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• 01.29.10 01:36 pm

I just finished reading this amazing biography of Hillary Clinton and my mind was blown wide open by her-story.

I just finished reading this amazing biography of Hillary Clinton and my mind was blown wide open by her-story. This lady has suffered the same trials and tribulations of women throughout the world, endlessly bonking her head on the proverbial glass ceiling while still managing to come out of it all, unconcussed. Not only that, she also manages to come out of it with two scoops of Girl Power in her bowl of cereal each and every day. It was a bit of a slog getting through this tome but by the end I not only had more respect for women, I was also less frightened of reading in general. I for one will be continuing this series of books that are not afraid to tackle the hard issues. Really great stuff.
Check out some of these candid photos that catch her during defining moments in her tumultuous yet inspiring career:

This is when she turned into a demon for a few days because women in positions of power are evil bitches. Did not know that.

The poster from the time she mud-wrestled Obama

The time she had an orgy with both male AND female senators; really interesting shit.


  1. she’s sort of like a left wing sarah palin. expect to hear more from this lady America

  2. ew ( 4 REALZ, YO ) says:

    ^ i’ve been sayin that for years!!THEY’RE THE SAME PERSON!!! Thats why u never see them together!!

  3. dry rub says:

    When I saw a stack of these a comic book shop in Boston I couldn’t believe they were real.

  4. Your Dad says:

    Hillary Clinton is a high ranking Luciferian occultist and a member of the satanic Illuminati (even higher ranking than Bill!). She is a powerful witch and she is depraved.

    Her sexual orientation actually leans toward lesbianism — she plays out her perversely violent sexual fantasies on Monarch mind controlled slaves in private.

    She can go ahead and sue me, your ole dad, for slander if it’s a lie. Otherwise c ya in court!

  5. Billy Cox says:

    i hate that ugly liberal cunt. at least sarah palin is hot and personable, hillary is an ugly old commie troll with the personality of a dog turd

  6. jackie stallone says:

    she’d be a better president prob ably though soz america. but don’t get me wrong I like that the black guy got it. this comic reminds me of the anti child molesting comic starring spiderman and another story featuring “power pack”? or fab fivesome or something like that. it had a female babysitter molesting a little boy.. shit was good. anyway they both had a story and I learned that comics are more realistic than books

  7. jackie stallone says:

    yeah this shit

    marvel is weird with shit like this pedophile special

  8. seriously says:

    would it have killed you to do an “image > rotate canvas > 90 degrees clockwise” on the picture you used for this on the home page?

  9. The Hils says:

    Yeah she’s like Sarah Palin in the fact that she is a woman…..that’s about it…..idiot

  10. Canadave says:

    Derrick posts some weird shit sometimes that no one’s really that interested in, but everyone still checks it out anyways cause we all consider him the cool laid back black dad from down the street who you know smokes a shit ton of weed and you saw him at that concert that one time when you were 18.

  11. The Real New Yorker says:

    He’s spent his entire life editing late night and daytime TV (and he doesn’t really have a knack for editing). He’s like a single mom mixed with a hermit.

  12. fudge says:

    I worship the dudes editing. I know about 20 guys in editing who name him as an influence. I think it’s people who think everything is easy as easy as they assume, that shit on other people. Like being and Astronaut. It’s so easssyyyy.

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