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• 12.07.12 09:18 am

The most pleasing sound in the English language is said to be “cellar door.” The most pleasing accent is Jamaican, followed closely by Scottish, though many prefer the singsong tone of the Irish accent. 

The way French Canadians speak English however is so wonderful, it deserves a category all its own. Before hearing it you’d expect them to sound like Pepé Le Pew but their accent hasn’t been in France for 400 years. No, this accent is an up and downy mishmash of Canadian hoser and Québécois. Ah, the random lilts as they emphasize different parts of the sentence for no particular reason. Is this a robot breaking down or a politician promoting his small town? Who cares? What’s important is that my ears feel like they’re being masturbated.


  1. Ryna says:

    “We make sex when it too cold to going outside.”

  2. aesk47 says:

    Hey boboy, you chose a particularly great specimen of a retard to prove your point! I hope my accent is as cute in wrinting!

  3. sweet moves bro says:

    finally, a white city. movin there

  4. 17 says:

    The best part of living in montreal are the girls that talk like this.

  5. scoogy says:

    He obviously has no English or very little. So he’s just reading out something that’s been written for him and the emphasis is weird because he has no idea what it means, but is trying not to sound monotonous.

  6. In my Belly time Booty Hour says:

    I…think…they like. WINTER. and MAYBEthe snow. too.

  7. Javier says:

    “a robot breaking down…”. so fucking spot-on…

  8. raymes says:

    It’s fucking awful to follow actually haha

  9. Raw Blow says:

    This video is useful if you ever want someone to claw their own eyes out.

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