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Street Carnage
• 04.25.17 06:31 am

Feminism isn’t dedicated to giving women equal rights anymore, as much as it’s about making men less masculine. This has caused males to become more depressed and even start killing themselves at a higher rate. It’s not just masculinity that feminism is at war with, though. Now, it’s become hell-bent on destroying tradition and the family. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Ben says:

    Feminism is bad? Wow, Gavin. You’re coming up with new hot ideas every day! How do you do it you pedo loving genius?!

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Tradition and the family. Certainly can relate to that. My marriage life and relationships ruined, all because traditional marital roles have been subverted by the proverbial snake in the grass. Ever since THE ORIGINAL CUNT, my great great great……….grand mother EVE sneakily suckered Adam into rebelling against God, because she listened to the cunning ventriloquist speaking through the Black Snake Moaning, and found his message of “You can be like God, knowing good and bad” appealing, and then CUNTINGLY persuaded her huspandly lord by appealing to a Man’s biggest weakness – his one-eyed snake, well, like the chaotic flap of a butterfly’s wings, the events were set in motion that doomed my future marriage life. Hence the reason for my lonely vicarious keyboard life here on Street Carnage. My obsession with the Jews stems from the childhood reading of the Old Testament where I learned the genesis of my coming failures with females. When the time came and they failed me due to possessing the same unsubmissive spirit of – “THE ORIGINAL CUNT” – I realized that EVE was THE ORIGINAL JEW WORLD WRECKER who murdered MANKIND by losing Paradise, Perfection, and Eternal Life. Adam became the ORIGINAL CUCK by listening to her and forfeiting his and our relationship as Son’s of God and instead became Son’s of Bitches. Satan – the Black Snake Moaning, was the ORIGINAL MANDINGO who miscegenated Adam’s offspring – The Human Race – by inseminating EVE – THE ORIGINAL WHORE – who betrayed her huspand and CUNTINGLY produced THE MISCEGENATED HUMAN MUD RACE of SATAN’S BASTARD’S.
    This explains faggotry, wife beating, rape, bestiality, pornography, misogyny, widow burning, bisexuality, bitch slapping, R. Kelly, golden showers, gang rape………..

  3. Casual Observer says:

    Gavin is as obsessed with masculinity as OogaBooga is with da Jeeeeeew. Hahahahahahaha too funny.
    Funny how losers project their insecurities and failures so transparently. Gavin’s is expressed most vividly by his personal childrens crusade called Proud Boys. This little army of flesh & blood cock puppets (not Oogabooga’s alter-ego’s) he sends in to do battle against the antifa, represents his fantasy come to life of being a virile warrior in command of his life and his wife. Most sad ball sacks settle for S&M porn to compensate for their lack of success in the sack or marriage. The ex-godfather of hipsterdom though ain’t no ordinary hen-pecked huspand. Of course when General Proud Boy goes home he instantly gets demoted to private Gomer Piles sitting on the only throne he commands in his household – his toilet bowl.
    OogaBooga explains himself up above though I’ll add I suspect he’s a self-hating Jew who links his minute penis with his circumcision at the hands of a blind mohel in his turgid imagination.

  4. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “Canadian journalist tries to breastfeed a stranger’s baby at a party”

    What do you think of that, Mantan Moreland?…

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Speaking of Adam Carolla and Sweden here’s Dolph Lundgren (native Swede) talking about how much he hates his native country…

  6. BEBE says:

    HEBES!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Donkey Puncherelo says:

    Gavin, you are not an attractive woman, but you are hotter than almost every feminist that I know.

  8. raymi says:

    how about shut up

  9. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Isn’t masculinity toxic, therefore environmentally, mentally, emotionally incorrect? Which is worse, Islamic masculinity or Bull Dyke butchness? How about leather S&M ball-gag fags vs dominatrixs? In the name of egalitarianism should we all just 69?
    It’s all just so confusing.

  10. dick lubin says:

    Stop bitching Gavin and accept that we are evolving. This so-called war is nothing more than the obsolescence of old evolutionary masculine traits that no longer are useful and are actually quite toxic like a useless ruptured appendix. Woman up cave man or your going the way of the Dodo bird you silly boy.

  11. Alec Peanas says:

    ^ “dick”
    Actually you’re Ass backwards dick wad. Our reach of technology exceeds our grasp of adaptation. For example, the A.I. revolution threatens to make Luddites of us all. The tool maker cannot mutate fast enough to keep up with the consequences of his creations. What good comes from a fragmented social landscape where our genetic imperatives are rendered impotent in the face of post modern MAN? The lack of balance between what we’re capable of doing as opposed to what we ought to do has never been so stark. A society with purposeless males is a sure recipe for roving gangs of anarchists.

  12. Caitlyn Jenner says:

    Frankly, I don’t know which way to go on this topic….

  13. definitelymaybe says:

    This is actually an argument for Sharia law. Islam is the taming of the shrew, and feminism is as much an affront to our evolutionary history as is dead-end homosexuality. There’s always been genetic defects throughout nature, but they have always been negligible due to the overwhelming effects of DNA code steering the species. The Human mutation is the first self ignoring code that overrides itself to its own peril. The code remains, but is in conflict with a self-aware consciousness that is very clever, but not very wise in that it ignores the CODES eons of development under the pressures of adaptation – short sighted.

  14. dsfgsdfgsdf says:

    Where does a Cock muppet fit in this conversation. I mean since we don’t actually have genitalia, and are merely social constructs in the mind of a no-life loser, does our opinions amount to anything more than a reach around? Just asking.

  15. A WOKE! OogaBooga says:

    Calm down dsfgsdfgsdf. You have your role to play in my scheme of things, so don’t be a malcontent. We’re fags so couldn’t care less about a war on masculinity by a bunch of smelly fish -yawn.

  16. A WOKE! OogaBooga says:

    ……except for raymi who I care for deeply and she’s no man-hating feminist.

  17. Vladimir Puttin' a dildo up my ass says:

    The proud boys are so FUCKING based…wow…western chauvinism…standing up for the things that really matter like sticking dildoes up your ass, frenching squinty faggots and shilling for the shekelbergs and Trump….how is that wall coming along? You are so brave to take on islam and feminism, Gavin. But let me ask, can a Muslim be a proud boy as long as he is a western chauvinist like you? I mean it doesn’t really matter if the West is actually populated with westerners…aka whites…race is just a construct…replace a billion Chinese with a billion Africans and you still have a billion chinese…as long as you teach the niggers to speak Chinese and use chopsticks right? White people aren’t required for western culture…all you need is proud boys that embrace Jewish weimar values that punch right if the fellow goyim get too uppity.

  18. Sheep says:

    That’s my big question for people like Gavin, Jim Goad, Ann Coulter, Kathy Schaidle and others: You people can’t possibly be in support of Jeb The Shit Stain Satanic Reptile Bush? Right? I mean, you have to at least agree that he and his entire family are complete criminals and total traitors to the Constitution. Every last blood relative of that scumbag group of Monarchical criminals needs to get the fuck out of our country or go to jail. And I’m willing to concede the same should be done to the Criminal Clintons too. But, do you people actually have empathy for that piece of shit and his awful policies that only engorge the .001% global Monarchy? The guy is such a lizard shit stain that I can’t get on board with your politics because it will ultimately only feed his shitty campaign and ruinous agenda. Here’s the ticket you guys can bet on: Donald Trump as the cult of personality figure head with Jeb! The Shit Stain as the true power VP. And, we the people who sip and lean a little to the left are gonna be stuck with the Satanic Dyke Hilary as the power top with Bernie the populist, vote attracting cuckhold, impotent, taxaholic as VP. We are all fucked in this next election….

  19. runswithfarts says:

    I need masculanism so I won’t feel any shame about my sweat pant boners.

  20. Ecgtheow says:

    Could you imagine feminism in the Dark Ages? Death by laughter would’ve been a pandemic claiming more lives than plague.

  21. Everything is Politics says:

    I see this website is a collection of idiots lamenting the days when minorities were subservient and women were in the kitchen. I’ll be here more often.

  22. raymi says:

    Thanks for being WOKE OogaBooger

  23. OogaBooga(er) says:

    Eeeeeeeeeer ur welcome me queen raymi👅👀🌷

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