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Street Carnage
• 05.09.17 11:21 am

The idea that women are exactly the same as men isn’t helping women out all too much. If anything, it’s putting them in danger. Telling them to pursue a career in the military, police force, or fire department is not only putting them in danger, it’s kinda screwing the rest of us over too. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. meech says:

    hey fag gavin no one fucking cares tell me something i don’t know and guess what fuckface YOU are the fucking problem i wanna be responsible for the end of this fag street carnage website what fucking bullshit

  2. meech says:

    maybe if there was no such thing as rape people wouldn’t give a flying fuck about something this stupid..thanks buddy you’re guilty as charged

  3. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Yes, Gavin has said all this before but it bears repeating. Until the other side stops screaming “patriarchy” and “gender is a social construct” then we shouldn’t shut up either.
    Why didn’t this woman’s male companions walk her home? She probably refused. She’s been taught that the “straight white male” is the most evil creature on Earth. She feared them more than she feared a large urban area in the wee small hours of the morning. Some people have to learn the hard way. Gavin mentioned Amanda Kijera’s Haitian rape fantasy come to life. He mentioned Pippa Bacca’s hitchhiking trip through Turkey. You can Google others. Antifa Lacy MacAuley’s Turkish Muslim boyfriend who gave her some real S&M because I guess the roleplay kind just wasn’t doing it for her anymore. And then there’s Daniela Greene, the FBI translator with a high security clearance, who went to Syria and married rapper-turned-ISIS recruiter. Mrs. Greene was already married to a US soldier at the time. She says she “regrets” it but she’s also living in a Muslim neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. It’s fuckin hilarious and true. The United States has already demographically fucked itself so why not have a laugh.

  4. Asshole says:

    Gavin’s marriage = 💩

  5. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    I say rape, you say rap, it’s all contextual when you get down to it. The great thing about Muslim, African, and Central American immigration, and American gangster rap culture, is it forces middle and upper class feminists to confront their White VAGINAL privilege. Their sisters in the 3rd World, Western No-Go-Zones and ghettos get FGM’d, Muslim gang banged and groomed, honor killed, acid bath plastic surgery, raped, pimped, bitch slapped while these sheltered, pampered victims of the (((Western-White)-(metro-sexual)-(beta-Socialist)-(Homo-Whimpus-MAN))) have been deprived of skin in the game.
    There’s nothing funnier than watching Hollywood bimbo celebrities who convert and wear hijab, and thousands of angry lunatic bitches who march and cackle like chickens while praising the virtues of Islam. I say open the floodgates and let the raping commence. That’s the only way feminism will be eradicated. When our Cunts come begging for protection, I for one will laugh and say “Bitch, that’s hate speech, how dare you disparage our Muslim brothers you Islamophobic-xenophobic-racist-sexist-(anti-multicultural)-Nazi-Hater!!!
    Then I’ll proceed to live up to my names sake.

  6. Feminist Obsession ~ a fragrance by ~ McInnis says:

    At least Roosh V is funny and has practical tips for whore mongers. All I hear from Gavin is whining.

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