who was a harmless baby, now would seal the tomb and coffin of the Egyptians. And of course sided with jews in a heartbeat, and they decimated the “Goyim” accordingly. Now this is metaphorical story, but conveys the message of how the jews act.

    Rabbi Jesus is another agent in the same exact way. Uncertain story, talking from two sides of the mouth, savior and slaver at the same time, spiritual master but telling the “Goyim” to not dare to touch anything spiritual or occult at all. Because these are for the Jews and “Goyim” who practice that stuff will not be liked by Jehova, His Father, and they will be killed eternally. So just let Rabbi Jesus do it for you, shall you?

    Of course, anything that happens, like Little Moses, was never a mistake of the Rabbi Jesus. Who was circumsiced, observed the hebrew Sabbath, studied the Torah, said he is going to fullfill the Torah, partook in “Pesach” and the “Passover”. Like the hoax of the 6 trillion, Jewsus started getting an existence of its own as an occultified myth.

    Cohencidentally, all the high moments of powers of the jews in history were marked by the spreading, and empowerment of Christianity. Roman empire fell- Christianity was the primary religion of the Roman Empire. Middle Ages? Christianity had a rule all over Europe. Massive European wars? Christianity was the official religion of all these states. WW1, WW2? Christianity was again rampant in all the “civilized world”. Shoah Bussiness at its finest.

    Look at the Vatican. Look at Christianity in general and the insane amounts of shekels these jews and their Shabbos Goyim servants do have in possession. Did you last check that Israel’s multibillion dollar industry is based on “Christian Tourism” where “Goyim” go to see where “Da Lord Jewsus itself” took a dumb in Galilee? Of course then, they go to the Holohoax Museum and pay some money to see 6 trillion Shrunken Heads. Then they go to the movies to watch some “Denial” movie, or “The Rise of Evil”. At night they have a stomach ache, so they follow “Dr Metzuvah Beria” diet to feel better. They take their prescribed medication and relax where they see their (((News))) at night. After that they pray to “Da Lawd”, give them their emotional power and love, and then they go to sleep for yet another day of gruesome work.

    What’s wrong in this? Nothing really. If there is something wrong then its everyone else’s fault than Rabbi Jewsus’s. Must be Satan or Hitler, or something. Must be us being born sinners since birth. Must be that Planet Saturn gave a big fart and fucked up global Karma. Must be the aeon, must be this, must be that. Never Rabbi Jesus or his Chosenites though.


    Not only Rabbi Jesus is an imaginary product, but he sells damn good. He opens gates to states, he opens gates to finances, he opens even the goddamn gate to the mass unconscious of humanity for the jews to do their magick in. Rabbi Jesus opened the souls of humanity to the jews. “Give thy heart to me, Goy”. As Rabbi Kaduri stated, one of the greatest Rabbis in Jewish history until now, the name of the Savior is “Yashua”/”Jesus”. And definitely Jesus has saved their ass! Are you found for your heinous crimes against society, Mr Jew? Well, Rabbi Jesus said we shall not kill, European Brothers. Export them from the country. So here they are again to rape you just a month after this. And this is repeated until the end of the aeons! Jesus REALLY is the Savior of the Jews. None of the Torah Upholders has done SO MUCH GOOD to the jewish race. Thank jesus for real!

    The jews are taught these stories since infancy, and they are taught how important their religions are to them. Its well documented in jewish tradition, that at the same age Aryan or other babies of the planet eat their mothers milk, the jews read the Torah to the jews, so by the age of 5 they have memorized whole pages of it. Their first words may even be “i love rabbi yashua”, who knows? While they teach their children judaism, they teach also their children that the “Goyim” Controller is the Islam and the Christianity that naive and spiritually blind people believe in. They know the deal. Of course, they learn the master key of the deal as they grow up. That all of htis is just money making biz all in all, and then, internal judaism and spiritual practices. They are therefore vested to become the little “kings” they are supposed to be, like “King David” from the bible.

    While all the “Goyim” parents teach their children servitude to the jews, that money is the root of all evil, and all this inferior Rabbi Jewsus garbage, guess what the jews teach their children:

    After they are taught how they will be Kings like King David, who will never have to work, etc, they are taught how to wipe out inferior, non Jewish life from the head of the planet. As such many of these become Christian ministers, Cohencidentally.

    Don’t worry. They have been taught the art of lying into the Yeshiva, which is a school specilizing in “Goyim” Swindling, and Torah study:

    And of course, violence, gun ownership, and all the other “No no no’s bcz jewsus will punish you for the Goyim”:

    To give you an instance, how did the jews start amassing all these horrendous amounts of wealth? Well, Christianity preaches to people that they cannot go to jewish heaven if they are rich, while Islam preaches to the “goyim” over here that they cannot give loans with interest or anything like that. Money lending, was supposedly fought against by Rabbi Jesus Christ. So thanks to the story of Rabbi Jesus, the “Goyim” now are going to stay away from managing finances and money lending. This retarded philosophy reached even the highest courts in Europe and all over the world. So what was the result of this? Nobody handled money and all money was given to the jews to handle. That way, jews got in their hands the money supply of all nations, countries and states. Through this, they established banks. Being jews and being an international entity with their own language, they created global control from this thing. Who opened the gates for this? Rabbi Jesus and his Holohoax memorial story.

    There is a HISTORICAL TERM of this, so that we “GOYIM” can know something from our own history. Its called “A COURT JEW”:

    In the early modern period, a court Jew, court factor or Sheckler (German: Hofjude, Hoffaktor) was a Jewish banker who handled the finances of, or lent money to, European royalty and nobility. In return for their services, court Jews gained social privileges, including in some cases being granted noble status. Court Jews were needed because prohibitions against usury applied to Christians, but did not apply to Jews. ”

    “Thank Rabbi Jesus for that, Amen!”- Some Random Kike right now

    Now let’s go into the spiritual department. Once upon a time, even nowadays in a watered down version in India, people would meditate, practice spirituality, and grow into awareness. To the point this manifested the golden age from which we have all the things we have today. Agriculture, art, literature, language, sciences, philosophy, technology, and everything else that makes man different from animal. People used to actively meditate to clean themselves of spiritual impurity that comes from existence, and to generally ward of existential negativity that comes as part of existing. The jews at some point of course intervened, and they created a hoax character who told the “Goyim” that he is going to “cleanse them of sin” and everything just by the press of a magical button called “prayer”. Its sort of like a marketing product. Like anything, the jews promise easy solutions to the “Goyim”, that play on the part of the brain that makes one open to daydreaming.

    “Take this easy program and next month you will be a trillionaire! Rabbi Nathanan Shekelstein Confirms!”

    “Take Rabbi Jesus as your personal savior and you will forever exist in Eternal life! Rabbi Menorah Shabba Confirms!”

    Then they put a “goyim” to say about all the supreme experiences they have. “Oh I followed Rabbi Nathanan Shekelstein’s program! I am a trillionaire now!”
    “Oh I followed Rabbi Jesus as my personal savior and now I can levitate three feet off the floor! Never felt happier! Take Rabbi Jesus as your personal savior too!”.

    What do these instances have in common? They are both lies, both are unrealistic, both are jewish, and both prey on the same part of the human brain that is called the “instant gratification” or the wishy washy mechanism as we can call it. Its that type of mechanism that arises from retardiation and makes people think that the universe can be made from the fart of a jew. Because why not? Jews said so.

    This escalated in thousands of years, and Rabbi Jesus who happens to be the “Savior of the Jewish Race” in an occultified-copy of Aryan Divinities before him, started gaining ground. So what is the outcome? Nobody meditates, society went downhill, people and races died, and we are now departing from the most spiritually blind era that has ever existed. Race mixing threatens to destroy all the creations of the Gods of this planet. This climaxed on the Middle ages, where all civilization simply died off for a while.

    Christianity of course allows race mixing, and tells you to go where “love” gets you. Love, think like a monkey, give your money, enjoy sickness, love your own death. Of course, this must be a GENTILE program guys. It was hijacked by the jews. Yes, for everything bad the kikes do, however obvious, there is always a blame shift. Oh you know the Almighty God couldn’t control his own program, so jews overtook it. Poor God… Rabbi Jesus must be, in his all power, be crying his menorah off.

    While the jews are ALWAYS blameless, the blame for EVERYTHING always goes to the “GOYIM”.

    You “Goyim” are so retarded that (((God))) had to kill his own son to clean you from his sins that (((God))) himself created. We jews are the intermediates. We need your powers of production, money and wealth to establish institutions for this purpose. Give us your money. Please let us teach you how you are going to be saved cause you are retards. A jew will do this for you. Now believe. This is Christianity in one sentence.

    Well guess what. Rabbi Jesus succeeded in his infiltration mission, like Moses, in the unconscious, culture and reality of the Whites and all Races on the planet. This character was created for just a few purposes.

    1. Infiltration of the “Goyim” on a cultural and even physical level (As if we accept Rabbi Jesus, lets accept other jews within our midst as well for they can be good)
    2. Reinstating false morals, attitudes, and neutralizing the spiritual powers of the “Goyim” (Robbing Awareness, slave morality etc)
    3. Teach servitude to the Jews (God is a jew, so we must obey the jews)
    4. Act as an antenna for faith energy and mass belief, so that the “Goyim” are bound forever by their own belief into a jewish character. (Jewsus will return, charge the thoughform for his return)

    Why do the jews “hate” jesus? First of all, they consider him a lowlife, worthles and unworthy to be their leader. Simply because he is a sorry retard. Any Rabbi would obviously point that out. The jews have higher standards than the retarded “Goyim” who are awaiting a fake character to “save” them from his own jewishness. Even in their own lying story, they won’t tolerate a retarded savior. They want the absolute best for their race. They won’t settle down with “Jewsus”.

    Meanwhile, the “Goyim” can use this ficticious asswipe of the jews of course. Because they are left CULTURELESS FROM THE JEWISH ADVANCES ANYWAY! ANYTHING WILL DO! Give Rabbi Jesus to them!

    That’s the jewish thinking.

    Rabbi Jesus is considered nothing indeed as the Jews know he doesn’t exist, but like the Holohoax and all the other lies they have created, like how they once had the “Temple of Jerusalem” but was destroyed, they believe their own lies. In their inner core they know its all a joke. False history if believed and acted as if real, if the “Goyim” are naive enough to believe it, will produce the outcomes of as if it was real. Now, the Jews have a nation from this stolen from the poor palestinians. Easy peasy. Jews laugh and prosper.

    Rabbi Jewsus is nothing but a jewish asswipe, from all stand points one can see the issue. Even if one is naive enough to believe he has existed, Rabbi Jewsus did nothing. He was worthless even to his own jews. In Truth he didn’t even exist, however, even the hoax of his existence destroyed the planet. All Rabbi Jewsus does is ensure dominance, power, and jewish subversion of culture, global life, and endless shekels for the Jews. Rabbi Jewsus also established the Mercy bussiness that didn’t exist prior to its own hoaxed existence. From this Israel gained a state, From this Whites are not taking rapefugees within their countries, from this 1/3 of Europeans died in the bubonic plague for accepting jews in, who threw the diseased bodies into the water supplies of Europeans.

    Reparations, 6000000000, Rabbi Jesus as your personal lord and savior, An easy Stock Market system that will make you rich in 5 minutes, Do you want a huge loan with just 10% interest in it? All of that is the Torah, all of this is jewish created, all of this follows and breeds upon the Torah which is the pattern with which.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Man, fake me… I really got your goat, didn’t I? I almost feel bad. Almost.


    I give you purpose and you give me chuckles. XOXO

  8. OogaBooga says:

    Hey fake me, something to read when you’re lonely:

  9. OogaBooga says:

    Once again, your attempts to fool people into thinking you are me will always fall flat. Why would I leave a link to an article about child molestation committed by Christians? I, Ooga Booga, wouldn’t link a shopworn piece like that. In retaliationI for your attempts to steal my identity, I always link articles like the one below. So keep it up, it’s a great way to draw attention to really important issues.

    (Dig this title, man! It’s pretty hard to doubletalk that one away, guys. Amiright, or what?)

    ****Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi****

  10. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “The statue has touched hearts across the world with its symbo…”

  11. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “The statue has touched hearts across the world with its symbo…”

  12. OogaBooga says:

    That little Anne Frank looky like would be as effective against the Bull that represents Global Financial Capitalism as the real one was against Nazi Germany.
    The other day a Jewy looking bro romanced the cold hearted bitch and triggered all of Feminazidom as cries of “rape culture” caterwauled off the cavern walls of Wall Street. Too bad it wasn’t a Mexican rapist who would have whipped it out and really desecrated the little “her me roar” whore.
    Probably the only lesson to be drawn from this is that Wall Street is fuxated. But we knew that already, didn’t we?


  13. OogaBooga says:

    The above is not me, as any true Ooga Booga fan instantly knows. I’m inimitable because truly imitating me would be a victory for me: 😉

  14. Stabby says:


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