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• 11.26.12 10:29 am

So, let me get this straight: Some random broad sees a sign that says “Silence and Respect” so she does the opposite for a Facebook picture and now she’s out of a job?

Turns out, she committed this sin at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and everyone found this so outrageous, they harassed her employer until both Lindsey Stone (the girl in the picture) and the one who took it were fired. Has everyone lost their goddamned mind? It’s a sign joke. Like posing with your dog under a “No Dogs Allowed” sign or chugging a beer next to a “No Drinks Beyond This Point” sign. They included this detail in their apology

We never meant any disrespect to any of the people nationwide who have served this country and defended our freedom so valiantly. It was meant merely as a visual pun, intending to depict the exact opposite of what the sign said, and had absolutely nothing to do with the location it was taken or the people represented there.

Cue everyone getting on their high horse and telling us about “consequences.” That’s what drives me nuts about these cases. This woman worked with the handicapped. She made a dumb joke that deserved a slap on the wrist and now her and her friend are unable to do that job anymore? Why? Because they’ll give blind people the finger? I honestly find it chilling how quick people are to get into this mob mentality of “serves you right” without a second thought.

Which is why I’m still pissed about this anti-Muslim guy going to jail. Check out the comments here. Everyone is thrilled some loser is in jail for a year because he violated his parole. They say…

“He violated the terms of conditional release”

“I’m pretty sure your parole officer is going to take a real good look at what you’ve been up to when you decide to make yourself the center of an international controversy.”

“He got his due process.”

Dear pussies on both sides of the spectrum,

You shouldn’t lose your job for making a tasteless joke. You should get bawled out until you cry. You shouldn’t go to jail because you offended someone. In fact, there should be no punishment for that whatsoever. Now, before you go telling me about some fucking “terms of conditional release,” I’d like to scream…

1-THE GOVERNMENT PROMISED AN ARREST BEFORE THEY EVEN KNEW WHO THIS GUY WAS! That means they knew they’d be able to dig up something and they could do the same if it was any of us because everything is illegal.

2- Yes he committed bank fraud. Fuck him. This isn’t about him. The point is he was prosecuted for that crime and was on parole. He obeyed his parole except for this one tiny detail. He used a fake name. He didn’t do this to rip people off or steal an identity (as was the purpose of the rule). He did it to NOT DIE. WHEN THEO VAN GOGH USED HIS REAL NAME, HE GOT A DAGGER IN HIS FUCKING CHEST!

How did we get here? Some woman gives a sign the finger and she’s told she can no longer devote her life to helping the handicapped? Are conservatives so gay about everything they think that’s fair? Liberals are even worse. They’re so happy some guy who made fun of Muslims is in jail, they don’t even care why.

I find both these punishments pretty disturbing but what really gives me nightmares is the smug reaction they get from both sides. What’s with all the treadees?


UPDATE: The New York Times (do people still call it the Jew York Times? As Rupert Murdoch pointed out, it’s pretty Muslim-friendly for a Jew publication) wants Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to show remorse but he ain’t havin’ it.

  1. newlibertarian says:

    This is why I do deugs.

  2. newlibertarian says:

    …which makes me unable to spell…

  3. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    You can’t keep leaving out important facts when you make these arguments, even though you make some good points. She did this while she was on an official group work trip to the tomb, representing the organization she worked for. She wasn’t being a jackass on her own time, off the clock, which is everyone’s right, she did it during a work event and got caught, and she got caught because she narced on herself trying to get attention for it.

  4. RED says:

    I am equally disturbed by this. Above we see she deserves what she got because she did it while she was at work. She was hardly a representative of the company. She wasn’t wearing a McDonald’s uniform while telling the world that gays are going to hell. Also, the term “narced” is very scary. Instead of getting mad at the police state, we blame the person for coming out of hiding. You see the same thing with the Innocence of Muslims filmmaker. We’re told he shouldn’t have drawn attention to himself. We’ve gone beyond a police state and now we police ourselves.

  5. Everyone on both extremes gets too fucking offended too fucking easily. STOP BEING SUCH PUSSIES, EXTREMISTS.

  6. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    @ Red, not everything is part of a state victimization narrative, if you want personal freedom, then forethought and personal responsibility to be your own authority and compass in life goes along with it. Only a child would demand all the benefits of total personal freedom, while never using any personal compass on how they use it. Does it matter if she was in a McDonald’s uniform, Captain Literal? Not everyone has to wear a uniform when they represent their job. When your job sends you on a trip, on their dime, you represent them.

  7. Ned says:

    So what if she was on the clock. As for “representing her company,” was she holding a press conference when she did this? How about this, the next time you make a shitty joke at work you’re fired.

  8. Chapter After says:

    Putting up a “Silence and Respect” sign is fucking asking for it, don’t you think?

  9. Life of brian says:

    Nothing’s changed in 30 years. Look at Malcolm Muggeridge’s point about “Life of Brian” made in 1979. He suggests had the movie been made to satirize Muhammad rather than Christ that there’d be a hullabaloo:

    John Cleese says that the Christian world can support the film since “we’ve made an advance” and are able to handle satire about Christ. Has the Islamic world developed this ability?

  10. raymi says:

    The internet fucking with your livelihood is a scary thing indeed. Cool, no more jokes or laughing or fun or entertainment thanks great.

  11. McClintock says:

    The beast Internet has ensnarled us all. Left, right and in the middle. Most people learned about five or six or even ten years ago that you can’t just say whatever insane thing is in your head and post it on the Internet. I almost got fired for being extremely mean to Taylor Swift on Rolling (on my own time) because I work for an entertainment company that sometimes makes money off her tours. And you know what? My company was right. I was biting the hand that fed me and I was fucking with my boss’s money. I agree these girls were only fired because right wing kooks are so twisted about patriotism. and the asshole filmmaker is in jail because liberals are sensitive pussies. Both parties have a right to free speech. Unfortunately the chicks were working so their bosses have a right to shitcan them. The dude going to jail is an un-American violation of his rights and a vindictive assault on free speech. But, really he was nailed on a minor technicality that served as a front for a political witch hunt.

  12. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    Let’s on the real important thing here. She got a great picture for her facebook page. HAHAHAHA

  13. Ring Kodney says:

    I don’t know what its gonna take for people to learn this shit: DO NOT RECORD YOUR BAD SHIT. If you do, its on the internet already, your boss has already seen it, its on CNN, and everyone has a fuckin problem with it. Ur screwed.

  14. Chris Mallory says:

    Arlington needs to be returned to the Lee family with many apologies and a big check.

  15. WTF says:

    A muslim needs to get his picture taken while he is flipping off and yelling at the silence and respect sign. Your move america..your move.

  16. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    You know what Ned, I was holding back from dropping this, but if the girl in the picture was some project bitch fucking around some monument we’re all supposed to hold solemnly, would you all be arguing about abstract rights of expression and state repression, or would she be a savage? Gavin can’t have it both ways, talking about muslims shitting all over the Northern European way and what they hold as solemn when he goes to England, but letting it slide when whites get irreverent here, because it’s convenient to the narrative. White, black, brown, pink, or purple aren’t we all supposed to hold things like The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier as something we solemnly respect with reverence that binds us all?

  17. pantagruel says:

    golly, who’s going to protect workers from being pointlessly fired for tasteless jokes? sounds like big government to me

  18. zig says:

    Free speech is messy, and it gets cleaner and messier all the time.
    Used to be you could tell nigger jokes anywhere, now only black people can tell nigger jokes. When we used to tell the bad jokes, we made sure that any body that WOULD be offended was not nearby.
    If I yelled those jokes out loud, then it would be MY fault for saying something that someone else found offensive (of course, it is their fault for being offended at mere words, but that is a different PC story).
    So, if I do something I know will offend some people, and I make sure a LOT of people hear it, then I should not whine because I got nailed to the wall for it. Of course, why should anyone get offended at anything not PERSONALLY directed at them.
    I bet we have some whiners here get offended because I used the N word (and that is for you PC folks, who think I just picked the turd up by the clean end, see the beginning of this diatribe for the dirty end).

    Bottom line, free speech is messy. For the offender and the offended.

  19. Guy who doesn't care says:

    Show your tits and all is forgiven, missy.

  20. I think the punishment for the girls was way too harsh, but there was sacredness involved. And when sacredness is involved, reasonableness goes out the window.

    They apologized, and they should have been allowed to keep their jobs after that. Unfortunately, public apologies don’t work. They’re just invitations for the public to feel even more justified and self-righteous while they’re curb-stombing you.

  21. JM says:

    What was most disturbing to me about the girl giving the finger thing was that her firing was precipitated by a facebook group that SPECIFICALLY called for her to be punished by getting FIRED. That’s the first thing that apparently popped up in some assholes head as an appropriate punishment, and so many people concurred that her real job caved and did in fact fire her.

    When the hell did people start to see it ok to fire someone wily-nily like that? Especially in this economy, getting fired is just devastating.

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