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• 06.22.09 10:19 am

People need to get off Obama’s back for hemming and hawing about Iran. He was thinking you assholes! It’s complicated. And what’s the best way to get those gears turning when you’re stumped? Ice cream. So, while Neda bleeds out, the president

People need to get off Obama’s back for hemming and hawing about Iran. He was thinking you assholes! It’s complicated. And what’s the best way to get those gears turning when you’re stumped? Ice cream. So, as Neda bleeds out, the president of the United States stares at a huge board with prophetic words like “Rocky Road” and “Raspberry Explosion.” Get it? Sure Reagan just called Israel and said “Knock it off” after he heard about students being shot at a Beirut protest – and it worked. Fine. That was then. This is now. Let Obama ponder flavor metaphors and take his time. Don’t rush him.

Once again, the New York Times seems to be the only ones who get it. He doesn’t deserve to be criticized for his waffle cone waffling. He needs to be thanked. He’s the reason there’s even protests in the first place! Good work Obama and thanks NYT for getting it right – again!

  1. Red says:

    Are the feminists FINALLY going to speak out against Islam now that the entire world is standing behind these Iranian Lionesses? I know they’re darker than Dick Cheney but they are women after all. Please?

  2. Loomis says:

    That New York Times article is the most shocking example of partisan journalism I have ever seen. They are truly blinded by worship.

  3. wee says:

    kill leaders

  4. wee says:

    kill mullahs

  5. buck says:

    cute face.

  6. zippy says:

    You guys can always volunteer to go over and fight for Iranian womanhood, freedom, Israel, etc. I’m sure they can use an extra hand.

  7. Loomis says:

    Well, it’s a little easier for the president. It’s a phone call. One phone call.

  8. BAPS says:

    yeah… because that’s all it takes. y’all sure know what you’re talking about. HATING POLITICIANS IS MAD COOL 4U!

  9. pusscake says:

    do really think there’s no difference between telling Iran what to do and telling Israel what to do, especially considering that the protests in Lebanon didn’t threaten to remove the Israeli government from power? Not to mention Israel was dependent on the U.S. for arms and support and was allied with the US.
    Iran has never listened to the United States before and support for one faction by the U.S. would totally delegitimize them in the eyes of most Iranians (see Mossadegh, support of the Shah, switching sides in the Iran-Iraq War, blowing up that airline). The U.S. holds no cards in this situation. Just because he’s president doesn’t mean he can wave a magic wand and make it all better, it’s just a matter of which hollow, meaningless gesture he decides to make.
    I know I’d be choking back my bile if were surrounded by Obama Cheerleaders, but you sound like one of those guys in your comic yesterday

  10. BAPS says:

    P.S. Idealism 4eva <3<3 Reality accepting and problem solving neva <3<3

  11. SHITCOCK says:

    Gavin, your political mind is feeble. This is not just some students being shot, this is a whole nation rebelling against its government. And Obama isn’t “waffling”, he’s avoiding saying anything to strong because then the Iranian government would use that as propaganda to say the rebellion is due to western influence.

  12. SHITCOCK says:

    BTW if you want a list of legitimate reasons to be pissed at the job Obama is doing here you go:

    – Gay rights (promised to repeal DADT and DOMA, has done nothing of the sort, in fact his DoJ released a very bigoted memo written by a Mormon defending DOMA.)

    – Health Care (he’s saying we don’t have the support in congress for a public option let alone single payer, when 75% of Americans are in favor of it. He could easily fight for it but is not doing so.)

    – Completely caving in to Wall Street, not enacting any real regulation, trying to get things back to “business as usual” ASAP and hoping things will hold together this time.

    – Gas prices have shot back up to over $3/gallon in much of the country and yet the crude oil prices per barrel are not high enough to really justify it. The oil companies are gouging us again, Obama is saying and doing nothing about this.

    BTW, this is all stuff the Democratic congress people are just as guilty of as Obama.

  13. Bowling with Nixon says:

    I want to hate and fear Obama, also presidents are superheroes. Like Reagan, Clinton and Bush told us.

  14. Charles says:

    If Obama gives his support to the Iranian opposition, the regime will be able to easily portray them as operatives of the American government. In 1953, the US government paid men and women in Iran to riot in order to depose the democratically elected Iranian President Mohamed Mossadiq, and then proceeded to install the Shah of Iran’s fascist dictatorship.

    Not that I ever expect Gavin to know anything beyond how to write street fashion blurbs.

  15. Loomis says:

    Why don’t Obama supporters just grow a ball. Not even a pair. Just one.
    (from above link)

    Obama supporters defended his silence. Anything he said to endorse the protests, they argued, would taint the protesters’ message and damage their cause.

    The protesters, many of whom held signs written in English, seemed to disagree. “On several occasions, I’ve had supporters of Mousavi say we need President Obama,” reported CNN’s Reza Sayah, from Tehran. When Wolf Blitzer asked Sayah directly whether the protesters want Obama to speak out in support of their cause, Sayah responded: “I think they do, but they’re realistic.”

    “Realistic” about the weakness, about the foolish and counterproductive “realism,” of an American president. How sad.

    Two weeks earlier, Obama had promised in Cairo, in his address to the Muslim world, a “new beginning” in U.S.-Muslim relations. He spoke of his belief in democracy and of his “unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice; government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people; the freedom to live as you choose.”

    Those are not just American ideas, he said, but universal human rights. “And that is why we will support them everywhere.”

    Except not in Iran. And not when it matters.

  16. Shah of iRock says:

    Sha you’d have to pay attention in history class to know that!

  17. No Shit Sherlock says:

    Oh here’s an idea, the US can go into Iran and start a war to install a democracy!!! That will totally work.

  18. Loomis says:

    Who cares how the regime tries to spin it if Obama shows support? Everyone on earth knows how fucked in the head Iran is Ahmadinejad did a fantastic job of making that clear to everyone when he said there’s no such things as fags in Iran and denied the holocaust. Who is going to believe America paid these people to protest in this day and age? Give me a break.

  19. tommy gun says:

    Obama supporting the protestors and Moussavi won’t help them – it will make them look like America’s lackeys. and that’s not helpful.

    See Charles above. The GOP lacks, erm…nuance.

  20. Charles says:

    Who cares how the regime is going to spin it? Maybe the people in the army and the police and the riot squads, whose support the protesters desperately need? If you really want this opposition movement to succeed, the security services are the ones who need to be won over, and they won’t be won over unless they believe that the opposition truly represents the Iranian people, not just the children of the wealthy Westernized elite.

    There people participating in these protests who fucking hate Obama, and there are people protesting these elections who thought Ahmadinejad was not right-wing enough. That’s why it’s such a broad-based opposition movement, and that’s partly why the mullahs are so divided and cracks are showing in the regime itself.

    Now go back to talking about balls, dipshit.

  21. no. thanks. says:

    why get on obama’s case about this shit, nigga what the fuck were YOU doing when the bitch got killed? prolly doing some stupid shit too. th’fuck is this shit, people are becoming bleeding heart from a dying bitch because its on youtube. this shit happens everyday all around the world and I’m blown away that suddenly its an issue.

  22. 5-0 says:

    Isn’t that old Picture from months and months ago in Hawaii closer to Obama’s grandmother’s funeral?

  23. 5-0 says:

    Charles Said: If Obama gives his support to the Iranian opposition, the regime will be able to easily portray them as operatives of the American government. In 1953, the US government paid men and women in Iran to riot in order to depose the democratically elected Iranian President Mohamed Mossadiq, and then proceeded to install the Shah of Iran’s fascist dictatorship.

    ^ this.

  24. lorge says:

    No mention in the screeds of Gavin, Loomis or the other Obama critics of the fact that Iran has acknowledged election irregularities. Because that would show that the Obama stratedy is having some limited effect over the dictatorship. But that makes sense since they don’t actually give a shit about human rights.

    For example, ask Gavin about Tibet and he’ll tell you that China properly controls Tibet and there’s no abuses there and that if there are, the Chinese should be able to do what they want to the Tibetans. Why would he take such an indefensible and unpopular position? The same reason he uses the N word, to get your attention and hits. He doesn’t believe in anything except controversy – you can’t win an argument with someone like that.

  25. I Got Jizzum In Yer Schism says:

    America has a long, rich history of inciting social change and/or straight up coups in difficult countries. Based on our history, I have no doubt whatsoever that American operatives have been at work inciting the general Iranian populous to bring about an internal revolution that the Iranian people can take full credit for, and if that doesn’t happen, then the brutality of the Ahmadinejad types will become a convenient excuse for America to force the issue with an invasion. This is 101 level coursework in dealing with hostile foreign regimes. First you threaten, next you boycott. If those measures don’t work, then you do everything you can through propaganda and agents provacateur to turn the citizens against the hostile regime and allow them to exact change themselves while enlisting the sympathy of the entire world, holding benefit concerts, etc. etc. or something like that. That’s what we’re seeing right now. If and when that doesn’t work, you’ve built a convenient case for using force and you invade. In many respects, the fact that a wholesale slaughter of Iranian dissenters hasn’t occurred is actually a testament to Ahmadinejad not being that bad, or at least not as bad as Saddam who everyone knew would have gladly killed the entire world if he found it necessary to silence dissent. Obama is just sitting back and letting the tried and true plan work its magic. It’s not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, it’s straight from the same book that everyone uses. Still, the problem with Obama is that things have even come to this point. A real bas ass pres would have already had this shit worked out minus all the fuss. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come down to the final phase, because then we’ll have all kinds of people saying “what the fuck, this Weather Underground puppet with the soul of a literature prof is in charge of dealing with THEM?” Scary.

  26. I Got Jizzum In Yer Schism says:

    Saying that the GOP lacks nuance is absurd. What the GOP lacks is the luck of being able to deal with softies like Ahmadinejad who allow for nuance. Big fucking difference between 9/11 and this thing that the media is telling us is so huge. A small handful of mostly young Iranians are actually protesting, while the vast majority are too busy milking their goats and praying. It’s amazing what the folks at MSNBC and CNN can do with the right camera angle.

  27. Charles says:

    There is the “Voice of America” Farsi radio show and the BBC Farsi channel. Those are both examples of propaganda. But one thing’s for sure. The US cannot invade Iran. As Zbigniew Brzezinski has said many times, if the US invades Iran, that would spell the end of the US’s status as a superpower.

  28. Keystone Ice says:

    You don’t think Obama’s speech helped inspire this movement?

  29. 5-0 says:

    We had dinner with my girlfriend’s parents this weekend. They were forced to flee Iran after the 1979 revolution & can’t return for fear they’ll be arrested as outspoken critics of the Mullahs. They both praise Obama’s stance on this… agreeing that it’s the best thing the U.S. can do in support of the protesters.

    Then again, they don’t run a blog about hip street-fashion, so what would they know about it?

  30. I Got Jizzum In Yer $chism says:

    @ 5-0

    I agree.

  31. Charles says:

    Jizzum, seventy percent of the Iran’s population are city-dwellers. The goat-herders are a significant minority.

  32. Loomis says:

    Nobody’s asking him to invade Iran. We’re just making fun of him for taking three days to finally come out with, “This is bad.” Pathetic.

  33. ew kids on the block says:

    wait i dont get your point. the reagan shit was totes different: israel is a parasite on chamericanaire’s right ass cheek. if we say jump, those heebs say how high. Iran been telling us to fuck off since day one of their super rad fundamentalist fun house.Obamas been fucking up cuz he’s scared of pissing of the repubs ( even though him just existing pisses of the repubs so y not go the all the way n let lesbos get married on the capital steps n what not) but theres not much he really could for iran.

  34. I Got Jizzum in Yer Schism says:

    @ Charles

    The goat thing is metaphorical, but if you insist on being literal I suspect that there are loads of farm animals in Iranian cities. Anyways, my real point is that urban does not necessarily equal in touch or sophisticated or even interested, and just because the American media says that something is happening on a large scale while providing video evidence, does not automatically make it true. It’s convenient for America to have the world believe that a huge segment of Iranians are anti-Ahmadinejad. Personally, I have no idea what the real truth is. Remember that movie “Wag the Dog?”

  35. Michael says:

    06.22.09 at 12:15 pm

    “If Obama gives his support to the Iranian opposition, the regime will be able to easily portray them as operatives of the American government.”

    The following is a modified version of your statement. Read it and tell me if it makes any less sense.

    If Obama exercises caution and refrains from issuing any statements in direct support of the Iranian opposition, the regime will nevertheless find ways to portray them as operatives of the American government.

  36. bob says:

    yeah, i read street carnage to find out what’s really happening in politics. fifteen years of snorting coke in williamsburg and writing fashion blogs has made gavin an expert on such a wide array of issues. thank you street carnage!

  37. youth movement queef says:

    subtlety. nuance. strategery.
    none of it matters if the USA fails to comment on ‘elections’ that have obviously been rigged. which is something that obama probably could have commented on earlier if he hadn’t been eating up all that zionist ice-cream. kind of like how bush probably shouldn’t have kept reading that book to all those black kids after the planes crashed into the towers amirite?
    anyway don’t mess this up obama. but if you do it’s ok we still love you. you represent change. because of your ethnicity. it’s symbolism.

  38. youtubbbb says:

    Hard to know what’s really going on with propaganda (that’s what this has to be termed, since it’s hearsay with a political agenda) from the middle east. Pretty consistently dubbed, manipulated, and generally incredible (or not credible).

    Better to elect leaders who appoint CIA officials who have real facts and who don’t blow their load on every youtube video they see.

    That’s what I did, and so far I’m comfortable with the results.

  39. Charles says:

    Here’s a Times article that shows how the propaganda war between the Supreme Leader and the opposition is being fought. Obviously the regime is calling the opposition lackeys of the West, but the fact that the opposition has been framing their arguments in an Islamic way has weakened the regime’s accusations and is what might be able to influence the security forces. Obama’s support would definitely weaken the opposition’s Islamic credentials.

  40. SHITCOCK says:

    Loomis you should change your name to “Dumbass” IMO.

  41. Beef says:

    I’m so sick of Brown people.

  42. Polymath says:

    ““Realistic” about the weakness, about the foolish and counterproductive “realism,” of an American president. How sad.”

    Maybe the protesters were being “realistic” not about what you call Obama’s “foolish and counterproductive realism,” but about the fact that strong action or even strong words from Obama would only complicate matters. If Obama speaks strongly then he has to be prepared to act strongly; the former without the latter is impotence, and that’s not good for anybody. Or maybe the protesters are realistic about how Obama’s words would be spun for their fellow citizens, many of whom see the U.S. as at least a corrupting influence, if not an imperial power.

    The Ayatollah and Ahmadinejad have capitalized on portraying the U.S. as a Great Satan, bent on destroying Iran from without and within. Right now they’re searching for ammunition for their “the U.S. is the Great Satan” propaganda machine. They’ll manufacture ammo if they have to, but they’d really prefer Obama make some great and bombastic statement about supporting Iranian protesters against the evil theocracy. So why, again, should Obama oblige?

  43. Meteor says:

    I really, really, really want to talk to you guys about this stuff.

  44. Vane$$a says:

    All I know is that Iranians will feel much better when their country is finally run over by strip malls. The path to freedom runs straight through Cinnabon.

  45. ew kids on the block says:

    ^ but deys got cinnabon every 14 feet in saudi arabia n that place blows way harder than its really hot.

  46. mikey says:

    don’t you get it? Gavin is just doing his best Colbert impersonation. He’s parodying the whole ‘highly opinionated, poorly informed’ right wing extremist angle. This guy’s a comic genius. Right?

  47. SHITCOCK says:

    It’s possible Gavin has been doing a multi-layered parody (a parody of a right wing guy parodying left wing) but if so he’s been doing it consistently for going on months now. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed that’s what he’s doing but now I think maybe he just thinks he’s being edgy by embracing right wing talking points. I don’t really care I just enjoy being indignant.

  48. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    New America!

  49. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:


  50. fuckface says:

    I think gavin can be a blowhard sometimes and i’d rather have Jim Goad’s take on this, but you have to admit: if george w. bush went to get ice cream while failing to really address what’s going on in iran right now he would’ve been reemed in the media and Jon Stewart would have made the same smug, simplistic phoned in joke that gavin’s making (sans the neda pic).

  51. Vane$$a says:

    ^^^What fuckface said. I took at this as a simple parody of fat ass Michael Moore and the lib nation ripping on Bush for being at his ranch in the early days of his presidency, totally relying on us to believe that technology somehow can’t travel.

  52. bob "get loot" barker says:

    folks….if you want to know something about gavin then read this:

  53. Arthur Devlin says:

    Second what Bob Barker says, plus check the google cache for Gavin’s interview with Bruce LaBruce. I’ve encountered GM a few times and I know people who know him. I’m not claiming to know much about him other than he’s sincere about his conservative beliefs. It’s not a joke, parody or impression.

  54. omg soo randum says:

    pusscake and 5-0 are bang-on.

    Vanessa is unfunny and wrong.

  55. tommy gun says:

    can ya’ll understand that the best way for the US to help is covertly. Overtly siding with the protesters doesn’t help them.

    There’s better reasons to criticize Obama – like why doesn’t he fucking revive the Tennessee Valley Authority idea and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure thereby creating millions of real productive jobs that actually create real value (instead of amorphous “value” that’s captured in the market or housing prices), instead of giving 100 Billion to his buddy Tim Geithner to spread around to their golf buddies @ the investment banks.

    That’s the shit that makes me say, fuck you Obama, fucking fraud.

  56. Vane$$a says:

    Where McInnes sees a dichotomy I just see a lot of reasonably sane people caught in a political limbo between two parties that have become so extremist and sad that anyone who totally lends their support to one or the other is obviously a dogmatic asshole with a sub-par IQ that enjoys negotiating facile terrain. How can there be a dichotomy when the two sides in the alleged dichotomy are as absurd and dated as a 90 year old clapped-out retarded whore working a flea market circus in Hoboken? It’s a fucking nightmare of subtle disenfranchisement, man.

  57. Vane$$a says:

    @ omg soooo random

    I feel so owned by you right now.

  58. bob "get loot" barker says:

    more of gavin’s brain here:

    but yanno, who gives a shit. i totally understand how his outlook came to be.

  59. bob "get loot" barker says:


    my political outlook?

    kill them all/its all chaos anyway/cracka ass crackas.

  60. white power says:

    doesn’t the “far out and gone” look in her eye just break your heart? it’s very sad to watch someone die.

  61. SHITCOCK says:

    Obama has not “failed to address” Iran. Unless you think the only way to address it is to send in troops and bombs, like a retard.

  62. Mike Manifesto says:

    Dear Iranian protesters,

    I would just like you to know that I don’t stand with you in your fight for freedom. I have absolutely no faith in your country and I’m sure it will still be a shithole when I die.

  63. omg soo randum says:

    “as a 90 year old clapped-out retarded whore working a flea market circus in Hoboken? ”

    your similes = try-hard + unfunny – this isnt about trying to ‘own’ you, its just that the message boards would be a better place without you.

  64. Vane$$a says:

    I must admit that your desire to make “the message boards” a better place is noble. Quite the life you’ve carved out for yourself. Some people get it, others don’t. You just happen to be one of the ones who “get it.” Wow. Just WOW.

    On another note, I read that Bruce LaBruce interview with Gavin. Very enlightening stuff. I had NO idea that California is like 60 percent Spanish these days. The things that Americans can learn from Canadians about their own country never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

  65. Internet Badass Club says:

    Dear Mike Manifesto,

    Your memberships dues coming up. Please make sure to pay in order to maintain your E-badass ranking in our rolls.


    Captain Basement-Dweller,
    Internet Badass Club

  66. JaMarquise Holloway says:

    I’m starting a movement to save the message boards from Vane$$a. They’re way too important to let her bullshit slide. If we can’t keep illegals from raiding our borders we can sure as shit at least try hard to keep that bitch off the message boards. Hmmm…then again, I’d rather huff some paint thinner and fuck my dog. Yeah, that’s a much better use of my time. Nevermind.

  67. Anonymous says:

    68 comments? Are you guys really taking McInnes’ politics seriously? The guy’s been a junkie most of his life. His brain is fried. Dude has no fuckin’ clue. Just laugh at him and move on.

  68. Cuntegonde says:

    CGI, nukkas, CGI.

  69. fuckface says:

    @SHITCOCK: “Obama has not “failed to address” Iran. Unless you think the only way to address it is to send in troops and bombs, like a retard.”

    okay. maybe failed was wrong choice of words. how about “took his sweet time addressing it and even when he addressed it it was one interview with motherfucking lame wad Harry Smith on the CBS morning show and not a full blown press conference at least”.

    look it’s not even really all that ballsy or controversial what he has to say, which is basically “killing is bad. killing innocent bystanders is worse. don’t do that please”
    all he has to do is say that with more seriousness and importance than he’s done already. nerds call it “speaking with gravitas”. instead he’s doing that thing that bush always did which is speak like he just woke up from a nap.

  70. dippingonmyyacht says:

    obama is a funny when he is on robot mode…i think they programmed him with the new 21st century president application. HappyDay.

  71. hank says:

    satire is the best way to hide a vague and unthoughtful point

  72. Frank DeFalco says:

    All those articles are too long. The comments sections is too long. Haven’t read any of this but I do know one thing: Politicians do whatever is in their own personal interest. Wouldn’t you? Barry is just continuing to do what the last 15 or so presidents have been doing: Whatever they feel like doing without any regard to what our country and its people truly need. This country is not a true democracy but is run by a few in Washington.

  73. Loomis says:

    Bullshit. Some of them had balls. Reagan had balls. FDR had balls. Obama has nothing and is wandering around the White House trying to cause the least damage and not get in trouble. He’s like that kid in class who didn’t do his homework and is PRAYING the teacher doesn’t pick him to answer a question.
    All he had to do was say “This sucks” right off the bat. That took him 3 days. For Gavin to point this out is somehow considered controversial. Despite it being a well trodden path.

  74. Youngteam says:

    the point of the post is all the comments.

  75. ew kids on the block says:

    THE ONLY BALLS REAGAN EVER HAD WERE MINE. IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. french guy says:

    blablablah. but i must admit seeing that girl die was quite a bummer.

  77. Wack-boy says:

    You can kill all the people you want, but if you kill someone that is cute, than we are pissed.Can we get a close up of the kicks? Can’t figure out the shoes.

  78. […] your readers seem more interested in my country’s problems than most “hipsters.” I find this reaction as inspiring as I find your flippant tone disturbing. Many of you seem to argue about what the […]

  79. french guy says:

    well… duh! prettier people are more valuable, didn’t you know that?

  80. Ben Gazzara says:

    If Loomis had any balls, he would say, “You know Gav, I think that for the next few years I’m going to be unable to drink gallons of your semen every day, at least in the literal sense, for I am going to enlist in our country’s great fighting forces. I’m sorry, but in order to help destroy those Muslims that scare me so much, I must chart a new course.”

  81. Fox news commentator says:

    That video is so faked. It’s low budget too.

    Look at the blood squirting out of her mouth, it’s like a bad B-movie.

    Can I get some of that Ketchup for my hotdog?

  82. brian d says:

    wow, that took forever to scroll down.

  83. Danielle says:

    But what do you want Obama to do? Would any of you like to go to Iran and fight over a rigged election?

  84. Loomis says:

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe speak up and condemn Iran’s reaction to the protests before, say noon today? And he only did it today because McCain made a way better speech earlier.
    The grossest part of all this is when the press asked if it was McCain’s speech that forced him to finally speak out he goes, “What do you think” and the press corps laughed approvingly. They are fucking lapdogs.

  85. psychic dad says:

    “The fashion aesthetic is epitomized by vintage shirts with high school football logos and the foam-front trucker hat. In entertainment, the touchstones are the Southern rock revivalists Kings of Leon and testosterone-charged skateboarder-influenced shows like “Jackass” and “Punk’d.””

    HAHAHA the New York Times said Gavin was cool concurrently with this stuff, in 2003. So that makes you how many years past relevant?

  86. psychic mad says:

    Nevertheless anybody who blindly supports Obama as anything other than a conveniently Politically Correct looking (and therefore unassailable) shill for the banking establishment is a retarded piece of shit. Gavin is way ahead of most of you idiots in that he recognizes how destructive and intentionally misleading the Left VS. Right dichotomy that dominates all political discourse in our country is. Since essentially every form of mainstream media is owned by a handful of multi-billion dollar international corporations, who also happen to have vested economic interests in maintaining a large military presence and an oil transportation infrastructure in the Middle East, there’s no surprise that everything from the “right wing” FOX News to the “left wing” MSNBC will spin the same story for you and lead you to the same opinion.

    Our government can’t even guarantee the validity of its own elections in the face of insurmountable evidence indicating our voting process to be faulty at best and patently fraudulent at worst. How could we possibly justify freaking out about Iran’s democratic failure? It has literally nothing to do with us and it is both insanely arrogant and intensely presumptuous to even be worrying about it.

    The CIA has always instigated public unrest via agent provocateurs in countries the U.S. is trying to manipulate, and there’s no reason it’d stop now. A black ops agent shot the girl and now we have a tenuous justification for military action (a la the weapons of mass destruction/need for democracy from Iraq).

  87. Red says:

    Wow, this site’s readers are so madly in love with their leader you can’t even bring up a criticism mainstream papers like the LA Times and even Obama but boys CNN are bringing up. You guys are really in the eye of the storm when it comes to licking Obama’s ass.

    To be clear, all anyone’s saying is it’s pathetic how long it’s taken him to speak out. He was getting ice cream and golfing but when McCain came out and did more he said, “All right all right” and did a boring speech. Remember Bush sitting in the classroom after 9-11?

  88. This is about it says:

    Seriously, Obama is pussing out and everyone knows it. The only sad thing is it’s starting to look like maybe good ol’ GWB had it right all along – Iraq is working out, Iran is moving to democracy. What do you know, maybe Lebanon will hold together, and the Middle East will start to function, at least in a limited sense.

    Can you smell that? It smells like… FREEDOM!!!

  89. Celebrity says:

    The failure of democracy in the Middle East is the fault of the US-it really is that simple..and fuck you Gavin for being such a Reaganite ballsucker..

  90. Loomis says:

    Everything that goes wrong in the world is our fault because we are superior to everyone and we are all knowing and all powerful. Not unlike God.

  91. Dr. Fate says:

    “Not that I ever expect Gavin to know anything beyond how to write street fashion blurbs.”

    right the creater of “Street Boners” is smarter and more well informed then Barack Obama. Uh huh, stop the whining … can you really take anything seriously after the two words “Street Boners” have been put together and there are over 700 examples of Street Boners.

    Don’t be fooled, if he trys to sell you the Brooklyn bridge tell him to fuck off!

  92. Dr. Fate says:

    Anyway, taking time out to get ice cream with your two daughters is pretty important stuff, its called “being a father” … to fault a man for being a good father is pretty lame, next I expect him to push Ron Paul on us or something! lol!!

  93. Get Real People says:

    Jesus Christ, someone dares to criticize the President and it gets almost 100 comments? What a bunch of squares.

  94. Lactose-Intolerant Larry says:

    Dr. Fate, you can’t even spell “creator.” You are disqualified on that alone.

    Gavin, please hire “psychic mad.” This person seems to be one of the only ones on here who realizes that “left” and “right” are illusions.

  95. Sasha Frere-Boner says:

    Yeah hire psychic mad/psychic dad! He’s got a huge cock and yet relatively unobtrusive balls.

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