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• 04.30.14 12:36 pm


Hey hypocrites, you’ve been duped. Donald Tokowitz is a gross lech who has no problems with his girlfriend fucking black guys but hates when she makes it public. Magic Johnson  is an especially touchy case because he’s competition in bed and in business. Tokowitz  is an old weak man and Magic’s tough enough to take down AIDS so when the team went from $12m to $600m, Magic decided he wanted in. “Sterling” was getting in the way so Johnson had some dumb cunt ruin the guy.

And scene.

My article on it here.


  1. Cookie Johnson says:

    I want Magic to bring his Johnson home to mama! I don’t care how many pills that boy takes every morning, the road from Magic to Tragic is a short one…

  2. ship love says:

    F@ck this Sterling guy. The NBA shit canned his ass for saying obnoxious crap. It wasn’t even totally racist. It was just really obnoxious especially considering he is the owner of a god danged basketball team. A sport almost entirely made up of giant, bad ass, black athletes. The NBA fined him according to the rules of a contract that he signed as a franchise owner. If I come into work and say something incredibly obnoxious about my boss I am pretty sure they can fire me. Privacy is a sticky issue. But no American can reasonably expect any real privacy after this bull crap Bush sponsored Patriot Act and the lame new world order electronic tyranny we live under. Thank you conservatives for voting that heap of crap into reality. At the same time, I bet they can’t force him to sell though. Gavin’s precious market will take care of that. The longer he stays owner the less valuable his team will be. He will be forced out by the simple fact that nobody is going to buy any Clipper merch or go to their games while he is boss hog.

    From Electronic Frontier Foundation:

    “In October 2001, President Bush issued a secret presidential order authorizing the NSA to conduct a range of surveillance activities inside of the United States without statutory authorization or court approval, including electronic surveillance of Americans’ telephone and Internet communications. This program of surveillance continues through today, although the legal justifications have changed over time, and works with the major telecommunications and Internet companies.”

  3. ONLYMERK! says:

    “If I come into work and say something incredibly obnoxious about my boss I am pretty sure they can fire me.”

    that bears zero resemblance to the Sterling case, you apathetic fucktard.

  4. raymi says:

    “Magic Johnson is the ultimate cleanser in sports” – cleanser ≠ hiv

  5. Donald Who? says:

    I am a black male. I have had white girlfriends. White girlfriends who might say or imply some racist crap in the middle of any particularly heated argument just to get my blood boiling. Granted, those comments almost certainly came after I shouted she should get the hell out of my house and go live with her bum-ass cracker father, but I digress. Was my girlfriend the Grand Wizard in a new-age liberal white woman costume? No. Was I the love child of Marcus Garvey and Huey Newton fooled into dating one of the “blue-eyed” devil’s daughters? No. Did we end up fucking on the kitchen counter fifteen minutes later followed by rampant speculation about what our potential kids might look like? Yes. Point being, words don’t mean diddly shit these days.

  6. TWalsh2 says:

    How embarrassing all this must be for the gays. They couldn’t even get a backwoods redneck fired from basic cable.

  7. Doo Doo Brownstein says:

    If I were Sterling I would totally drop-kick that hideous, smelly, slimy, hermaphroditical cunt right in the uterus. And then upload that shit to YouTube.

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