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• 05.28.15 05:15 pm

If there’s one place we don’t have to explain Goad, it’s here. 

The Skype kept cutting out and I apologized for that but I’m pretty sure it was on his end. He’s on a fucking horse ranch for cry eye.

  1. My says:

    Can’t wait for that one

  2. Lair says:

    Makes me wish he had got his own podcast going. (What was it going to be called? “Cute Guys” or something?) Glad to hear that the yoga hasn’t affected his urge to punch smug hypocrites in the face. Thanks for this Mr. McInnes.

  3. brendan donnelly says:

    i want to hear more from Jim. great episode

  4. pingpong69 says:

    This is the best episode yet. A “Gavin/Jim” show would be a hit

  5. Dong says:

    You know you’re in bizarro world when the very inarguable truth is dissent.
    While not unprecedented in history, cultures that find themselves in such a backward state are usually in for a hard landing, somehow. With us, its probably when the generation of utterly incompetent, deluded idealists age into their prime, take the levers of power and, not having the slightest fucking clue how to manage any of it, ruin it all much like the hippies grew up and fucked the economy. The millennials becoming the dominant power generation will be like handing a 12 year old the wheel of a giant cruise ship filled with people and saying “Here’s a map, now cross the Atlantic and go make port in Spain! Good luck…” and not being surprised at what happens next.

    He either realizes he can’t do it and just sits there and cries, or he sinks the fucking thing somewhere in the mid atlantic, or he steers it into Antartica and the passangers wind up eating each other until the last one freezes. Whatever happens, you know it doesn’t turn out well.

    The fact that the things Goad says are marginalized as ‘hate speech’ is very, very scary.
    Too bad about A Wyatt Mann, though.

    Next guest should be this guy.

  6. andy says:

    when the millennials are in power the Chinese will take over

  7. Hooey Davis says:

    This episode was easily my favorite even with all the Skype technology malfunctions. Jim Goad just oozes blunt reasoning and like Gavin said to some degree, hardly gets enough credit for being funny either.

  8. MoistAngst says:

    “Stealth dick, yeah… I lay traps instead of going hunting.”
    My God, that’s just a brilliant fucking quote! Goad gets it done.

  9. Humorless says:

    I think he tends to ramble a bit.

  10. Dylan says:

    I found this podcast by googling “Disgusting fat monster fucks the snit out of legless whore”

    Skype founders also created Kazaa. Microsoft paid 8.5 billion for Skype in 2011.

  11. Dane Avery says:

    I always thought Jim would make a great guest on the Cumia show

  12. Rod Gila says:

    Been looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint. Goad’s hate facts are like a breath of fresh air in a bus full of farts.

  13. Ike says:

    Bout damn time Jim did a interview. It’s been what, since Nam? Those were some crazy times hey Jim. Oh yeah before me forgets, as far as Dindus torturing and killing white kids, we can always hang them from the neck until they expire. Hell of alot cheaper than making the taxpayers foot the bill for their continued worthless existence. Oh wait, I got one! This one’s even better, we can just declare them outlaws like they used to do in medieval England. Then all citizens will be at liberty to kill them without repercussion. I believe that’s what was done in ancient Greece as well.

  14. Bruce says:

    Gavin,why does Mr Goad not have anything to do with Street Carnage any longer? I will cough up the dough if his thieving from your “doobie” stash may have caused this. Answer me turned some gears in my head way back when, in today’s media nonsense it is good to hear thought provoking conversations such as this. I read his stuff(and yours) at Taki’s but it is great to see a less edited version here…

  15. Black lady upstairs says:

    Nice work. Loved every minute. Thank you.

  16. Kebmo says:

    has anyone on this website ever made money on the internet?

  17. pat says:

    Jim’s a good one. Wish he’d drop the big pharma conspiracy stuff he occasionally veers into, but he is routinely my fave guy to read. Nobody does it better.

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