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• 04.30.09 12:14 pm

I gotta say, it was a little disturbing to see how many people were eager to fight me. Everyone from a vegan in Britain to the MMA murderer who sings for Oxbow. Even the gays rallied together and found someone.

Winner: Eric

I gotta say, it was a little disturbing to see how many people were eager to fight me. Everyone from a vegan in Britain to the MMA murderer who sings for Oxbow. Even the gays rallied together and found some friend of a friend that would like to kill me (below). Though I appreciate all your hard work, I can’t resist returning to someone I already fought so’s I can right the wrong he did me years ago. His name is Eric and I’ll be flying to San Francisco tomorrow at noon to show him who’s boss. We will be filming this private fight and televising it on the site as a pay-per-view. If I live we will definitely make this a regular thing.

Runner Up 1: Eugene

Runner Up 2: Atticus

  1. maurice del taco says:

    damn nigga swole

  2. JuCIFER says:

    Whut, you can take that bitch… KICK HIS ASS SEABASS

  3. imyar says:

    i am scared for you

  4. Dr. Ewlittle says:

    Sexiest giraffe ever, a 10

  5. uncleDADDy says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    atticus is hotticus.

  7. Sonny says:

    lets get a beer while you’re in SF I got some great boner spots for you

  8. Mr. Cruel says:

    Christ, my kid brother has been training with some amateur MMA guys. We’re both in our 20s and he’s far too eager to prove that he can kick my ass, which he can. But I don’t know what he wants, right? I can’t wrestle him like in the olden days, his training and the 40 or so pounds he has on me makes that a joke. If I belt him one of those brotherly-sparring punches, he’s either going to shrug it off or get really pissed at me. My only recourse is to punch him, as hard as I can right in the fucking face, and hope that it incapacitates him. Is this what he wants?

    Dear SBTVC,

  9. dont break ur hip gramps

  10. 100 bucks says says:

    Where is this going down???

  11. fizzlebottom says:

    instead of pay per view it should be fucking free. i dont want to pay to watch you get your ass kicked

  12. bob "broken high heel, drunk bitches" barker says:

    i love you like a play cousin

    dont let that ^^^^^ happen to YOU gavin. it would be embarrassing and we dont want you to start stinking of pussy

  13. Homeless. says:

    Hey Mr. Cruel,

    Knock your little brother the fuck out, its the most responsible thing you can do as an old brother.

  14. Homeless. says:

    Bob “you asshole” barker

    Thanks for the link ya dick! i couldnt close that vid box soon enough and almost threw up.

  15. NiggerTits says:

    He has such a wonderful—punch my face off—look about him.

  16. Satan Davis Jr. says:

    so it won’t be a regular thing then?

  17. vegan jules says:

    to be honest Gavin. I’d probably cry if I hit you with my reportedly “harder than anyone’s ever been hit punches” and killed you. You’re basically my father.

  18. SHITCOCK says:

    Pay per view? Come ON, I’m not a closeted homo who can only beat off while watching UFC for fear someone would discover my stash if I bought real gay porn.

  19. I bob for beans says:

    Make sure you wear a cup, eat a power bar and bow out gracefully before the first round.

  20. srsly says:

    ^^ Laughing my ass off at that one!

  21. blobbing says:

    paying to watch this would be bullshit…

  22. anonymous says:


  23. Carlos says:

    Man, I wouldn’t even try to fight Atticus Lish. He’s a monster.

  24. Krystal says:

    You’re gonna beat his ass!!! Destroy that pussy. That total worthless biotch.

    The when he’s on the ground bleeding teabag his face.

  25. Vane$$a says:

    Win or lose, don’t forget to get your post-fight hugga bugga.

  26. The Bedroom Athlete says:

    Strangle the shit out of him. Get that fucker in a guillotine choke. I can’t wait to watch this.

  27. fuck says:

    oh what the fuck i really wanted you to fight a girl

  28. fuck says:

    pick me asshole

  29. Adam says:

    Were you going to fight a fucking giraffe?! Now that’s entertainment. I would pay to watch that.

  30. fuck says:

    i hate today, i actually hated this idea from the beginning, i wish i was chosen

  31. Tom Green says:

    Gavin, if this fight is gonna be anything like the first time you fought Meathead, you should give me a call. Drinks at the uptown?- tom

  32. ZLUR says:

    Fight yourself!

    Isnt that the hardest battle?

    You know it!

  33. Jetpack says:

    Yeah, I think the giraffe would be an honorable opponent.

  34. Mark says:

    Is this just boxing, or is there grappling and kicking allowed? I thought the challenge was for a boxing match.

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