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• 03.31.15 05:57 pm

FREE SPEECH – MATT WELCH by Freespeechpodcast
This week we feature the king of libertarians Mr. Matt Welch. I like talking to people like this because I get to hear tons of important fact without doing any of the grunt work. 

Then when I spout his rhetoric at a party and someone calls me an idiot, I know they’re wrong because I know Matt isn’t an idiot. To be that sure of an argument would take days of research. Why bother when you can just pilfer a smart guy’s brain. It’s what we all did in college with our dad’s brain only, this is more specialized. It’s like being able to pick your dad.


iTUNES (they refresh twice a day so it takes a second to see it here)

If you’re as sick of Obama as I am, skip to the end where we debunk these myths one by one.

“7 million net new jobs, with 20 months left in his term
16 million Americans with health insurance
Ensuring access to health insurance for all Americans
Stock market more than doubles
Reducing unemployment rate by more than 40%, with 20 months left in term
Increasing domestic energy production to 30 year highs
Reducing the federal deficit at near-record rates
Growing GDP after second worst economic downturn in a century
Making con heads explode”

  1. Bjorn says:

    lol @ not knowing who Havel is. no wonder they put you on Fox

  2. Emerson Biggins says:

    King of the Libertarians? You mean the guy Takimag exposed as a fraud?

  3. OogaBooga says:

    This guy is not a libertarian by any logical definition. Ron Paul is a racist? Fuck you, Welch, you fucking pussy. Tell it to Alex Pareene. This guy is a Neocons interventionist smear artist cunt. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about the list of Obama’s “accomplishments” he debunks, and it doesn’t mean he’s not, as Gavin says, a font of actual facts. It’s his bitch ass opinions that make him a piece of shit.

  4. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Vaclav Havel’s Soul Train coming live from Prague!

  5. Tom Brokeoff says:

    McInnes you’re a complete dipshit in terms of politics layoff it. Like your last job. Know your place and stick to jeans, gay punk rock, and branding goofy snarky shit. You’re looking like a doofus in a big way.

    If you wanna keep espousing your Republican shit release your tax info and you’re a fucking Canadian. Your the goofiest voyeur alive.

    Ted Cruz, are you fucking kidding me? That dude looks like Howdy Doody minus the hand up his ass, but there is one. Country music apparently.


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